Soniclean VT Plus Vacuum Cleaner Customer Q & A

Soniclean VT Plus Vacuum Cleaner Product Details
Q1: Is this safe for hardwood floors? Thanks!

A: It shouldn't hurt hardwood floors, but it's not the best vac for hardwoods since the brushroll can't be disengaged. If used on smooth flooring, disengage the sonic plate.

Q2: Your answer to question 2 re - if the Soniclean VT plus vacuum cleaner is good for medium to high pile carpets or thick carpets - your answer wasn't clear to me. Thanks.

A: Yes, it works fine on those types of carpet, but it does not have a height adjustment. While the lack of height adjustment would normally be a hindrance with thick or long pile carpet, the VT Plus does well on these types mainly because it is so powerful that it feels like "assisted cleaning," meaning it feels as if it is self-propelled. Hope that helps!

Q3: Can the roll brush be turned off and on for hardwood floors?

A: The brushroll remains active regardless of floor type, but both of the Soniclean uprights give you the ability to turn the sonic bar off for smooth flooring. We did test this one on smooth flooring. Usually a brushroll flings debris on smooth flooring, but with this model it didn't appear to be as much of an issue as with a traditional upright. If you have mostly smooth floors or if you're worried about scratching, I might look at a different brand.

Q4: Are you an authorized dealer? The warranty is only valid for machines purchases at an authorized Soniclean dealer or agent.

A: Yes! We have been an Authorized Soniclean Dealer very early Spring of 2013.

Q5: I have oak wood floors, tile floors, and very thick carpet. In fact I had to buy a new vacuum when I got the new Karistan carpet, which is very thick. Does the vacuum have a lever to raise or lower the cleaning mechanism to accomadate deeper carpets. Also is it self driven as I have trouble vacuuming the thick carpets..........

A: It's IS powerful enough that it does nearly pull you along as you vacuum. So like a Miele upright it's almost "assisted" cleaning, feels nearly self-propelled. In terms of height adjustment though, it lacks this feature. The Miele, Dyson, and SEBO X-series upright have self adjusting heads both based on spring-based mechanisms built into their heads/bases. Soniclean has NO adjust for height. Some of the SEBO uprights Felix Premium models have a manual height adjustment dial, but only the models with powerhead electrically powered, which is what you'd be looking for anyways air driven heads are not very good on carpet. Additionally, any Miele canister with SEB 236 or SEB 228 powerheads also has height adjustment, and most of the Miele canisters that come with either of these two carpet tools ALSO come with a smooth floor tool like the UniQ, Marin, Kona, and Cat & Dog models.

Q6: The bags and filters are they readily available? Where can they be purchased? What is the cost?

A: Right now, there are a variety of online retailers offering these, from independent dealers like us to a handful of larger chain/big box stores. The bags retail for $24.99, and that's for a box of 8 filterbags. This model uses only the HEPA filterbag, no filter required.

Soniclean VT Plus Vacuum Cleaner Product Details

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