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AchooAllergy.comThis year many Americans have re-evaluated their spending habits and cinched their belts. No doubt a shift in values will be reflected in our holiday purchases: we may be more inclined than ever to choose gifts that are not only enjoyable to the recipient, but practical as well. Giving any allergy sufferer the gift of being able to breathe better is sure to provide ongoing comfort and instill a long-lasting gratitude in the receiver. The following holiday gift ideas are special, practical, and considerate.

Allergy Relief Bedding Combats Dust Mite Allergies

Dust mite allergies are among the most common, and even if one isn't affected by dust mite allergen specifically, exposure can make other allergies worse. Tackling the bedroom is the first step any allergic person should undertake in trying to establish environmental control for the relief of allergy symptoms. For any loved one who suffers from allergies, allergy relief bedding goes a long way in providing restful, allergy free nights. Here are some specific gift ideas:


Allergy Armor Ultra Bedding

  • Allergy Armor Ultra is a top-quality allergy relief bedding material with the smallest pore size in the industry. This means that even the tiniest allergens like pet dander can't get through. But Allergy Armor is still completely breathable; there aren't any hot and noisy plastic barriers that will disrupt sleep. Rather, the smooth and soft antimicrobial microfiber encasings will give you silent, comfortable, luxurious protection from the allergens that make your loved ones wake up with itchy eyes, sneezes, and other allergy symptoms. Allergy Armor Bedding Packages come with all the encasings needed to make an allergy-safe bed: two standard size pillow covers and mattress and box spring covers for your size bed.


Allergy Armor Microfleece Blankets

  • Luxurious Allergy Armor Microfiber Fleece Blankets are cashmere soft, plush, and warm - everything you could want in a cozy winter blanket! They aren't bulky, and what's best is they stand up to wash after wash without losing any of their softness or durability. This is a must for allergy sufferers who should wash their blankets often to keep dust mites and other allergens at a minimum. An antimicrobial finish and the blanket's fast drying time prevent moisture buildup. This blanket can be used on a bed or anywhere around the house. With their extra-long length that tucks under even the deepest mattresses, they are also great for chilly dorm rooms.

Hypoallergenic Comforters

  • Synthetic and hypoallergenic comforters allow allergy sufferers to experience the cloudy softness and ultimate coziness of down without suffering from allergy symptoms. PrimaLoft comforters are washable and dryer safe, allowing users to launder their comforters frequently to keep allergens to a minimum. And PrimaLoft's down alternative filling provides the feel of down without the allergies. Hypodown comforters give the authentic down experience without the allergens. Their hypoallergenic down is the finest and cleanest in the world, and it is combined with plant fibers that naturally trap allergens. Hypodown is tested by allergy doctors in the U.S., Hungary, and Germany, guaranteeing that it will remain allergy free for 10 years.

Air Purifiers - The Gift of Clean Air

Air purifiers come in an array of choices, letting users decide amongst units that filter various room capacities or that feature particular functions, such as filtering out odors and chemicals or being particularly quiet or sleek.

Here are some of our favorites that are sure to make treasured and useful presents this holiday season:

Blueair Air Purifiers

  • Blueair Air Purifiers feature HEPASilent technology, which not only stays whisper-quiet, but also outperforms most standard HEPA air purifying units. What's more is that Blueair units are Energy Star rated, and consume only as much power as one light bulb, helping to keep running costs low.

Austin Air

  • Austin Air air purifiers are the perfect solutions for your indoor air quality needs. The Austin line is a no frills machine that uses a HEPA filter with activated carbon. The 3-5 year life expectancy of the HEPA filter makes the Austin very economical. The 360 degree intake of air efficiently cleans the air in your home. If you are a pet owner with allergies or are looking for a great holiday gift for a friend suffering with pet allergies, the Austin Pet Machine is made specifically to remove pet odors and dander from the air.

Honeywell Air Purifiers

  • Honeywell Air Cleaners are among the most efficient and economical choices of air purifiers. Their lifetime HEPA filters can be vacuumed, helping with ongoing costs, and units are compact, lightweight, and ultra quiet. Honeywell air purifiers remove pet dander, dust, mold, odors, bacteria, germs, and other impurities from the air, giving your loved one the gift of breathing better by creating an allergy-free air zone.

Portable Air Purfiers

  • Portable air purifying units like the AllerAir Air Tube Air Purifiers and the Amaircare Roomaid Air Purifiers are excellent choices for people on-the-go or who need air purification in personal spaces like at the office, where off-gassing from printer inks or carpeting can make sensitive individuals sick. Lightweight, compact, convenient, and snazzy, these units are an excellent way to give your loved one an oasis of clean air wherever they happen to need it.

Vacuum Cleaners Can Make Cleaning Healthier

While any household cleaning routine necessitates some amount of vacuuming, allergy and asthma sufferers must be especially diligent about keeping their homes vacuumed in order to keep dust and other allergens to a minimum. But the vacuum cleaner one uses has a lot to do both with how clean the house gets and how the vacuuming experience itself affects the user.

Following are some vacuum cleaner choices that not only make vacuuming easier, but also do double-duty as excellent units for allergy sufferers specifically:


Miele Vacuum Cleaners

  • To give the best of the best, you can't go wrong with a Miele vacuum cleaner. These canister vacuum cleaners (some upright models are available too) feature a sealed HEPA filtration system and self-sealing dust bags for ultra hygienic cleaning. Their durable construction, sleek look, built-to-last German motors, and impressive array of onboard tools make vacuuming thoroughly not only a task within reach, so to speak, but almost enjoyable, if we dare go so far. In any case, Miele vacuum cleaners are sure to impress and be a cherished gift for years to come. Additionally, we offer free expedited shipping on all Miele products. This will help ensure that the gift of a Miele arrives quickly and on time.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

  • Dyson Vacuum Cleaners have a well-deserved reputation for being among the best. Known as the vacuum cleaner that never loses suction, you have to use one to see it for yourself - or let your loved one tell you how convenient it is to have a vacuum that won't ever clog or have diminished suction. Furthermore, Dyson's Ball™ technology, as featured in the DC24 The Ball™All Floors, the DC25 The Ball™All Floors, and the DC25 The Ball™ Animal, offers the ultimate in maneuverability, making vacuuming easier than ever. And Dyson's bag less style means you never have to buy replacements. Each Dyson is fitted with HEPA filtration and certified “Asthma Friendly” by the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, making this a clear choice for your allergic loved ones.
This holiday season treat your loved ones to the gift of the higher quality of life that comes with breathing fresh, clean, and allergen-free air. Or, treat yourself!


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