Ogallala Hypodown Bedding Buying Guide

Luxury Down Pillow Buying Guide

Hypodown: Sleep on a Cloud

Ogallala Hypodown ComfortersSome say it's like sleeping on a cloud. Others liken it to sleeping in an all plush bed, but everyone agrees that Hypodown assures a cozy night's sleep in lightweight, billowy luxury. One unique feature with Ogallala Hypodown bedding is the level of choice you get with each piece. Whether a custom pillow or a premium down comforter, Hypodown offers a wide variety of options. This guide is to help explain what Hypodown is, how it works, and how best to select the pillow or comforter that is just right for you.

Hypodown is an ingenious, creative, and purely natural product. It combines two of nature's most unique fibers to give you a tranquil, restful night's sleep. The Hypodown blend from Ogallala is generally 75% white goose down and 35% Syriaca clusters, a fiber from the milkweed plant. The two work hand in hand to give you the best of their natural attributes: warmth and comfort.

This, however, is only the start. There are several ways in which you can customize your Ogallala bedding to your specific tastes. Not only can you select the size that is right for you, but you can also select the fill power. For pillows, the last way you can customize is by selecting the firmness. With comforters, selecting a weight is the last way you can create a luxury down comforter that is uniquely suited for you. Regardless of what you ultimately choose, every Hypodown pillow, comforter, or mattress pad is sure to please as it keeps away the allergens that are commonly associated with down. How can a down comforter not cause an allergic reaction for those who are allergic to down?

Hypodown is Allergy-Free

Wake up with red, itchy eyes? Not with Hypodown. First, it's important to keep in mind that many of the allergens that trigger a down allergy are present in bedding because of insufficient cleaning of the down. Better cleaning and using only the highest quality white goose down is where Ogallala starts when it comes to creating your perfect, allergy-free down bedding. In addition to this, research has proven that Syriaca clusters trap and suppress allergens found in down that cause allergic reactions. With this superior blend of premium down and Syriaca clusters, allergy sufferers can sleep soundly with Hypodown.

Hypodown is Fresh & Dry

Most people can lose a pound or more of body moisture each night. So where does it go? Much of it is exhaled. Respiration remains the largest source of water loss for the human body. Next is perspiration. You don't necessarily have to be dripping in sweat to be losing moisture through your skin. It literally happens all the time, and when it does, it often evaporates. However, when you sleep, it can be another story. You can be left feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Hypodown is different than traditional bedding. Instead of trapping moisture, it helps to keep you fresh and dry. The Syriaca clusters in Hypodown are hollow, and Hypodown draws moisture away from your body, releasing it into the air 30% faster than down and 70% faster than synthetics.

Syriaca Clusters - Exclusive to Ogallala Down

Hypodown is Lightweight

Hypodown is the champion of durability with the added bonus of being lightweight. Roll it, flatten it, scrunch it, and pack it into a small suitcase. Take it out in the Alps, shake it, and Hypodown springs back into shape, fluffy as ever. And because Hypodown is also lightweight, it encourages circulation and offers a cozy night's sleep. Not to mention, it won't slow you down in the airport.

Hypodown is Clean, Fluffy & Comfortable

To make Hypodown, Ogallala searches the world over for the fluffiest, cleanest white goose down. They grow their own Syriaca and collect the finest pods. The processing team captures the largest Syriaca clusters and transfers them to the patented Hypodown blender. Forced air whirls and twirls the down and Syriaca to create the blend that is known as Hypodown, the most comforting innovation in sleep.

Hypodown is the Highest Standard of Quality

Hypodown comforters are down-proof so that the down stays inside, and because they are superior quality down and NOT feathers, there's no worry of quills poking you while you sleep. The shells are tightly woven while a special finishing process keeps the down securely inside without stiff, chemical fillers. Down-proof fabric needs at least a 200 thread count. Ogallala bedding is made of 100% cotton fabric with thread counts ranging from 230 to over 350, and many of pillows and comforters even contain two layers of this soft fabric.

