Monaghan Z STAT Holding Chambers Customer Q & A

Monaghan Z STAT Holding Chambers Product Details
Q1: Hello, My aerochamber leaks a lot between the plastic parts near the mouthpiece when I run water into the other end. Surely, it is leaking aerosol when I use it. What is wrong? Thank you, Tom

A: They're not airtight, but they are designed to allow air to flow the mouthpiece end easily, not so easily to flow in from the mouthpiece. When using the holding chamber, what is going in is a gas phase aerosol. It's going to be lighter than water and not push outward with the same force that running water through the other end will. Granted, there will be some leakage with all holding chambers, but each of the holding chamber manufacturers test their products fairly extensively. There's not a lot of difference between them besides, fit, the valve they use and how they fare in testing. So efficiency is a big selling point for any of the brands. Still, if you're is a few years old, it might be somewhat worn. Sunlight and heat can sometimes affect plastics and rubbers and how those things fit/seal together. If that's the case, then it might be worth looking at getting a new one. Hope that helps!

Monaghan Z STAT Holding Chambers Product Details

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