Miele SEB 217-3 Powerbrush Customer Q & A

Miele SEB 217-3 Powerbrush Product Details
Q1: I'm looking for a power brush for my S142 stick vacuum. Will this, or another, power brush fit?

A: I've checked all three, the SEB 217-3, SEB 236 and SEB 228. The SEB 236 lists a range of models that fit, including S140 series Miele vacuums. The SEB 217-3 and the SEB 228 do NOT list that S140 range of models. I would guess that these "should" fit, but since I do not have that style of vacuum to check, I'm hesitant to recommend either of these specific tools for your vac. Hope that helps!

Q2: One more question. For the Miele Carina+ 300 1200W model vacuum is there an attachment that will work with this machine for carpet? Just any info on this model and attachments that will work with it is appreciated.

A: As a straight suction vacuum no electric hose or wand, the Carina is somewhat limited when it comes to carpet cleaning attachment. The best option is STB 205-3 Turbobrush. Works best on low pile carpet but can tackle some medium pile carpet and rugs as well. The only other option is a combo tool, similar to what came standard with that model. There are slightly better combo tools available, but if you're looking for a carpet attachment the 205-3 is really your best bet. Hope that helps!

Q3: I just bought Titan Model. The indicator on my powerbrush is not green. Should it turn green or I don't have to worry?

A: No worries. It should be yellow/amber colored. The only time you need to take note of the color indicator on the powerhead is if it's red. That usually indicates a blockage or other problem with the tool. Hope that helps!

Q4: I have an older Miele model - Black Diamond S256i. My powerbrush just died. Will this one fit Black Diamond S256i canister vacuum cleaner?Any other powerbrushes I can use with this vacuum cleaner?

A: Yes, it should fit, but there is one thing to keep in mind. Generally, between models like SEB 217, SEB 217-2 and SEB 217-3, there is one big difference. While the electrical connection at the top of each powerhead should be a direct fit with other and older models, the back plastic piece of the powerhead won't fit in some Miele vacuums. The park feature, where you can slide the back plastic piece of a powerhead into a slot on the side, back or bottom of a vacuum is sized differently for different models. For yours in particular, the SEB 217 original model powerhead would fit that S256i. That vac is older than what I've typically dealt with, but that one came with a powerhead? Any of the pics I've been able to find make it look like a straight suction model. If it's straight suction the STB 205 is the tool you'll probably have to go with air driven turbobrush. If it is electrically driven, the 217 will fit. Hope that helps.

Miele SEB 217-3 Powerbrush Product Details

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