Microfiber Floor Mop Kits Customer Q & A

Microfiber Floor Mop Kits Product Details
Q1: I just received my dry dust mop in the mail. Question? How do I attach the mop head to the handle? The handle has two holes but the handle does not have buttons to go into those holes and it won't stay on

A: You start by unscrewing the ribbed, plastic collar on the neck of the mop head. Once that sleeve is completely off, slide it over the end of mop handle with the two small holes. Insert this end of the mop handle into the now exposed, toothed opening of the mop head. What you should see on the mop head is a round opening that looks like a collection of small plastic teeth. They have gaps so they can spread to accommodate the end of the handle. Once you've inserted the handle, slide the sleeve over the now connected pieces and screw it down tight. This will clamp the handle in place. It can be a little tricky getting the handle in the toothed hole, but luckily, you only have to do this one time! Hope that helps.

Q2: What size is the mop head length and width. Also, can I use other brand microfiber cloths that attach with velcro with this mop? Thank you!

A: The mop head is 16" wide by 4 5/8". Yes, you could use a different microfiber mop, provided it has the soft velcro side on the backing of it.

Microfiber Floor Mop Kits Product Details

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