Miele SEB-236 Powerbrush Customer Q & A

Miele SEB-236 Powerbrush Product Details
Q1: what warranty, if any, does this powerhead have? I looked on Amazon for these parts and in the product description it says that the powerhead has no warranty.

A: This is the official warranty for Miele vacuums and accessories. c. and f. apply. 1 year on the unit itself, 7 years on the powerhead motor. http://mieleusa.com/Service/Warranty Hope that helps!

Q2: I can't adjust the height of the vacuum by stepping on the button. How do I adjust the height of the brush?

A: There is no height adjustment for the Miele canister vacuum itself. The foot pedal will adjust the height of the SEB powerhead. This does so by raising and lowering the back of the powerhead the base, but back towards where the head connects to the wand. This means as it adjusts, the whole powerhead tilts forward, allowing the brushroll to angle doward and reach low pile carpet fiber. Lower the powerhead, and and as the back lowers, the front will level out more, making it easier push across thicker pile carpet. Hope that helps!

Miele SEB-236 Powerbrush Product Details

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