Gonzo Wonder Sponge

Gonzo Wonder Sponge

Gonzo Wonder Sponge


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Gonzo Wonder Sponge

The revolutionary Gonzo Wonder Sponge is used dry, wiping anything clean without water. Use it to remove soot, dust, and household dirt from just about any surface -- lampshades, wallpaper, upholstery, dashboards, books, blinds, woodwork, computer screens, ceiling tile, car interiors, HVAC vents, light fixtures, and more! It's a great cleaning tool, because it can be used to clean items that are too delicate for water or solvents, like lamp shades and paintings.  And it won't scratch delicate surfaces. The Gonzo wonder sponge is environmentally safe and made with all natural materials. It measures 6" x 3" x 1 3/8".

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  Best for what I use it for
Reviewed by: Gwen from Malvern, OH

I bought it primarily for dog hair, but chose it over the pet hair sponge b/c it has more uses. For dusting it can be a little difficult on some surfaces, but for pet hair it worked well. I was able to basically pull all of my dog's hair from the sofa into one neat little pile that I removed. As far as some of the other uses, I haven't got to that yet, but for dog hair, it's great!
  Wonder why I bought this.
Reviewed by:  from Oakland

It's the most difficult object to use. It has a strong resistance to being pushed or pulled across any flat surface. Try it on glass and you'll see it doesn't pick up any dirt whatsoever. A dry cloth worked quicker and better! Works well on baseboards and that's about it.
  Love it!!!
Reviewed by: Loves to Clean from Mentor, Ohio

This is (without a doubt) the best product I've used to clean up cat hair in my house. When the one I had wore out I had a heck of a time finding them again. They should really be sold everywhere! If you have pets this is a must have! It also works great on cleaning lint/dust from delicate lamp shades.

Customer Q & A

Q1: Where can I buy the Gonzo wonder sponge? If it is so great, why was it discontined? Thanks

A: You can check Homax.com, but I believe the manufacturer has completely consolidated this line into only the Pet Hair Sponge. Not sure of the reason, but I might guess lagging sales? There may be a few retailers online and brick/mortar who still have some in stock, but all of the sponges were about the same. They were a rubber/latex sponge with only slight differences in the actual composition of the materials used. Other than size, color and packaging, they all worked about the same. You can try using the Pet Hair Sponge to dust with, but I can't guarantee the same results. Traditionally, people are used to using dust rags or clothes. And just as it's been difficult for canister vacuums to make serious headway into the American market b/c uprights have been king for decades, I think it's been difficult for people to dump the rag in favor of a dusting/dry cleaning sponge. With microfiber clothes being so inexpensive it's been difficult for these cleaning sponges to keep sales up. From observing sales and patterns in purchasing and products available, that's my best guess.

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Gonzo Wonder Sponge

This is a very interesting product. Well wrapped, it was in two layers of clear cellophane when I began to use it. It has an interesting rubbery feel. I was skeptical because every sponge I have ever used had to be wet to be effective.

I started by running the sponge across my dining room table. It does not slide as easily as a towel would and there is a lot of friction. I ran it across the entire table and took a look at the contact side of the sponge; it was gray from all the dust it had acquired from my table. I then took the sponge to chair rail and molding and ran it around the entire perimeter of both. Again, I had to pull it, as it is not sticky, but rather creates friction when passing a surface to be cleaned. The sponge definitely picked up dust, as the side of the sponge that was in contact with the various surfaces was definitely gray.

I wiped the sponge across the top of my refrigerator, dust heaven. My refrigerator is stainless steel and the sponge did the best job here. It picked up noticeable amounts of dust and debris and didn't leave anything on the surface, and more importantly it didn't expel anything into the air.

The washing instructions say to wash the sponge with soap and water once all surfaces become full and gray. It is going to take me a while to get to this point.

I was surprised that this product worked so well. It did everything it claimed. It didn't need to be wet and picked up everything in its path. It containerized the dust and debris rather than pushing it to some other part of the surface and it seems very durable. I am going to put this sponge in my permanent collection of cleaning tools because it is much less expensive than "swiffering" everything and it is much more effective than a damp paper towel.

Again, I was pleased, and I feel this sponge is a good value that will help combat the war against dust and debris collection.


Gonzo Wonder Sponge (Item#: GZ0010) (Discontinued)

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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