Ebac CD85 Dehumidifier Customer Q & A

Ebac CD85 Dehumidifier Product Details
Q1: Will the CD85 handle 2500 sq ft of crawl space? I have a plastic barrier that keeps the moisture down but I am starting to see some mold five years after construction. Should the crawl space vents be sealed off. We do have some radon problems in our area so would venting still be needed?

A: That size of space would be stretching it. Typically, this model works best in spaces that around about 8000-9000 cubic feet. In spaces where there is better circulation or the moisture problem isn't too severe you can stretch this number a good bit. If radon is a concern then I wouldn't seal off those vents, but with them open, expect any dehumidifier to run a bit more than in a sealed space. The AprilAire 1850F might be a better fit in terms of coverage and moisture removal. It's also a little easier on the electric bill than the Ebac models are and a bit quieter. Power consumption is going to be about the same, but the 1850F extracts more moisture per kilowatt hour than the Ebac.

Q2: Are the CS60 or CD85 ebac units energy star rated?

A: No. And in general I'd have to look at a couple of their newer models to confirm this, none of the Ebac dehumidifiers are Energy Star qualified.

Q3: I have a 1800 sq ft craw space 24 inches to botom of joist. During the summer months my duct work sweats to the point that the insulation is wet and water on the plastic under the vent ducts. If I seal all vents and caulk or foam all other openings in the foundation do you think the CD85 Dehumidifier would solve my moisture problems.

A: It should work, yes. If the ducts aren't covered/insulated, you might want to consider that as well since that would limit exposure of cold duct work to the warmer air of the crawlspace and reduce the condensate that is forming and puddling.

Ebac CD85 Dehumidifier Product Details

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