Miele S8390 FreshAir Canister Vacuum Cleaner Customer Q & A

Miele S8390 FreshAir Canister Vacuum Cleaner Product Details
Q1: Can the turbo brush e236 and the parquet floor twister attachment be used with this vacuum?

A: Parquet Floor Tool - yes. Any tool that's NOT electrically driven can work with this vac. With that being said, the SEB 236 - no. Since it lacks the electrified wand and hose, the FreshAir S8 cannot be paired with this carpet tool. The only one that would work is the STB 205-3 Turbobrush air driven. To use an electrically driven powerhead with this model would require a new hose and wand. Hope that helps!

Q2: i have the Miele Luna S4580 which used to the the most premium of the series , how does this compare, is it a more upgraded model ? other than the features, is it an improvement in functioning?

A: They both share a lot of features. Both have the same warranty on the motor and shell. Both also have the same vortex motor, sealed system and HEPA filter when you next replace yours, you'll have the exact same HEPA filter if you don't already. The parquet floor tool that you received with your Luna, in my opinion, is better than the any combo tool. Granted, it doesn't work well at all on any type of carpet or rug, but I like its performance better on smooth floors than that of the combo tool. Both will also have the same accessories and very similar suction controls. Both also have a bumper strips, though the Freshair's is more pronounced. Now here's where the Freshair will be a bit better. Instead of holding in the cord rewind, the S8 just requires one push of the button. This Freshair canister features the larger, G/N filterbags instead of the FJM that comes standard with the Luna. This model also has about 3' more in terms of cleaning reach, and instead of the tools being stored on the VarioClip, they store under the hood. Lastly, even though the Luna is quieter than most other brands, the newest Miele's feature an encased motor and sound insulation to the noise level a bit more. The Freshair has the spotlight handle, while the Luna does not. Though if that's something you wanted for the Luna, it is available to replace your current handle you'll lose the suction slide though. The Freshair has some additinal accessories that are specific to this model flexible crevice tool, universal swivel brush and hygiene cap. So overall, in terms of cleaning ability, I'd say it's nearly a draw. Luna has a slight edge on smooth floors where the Freshair has a slight edge on some low pile carpet or rugs. Above the floor, the only thing that separates the two, really, are the two extra accessories that come with the Freshair since the mini accessories are identical. Hope that helps!

Q3: Is this airteq floor tool better for hardwood floors than the parquet floor tool? Also when will it be back in stock?

A: In my opinion, it's "close but not quite." However, I readily admit that I've never been a big fan of combo tools and prefer dedicated tools for specific purposes. With that being said, the performance on smooth floors is going to be very similar. The bristles are made from the same material and the size of both is very comparable. The manueverability of the Parquet tool is a bit better, in my opinion, but the AirTeQ will work on low pile rugs. Granted, it doesn't work as well as a turbo or powerbrush, but certainly better than the Parquet tool on this type of surface. And as far as stock, they should actually be arriving today. Hope that helps!

Miele S8390 FreshAir Canister Vacuum Cleaner Product Details

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