Air-O-Swiss U600 Ultrasonic Humidifier Customer Q & A

Air-O-Swiss U600 Ultrasonic Humidifier Product Details
Q1: Hi, what is the difference between Air-O-Swiss U600 and U650 humidifier ? Thanks

A: The only differences are the controls digital w/ display for the U650 and manual knobs for the U600 and the ITC intelligent temperature control. The 650 is nice since it will display the current relative humidity in the room and the soft touch controls are a neat feature. The ITC is basically an auto setting that will adjust output as the temperature may fluctuate in the room, to maintain a consistent relative humidity. Relative humidity is integrally linked to temperature, so when the temp s and the moisture level remains constant, the relative humidity actually increases. Colder air has a lower capacity to hold moisture, so if the water in the air remains constant but temperature s, the relative humidity, relative to the maximum amount of moisture that the air at that temp can hold, rises. Short answer, the controls and the ITC feature are the differences that also make the price different. Performance, look, dimensions, etc. are all essentially identical.

Air-O-Swiss U600 Ultrasonic Humidifier Product Details

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