Stadler Form William Humidifier Customer Q & A

Stadler Form William Humidifier Product Details
Q1: How do I know when to change the cartridge?

A: Two ways. First, remember that indicator strip you used to test your water levels when you first got the William? In the user manual, there's a chart that matches the color hardness of your water. This will give you a good idea of when to change the cartridge. Secondly, the first scenario might not be something everyone remembers, but an easy way to tell when your cartridge needs to be changed is to look for a white dust. This is mineral content being vaporized. If you start to notice it around the humidfier, change the cartridge. If you want to check before you actually see this, take a small mirror, and with the humidifier running, put the mirror in front of the mist output. After a the mirror has been misted, allow it to begin drying and check for any white residue. This can sometimes allow you to determine when it needs to be changed earlier rather than later.

Stadler Form William Humidifier Product Details

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