Honeycomb Mask Replacement Filter - 2 Pack

Honeycomb Mask Replacement Filter - 2 Pack

Honeycomb Mask Replacement Filter - 2 Pack
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Replace your Honeycomb mask filter with this custom carbon filter. Using velcro to keep them securely in place, these filters trap odors, smoke, light chemical vapors, fragrances and particles from the air you breathe. You are left free to enjoy the outdoors and other activities without the worry of allergic, asthmatic, or MCS reactions. This redesigned filter now uses a coconut shell carbon base instead of coal. As a seed and not actually a nut, coconut shell activated carbon has typically been one of the best kinds for people with chemical sensitivities. Keep mask and filters sealed in a plastic bag when not in use to extend filter life. Each filter provides approximately 60 hours of use, though replacement times will vary depending on use and usage conditions.

Honeycomb Carbon Mask Replacement Filters - Customer Reviews

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  Lung Disease, Mold Allergy & Sensitivity Sufferer
Reviewed by: Shirley S., Multiple Issues from Jacksonville, FL

The honeycomb masks, with the replacement filters, have worked better for me than any other I have tried. I have pulmonary fibrosis and sensitivities to fragrances, cleaning chemicals, etc, a mold allergy and airborne pollens are irritants to my lungs as well as cold air. The masks do not block extra strong fragrances but do better than others. It is also important that they are adjustable. Using the masks allows me to go places when I otherwise would be house bound. I shared information about these masks with the health care personnel in my pulmonary rehab group.
  Effective protection
Reviewed by: Larry an Asthma sufferer from Ewing, New Jersey

The Honeycomb Mask Replacement Filter has proven effective in protection against substances that trigger my Asthma. I carry one in my fanny pack, my car, one in the bedroom. When I have needed to use the mask, it has never let me down. Thanks
  Pollution Protection
Reviewed by: Jill / Asthma Sufferer from Utah

I live in Utah and the inversion this year has been horrible pollution trapped by cold air. Asthma sufferers here have been struggling with sinus infections and not being able to breath. I was locked inside and unable to do pasture chores or go for walks with my dog. This works, is lightweight and I don't feel like an alien wearing it. I would highly recommend these charcoal filters. Will help when people are burning leaves etc. in the spring as well.

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