Stadler Form Hera Ultrasonic Humidifier Customer Q & A

Stadler Form Hera Ultrasonic Humidifier Product Details
Q1: Why can't I use essential oil in the Stadler Form Hera like I can in the Anton? Isnt' it the same internal machine, of an ultrasonic humidifier? And why doesnt' this have a dual voltage capability like the Anton? I like the Anton, but I need to cover more area and dont' want to run 2 machines.

A: I'm not exactly sure why they suggest the use of essential oils with the Anton. You are correct in that the technology behind both the Anton and the Hera are the same, so it would seem odd that it's ok for one and not the other. That being said, Stadler Form is the only humidifier brand that we've worked with that ok's the use of essential oils with their humidifier Anton. Conversely, every other brand we have carried explicitly says to keep the water clean and free of things like fragrance and essential oils. This is always stated for ultrasonic humidifiers b/c there is some possibility of the added substance eventually gumming up or disrupting the function of the diaphragm that creates the mist. With evaporative, air washer, and even some true warm mist humidifiers, the technology driving the creation of the mist/steam is such that things like essential oils pose very little risk of causing any type of malfunction. So in general, if it's an ultrasonic humidifier, I always advise against the use of essential oils or any substance added to the water. As far as the dual voltage, the only reason I would think why is b/c of where these two products were manufactured. Hera is made in Korea. While Anton is made is China.

Q2: Hera model worked well first year. We just put the unit back into service for the winter dry months. There is a new filter, de-scaled water hardness = 1 degree tank filled with fresh water. Place tank on unit, gurgles and unit runs about 15 min on Continuous opertion AND IT DISPLAYS NO WATER alarm and shuts off. Turn off the unit tip it forward and it runs another 15 min+/-. Anyone have a clue what to do?

A: Take off the water tank and look down on the unit. You will see a screw top. Under that screw top is a white donut shaped piece that is the float. Many times there is calcuim buildup on the stem, and the assembly just needs taken apart and cleaned and put back together. Much of the time, cleaning this assembly can correct the issue. Hope that helps!

Stadler Form Hera Ultrasonic Humidifier Product Details

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