Reliable EnviroMate Pronto 100CH Steam Cleaner Customer Q & A

Reliable EnviroMate Pronto 100CH Steam Cleaner Product Details
Q1: What changes were made from the Reliable Enviromate Pronto P7 to the 100CH model?

A: Wait for it, wait for it.... the name! Yes, it's a bit anticlimatic, and I'm not sure exactly why they made the switch, but other than the name/model no. printed on steam cleaner, it's the exact same.

Q2: I would like to know what the boiler for the water is plastic or metal, or steel? Thank you.

A: It is metal, essentially a smaller version of the boiler used in the full size models. Other than size the difference is capacity and the material of the boiler - aluminum. Hope that helps!

Q3: Does the smaller steamer above kill bed bugs?

A: Any of the steam cleaners we offer will kill bed bugs, their eggs and larvae. As a general rule, temperatures around 160-180 degress F. are what you want to kill. Still, at these temperatures, you want to move slowly as you clean, covering no more than about 12 inches every 30 seconds. For clothing or bedding, a run through the dryer, set at high heat, for about 30 minutes will also work. Finding them is the tricky part since they tend to only make themselves visible at night. Hope that helps!

Q4: Can this be used as a mop for the tile and hardwood floors?

A: It's possible, but the Reliable P7 steam cleaner is likely much too small for use on flooring. It's better suited for spot cleaning, quick steam cleaning and smaller job around the house.

Q5: Can I use this to quick spot clean bedding?

A: Yes. Use the P7 with the included bonnet cloth over the small flat attachment for spot cleaning of most surfaces. You can also purchase an additional set of 3 so you have extras on hand.

Reliable EnviroMate Pronto 100CH Steam Cleaner Product Details

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