Choosing the Right Fill Power for Your Hypodown Comforter

How to Select the Right Down Pillow and Comforter for YouThere's a reason why down bedding is expensive. As arguably the most comfortable bedding available, down is not easy to come by. Consequently, down products are rarely, if ever, made entirely of down clusters. Normally, down bedding consists of a mixture of down and feathers. By law, anything sold as "down" must contain at a minimum percent of down cluster, and that percentage must be stated on the label. This percentage of down cluster not only indicates quality but is also related to fill power. The higher the percentage of down cluster, then the higher the fill power.

Fill power refers to the space occupied by one ounce of down. Big, fluffy clusters have a higher fill power, so overall, the more, larger down clusters you have in your bedding, the warmer and higher quality the product is. Ogallala's 800 fill power Hypodown comforter contains 95 percent down cluster and is made from their finest down; the 700 fill power contains 85 percent down cluster of high quality down; and the 600 fill power contains 75 percent down cluster of better than average down. You make the choice and create a custom pillow or comforter especially for you.

Choosing the Right Weight for Your Hypodown Comforter

Everybody is unique, as are our sleep preferences. Some of us feel toasty even on the chilliest of nights. Others run for the thermostat the minute the sun goes down. Luckily, there's a Hypodown comforter for everyone. If you're always cold, there's the Arctic weight. If you're comfortable in most surroundings, there's the Classic and Southernlite. If you're always hot, the Southernlite is the weight for you.

Here is a simple quiz to help you decide which Hypodown Comforter is right for you:

Answer the following questions and add up your score. If you choose answer number 1, give yourself one point; if you choose number 2, give yourself two points; and if you choose answer number 3, give yourself three points.

Ogallala Custom Down Comforters At night, I am...

1. Always hot.
2. Comfortable in a variety of climates.
3. Freezing even in summer.

My partner is...

1. Always hot.
2. Comfortable in a variety of climates.
3. Freezing even in summer.

At night, my house is...

1. Above 68°.
2. Between 62-68°.
3. Below 62°.

I want my bedding to be...

1. Tailored & understated.
2. Comforting & inviting.
3. Billowy & plush.

Now add up your score!

Whether Ogallala Pillows or Comforters - You Select the Fill Power Right for You If your score is 4-6, you generate so much heat on your own that a lightweight Hypodown comforter will suit you fine. Keep from overheating with a Southernlite comforter with a fill power of 600-700, a Southern with a fill power of 600 or 700, or a Classic with a fill power of 600.

If your score is 7-9, you're comfortable in most surroundings, and you should choose a moderate, mid-range Hypodown comforter. Select a Southern with a fill power of 800, Classic with a fill power of 700, or even an Artic with a fill power of 600.

If your score is 10-12, you need extra warmth to get you through the night. Stay warm with a Classic with a fill power of 800 or an Arctic with a fill power of 700 or 800.

Hypodown: Caring for Your Ogallala Bedding

Once you choose the right Hypodown comforter, follow these tips for proper care and maintenance:

  • Use an allergy relief pillow cover and duvet cover along with your decorative duvet cover to protect your Ogallala Hypodown bedding from allergens and damage.
  • Dry your Hypodown comforter on low heat (often through multiple full dry cycles) or hang in the sun to refresh.*
  • The fewer times that Hypodown is cleaned, then the longer it will last.
  • To spot clean, use a mild detergent.
  • For major cleaning, use a professional cleaner familiar with down products.
  • Do not dry clean. The chemicals make down brittle and shorten its life.
  • Store in a breathable bag and in a dry, well ventilated area.
*Hypodown is like other down in that it is best kept dry. When cleaning it, multiple runs through the dryer is often necessary. Even when not cleaning it, tossing it in your dryer can remove body moisture can accumulate while you sleep. Keeping it dry is one of the easiest ways to slow dust mites and prevent moisture from causing a potential mold problem.

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