Haier  CPN10XCJ Portable Air Conditioner

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The Haier  CPN10XCJ is a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner with great features and good middle of the road cooling capacity. Ideal for most medium sized rooms, the CPN10XCJ can provide immediate cooling relief from hot, humid summer air. Not only will this model cool but while it cools it also dehumidifies. In the fall or spring months where cooling is not as important as removing excess moisture from the air, this model has a separate dehumidifier function and a separate fan features to help circulate fresh air into your home on days when the temperature outside isn't oppressive. The design is more modern than traditional air purifiers, and the refrigerant is the new eco-friendly R-410A. For relief from the heat in rooms where a window air conditioner or central air is not available, the Haier  CPN10XCJ is an excellent alternative cooling solution.

Haier  CPN10XCJ Product Features

  • 10,000 BTU's.
  • LCD display on remote control.
  • Auto Evaporation.
  • 24-hour On / Off timer.
  • 3 Cooling and 3 fan speeds.
  • Separate Dehumidifier and Fan functions.
  • Window exhaust kit included. Extendable exhaust hose to 5 feet.
  • RoHS compliant free of lead and mercury.
  • Casters for mobility.
  • Auto Restart after power outages.
  • New family look with a sleek design
  • Adjustable airflow.

Haier  CPN10XCJ Product Reviews

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  Great Portable AC
Reviewed by:  from Massachusetts

Bought this unit recently and so far so great. Powerful unit cooled the room quickly. Pretty easy to set up and has the great feature of not having to empty a condensation tank. I understand the feature may require draining the tank if it is very humid, but so far so good. Unit is pretty quiet and not really any noisier than a standard window ac. Overall the unit is very good. One thing to point out is that the exhaust hose is not very long. I retrofitted an awning window using an old screen and a piece of plexi-glass to discharge the hot air. The hose barely reached to that height and the weight of the hose pulling on the window screen was a concern. Subsequently, I made a bracket that keeps the pressure off the awning window screen and everything is fine now. But, be prepared to have the unit located very close, if not under, a window.
  Haier AC
Reviewed by:  from NYC

I just liked the look of this Haier for my office. It fits in great and is hardly noticeable to my patients. It's been pretty low maintenance and adds that extra cool that I can't get from our central air to keep our anxious patients cool while they wait.

Customer Q & A

Q1: Will this unit dehumidify at a lower temperature, say 60 degrees?
A: It may continue to remove some moisture, but the amount won't be much at all. As an AC, a byproduct is some moisture removal but b/c they cool the air, it lowers the ability to remove moisture by creating a smaller temperature difference between the air coming into the AC and the coils. A dehumidifier, on the other hand, pushes the warm air back into the room, as it collects moistures then reenters the machine, greater amounts of moisture will be taken out, partly b/c the temperature difference between the air and coils is greater and partly b/c warmer air will draw in more and hold more moisture. Hope that helps.

Q2: My unit is new but will not allow me to set the temperature. I can raise and lower it however it flashes for a few seconds then reverts back to what it previously was. Is it defective?

A: Is it in fan or dehumidifier mode? Temps cannot be adjusted in either of those modes. Secondly, when you adjust the temperature on any of the Haier portable air conditioners, you adjust the temperature to your desired setting then after a few seconds, the temperature reverts back to the current temperature in the room. Like dehumidifiers displaying the humidity, after you set your level, the LCD will revert back to showing the current conditions in the room, and this is normal. You can always contact Haier at 877 337-3639 if neither of these are the case.

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Haier Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Haier  CPN10XCJ Portable Air Conditioner

As far as portable air conditioners go, the most important aspect is, does your model do what it says it will? Having tested several models from multiple manufacturers, we find that most do cool, though some more, some less. As a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner, the Haier  CPN10XCJ delivers on its promise of cool relief, conveniently. When stacked up against other Haier models, as well as other manufacturers, this is what we found.

What I liked about the Haier  CPN10XCJ

Starting from the exterior, you immediately notice the design. Unlike most other portable air conditioners, the  CPN10XCJ doesn't give you a plain white appliance that puts you in the mind of the bizarre offspring between a paper shredder and mini fridge. Instead this portable air conditioner has a sleek, modern design complimented by a full range of digital controls. And, overall, the size is a bit smaller than comparable 10,000 BTU models.

When it comes to cooling, the CPN line is one of the best. While no portable air conditioner delivers the same cooling power as an equivalent BTU window air conditioner, when compared to other portable air conditioners, the Haier  CPN10XCJ is one of the best. It spaces between 200 and 250 sq. ft., this model excels. In space over 300 sq. ft., this 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner may not be able to keep your room as cool as you would like. But, when you fit the proper BTU to the right size room, you will be hard pressed finding a portable air conditioner that can exceed the results.

Value added features. That's really the best way to describe the array of digital features that come standard with this model. The remote is handy, but if it ends up being something you lose or can never find, you can easily set your desired temperature, timer and other features using the digital interface on the unit. If the power happens to go out, this model will automatically restart at the same settings you had last entered. Remember though, if the LCDI breaker trips, you will have to reset it (one the plug in) before the unit will restart.

We cannot stress this enough, separate functionality. How often have you purchased something that is billed as an all-in-one? Aside from a Leatherman tool there are few things that can do a variety of functions well. Yes, an air conditioner does remove water from the air in your home, but rarely to the same degree of efficiency as a regular dehumidifier (in part because a traditional dehumidifier re-warms the air before it exits - warm air attracts and retains more moisture than cold air). So being able to set your portable air conditioner to three distinct modes is critical in its ability to be efficient at all three functions. Cool for when you need cooling relief from hot, humid summer temperatures, a dehumidifier when excess moisture is the primary concern and fan for when you simply want to circulate air in the room.

What I did not like about the Haier  CPN10XCJ

Really the only flaw I can find with this model is the same problem that plagues nearly all portable air conditioners, water drainage. There is seemingly no manufacturer that has adequately addressed the issue of drainage. All portable air conditioners extract water, and most expel the majority of that extracted moisture out the exhaust hose. Yet some always remains and collects in a condensate tank. While when set in the proper position you could run a line that would directly drain this condensate into a separate container or existing drain, most of the time you will have to periodically empty the unit by unstopping the end and allowing the water to drain into a low pan, like a broiler pan.

Aside from the same complaint I have with the majority of portable air conditioners, there are really no other drawbacks to this model. As long correctly match the BTU's with the size of space you are cooling, this unit should deliver cooler temperatures and a lower relative humidity in any room you need.

Haier  CPN10XCJ Detailed Specifications

Recommended for: Those who need a medium sized portable air conditioner to cool and dehumidify.
Max Room Size: 250 sq. ft.
BTU's: 10,000
Operating Temperature: 6 - 100 F
Fan Speeds: 3
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) 9.5
Max Power Consumption: 1050W
Moisture Removal Capacity: 80 PPD
Thermostat: Yes, (Thermometer in C or F)
Control Type: LED push button display
Full Tank Indicator: Yes
Direct Drain Option: Yes
Remote: Yes
Timer: 1-24 hour
Noise Level: N/A
Casters: Yes
Removable Air Filter: Yes
Refrigerant Type: R-410A
Dimensions: 17.75" W x 15.25" D x 29.4" H
Weight: 66.5 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 77 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year limited
Certifications: UL


1 Year Limited

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CPN10XCJ (Item#: HR0006) (Discontinued)