IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier Customer Q & A

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier Product Details
Q1: Hello I'm an international customer who would like to purchased IQAir Healthpro Plus air purifier from your website. I want to pay by International Credit card and would like to deliver the product to a US based freight forwarding agency address who can handle the international shipping for me. Is that ok for your sales policy? Thanks

A: Unfortunately, that's not going to be possible for a couple reasons. First, we do not process international credit cards. Unfortunately, we've just had too high of a rate of fraud with those orders in the past. I'm not saying that is your case, but it's something we've had major headaches in dealing with in the past. Second, for this product, the IQAir products we offer are for use in N. America only. The motors are designed for 110V, so use with a converter voids the warranty, per the manufacturer. Lastly, IQAir's policies confine sale of products to specific markets. So in our case, that would be N. America only. They have dealers in most international markets where the same products are available, and often in those markets, the machines are designed for use in that region ie. motors equipped to handle 220V.

Q2: Unless I missed it I didn't see anything regarding ozone and this unit. ?

A: Sorry, sometimes we take it for granted and forget to mention it. No unit that we currently offer produces any measureable amount of ozone, including all of the IQAir products.

Q3: Is this IQAIR healthpro plus a new edtion?

A: Yes. All of the IQAir HealthPro, HealthPro Plus and Compact models are New Edition. All of the originals were removed from inventory nearly a year ago.

Q4: How much do replacement filters cost for the IQ Air? How often do they need to be changed?

A: Specific filters life varies by machine, and most IQAir purifiers have a monitor that will let you know the approximate filter life remaining. As a general rule, the PreMax prefilter lasts 6-18 months. The HyperHEPA filter lasts 2-4 years, and the V5 Cell lasts 1-2 years. Replacement times will vary depending on use and the air quality in the room. The costs are $59, $189, and $89, respectively.

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier Product Details

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