M-1 House Wash

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M-1 House Wash - Gallon


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M-1 House Wash

The world's finest and most versatile all-purpose cleaner, carpet shampoo, spot remover, and pressure washing liquid. This concentrate dilutes up to 64:1 with water to perform a variety of cleaning tasks. Penetrates and cleans fast and easy in almost any interior or exterior job from delicate velour to concrete drives. Excellent on cedar, aluminum, vinyl, asbestos, painted wood and stucco siding, metal, brick, and concrete. Prepares any surface for painting.

M-1 House Wash is a water reducible, odorless, biodegradable, industrial strength cleaner. It contains no solvents, phosphates, abrasives, or chlorine. Can be used in pressure washers, carpet cleaners, and hand pump sprayers. Very economical to use, M-1 House wash replaces 90% of all special cleaners.

Product Reviews & Questions

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  Tough on Mildew
Reviewed by: Asthma Sufferer from Lindley, New York

M-1 works great on eliminating mildew. I had a major problem with the roof rotting and falling in through the ceiling. Mildew triggers an asthma attack for me. I used the M-1 to shampoo the carpet and washed everything in the room with it to kill the mildew spores, plus a basement gonzo to help clean the air enough to allow me to paint the room and seal everything. I was beginning to think that it was hopeless to get the odor out and that I would never be able to use the room again. The room is not only back to being useable, but it is now painted and has zero mildew odor.
  M-1 Excellent product
Reviewed by: Ana Valdes from Miami

Found what I was looking for, an excellent odorless product to clean almost everything in the house from soiled floors to countertops.
  A product that realy works
Reviewed by: Ed from Essex, Maryland

M 1 House Wash is a most excellent product, I have removed black streaks with this product that no other cleaner would remove.

Customer Q & A

Q1: how much m1 do i add to a gallon of water to get the oxidation-chalk off my alumin siding so i can paint it and wuold it b better to do this by hand

A: If it is possible, it is really better to do this type of job with a pressure washer or hand sprayer. There are very detailed instructions on the back of the M-1 House Wash bottle on how to reduce with water, but generally it should be 8 parts water to 1 part House Wash.

Q2: I have all tile floors in my home due to my asthmatic reaction to dust mites. The tile is not sealed. Is this a good product for cleaning tile floors? If not, do you carry one... If so, would this be the best product for it. I have 1897 sq. ft. of tile floors to clean each week. Thanks.

A: Yes, this is a very good product for cleaning tile floors. It is a concentrate, so you will have to mix this with water before cleaning. One bottle will help you clean 2,200 sq. ft. We always recommend testing a new cleaner in a small area.

Q3: Will this product kill my plants or grass?

A: It shouldn't. The active ingredient is sodium hydroxide which is a base substance that generally increases the rate of photosynthesis. M-1 House Wash is a concentrate that once diluted out generally has less than 1% of this substance. This doesn't mean you should start spraying your lawn with it, but runoff from washing your home shouldn't negatively impact the grass. Read the label careful before use, and if you want to be safe, try washing a small area and see if the runoff effects the yard before washing the entire house.

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M-1 House Wash Review

M-1 House Wash

Probably the main advantage of M-1 House Wash is its versatility. Depending on how much you dilute the solution with water, and how you apply it, it can be used successfully on a variety of surfaces. I used it as a general household cleaner - kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It left my countertops, microwave, stovetop and other surfaces very clean, without any residue or overpowering smells. I am sensitive to fragrances and chemical smells, so the minimal scent of M-1 House Wash is important. It's not completely odorless - but the smell is slight enough that I can use it in a small, closed area like the bathroom without being bothered by it.

The one downside to the cleaner is that you have to mix it yourself. It's probably best to get several empty spray bottles and fill them with the cleaner in different dilutions, so that you can use it effectively on every surface. However, after the initial dilution and set-up, you have a variety of cleaners to use at a very cost-effective price. Or, you can just keep the concentrate on hand and mix it as you need it. Most normal household cleaning applications require an 8:1 dilution, so it's pretty simple to keep a bottle of that on hand. A higher concentration is recommended for heavy-duty cleaning jobs like barbecue grills or pet areas, and a much lower concentration is recommended for cleaning mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

What I like about M-1 House Wash

  • Very versatile, can be used on just about everything - the tag has directions for 35 different applications. These include coffee pots, laundry, gutters, auto interiors, and much more.
  • Very effective and works quickly
  • Safe for lots of surfaces - wood, aluminum, paint, metal, even fabric
  • No strong smell, and no solvents, abrasives, or chlorine
  • Cost effective - one 32 oz. bottle dilutes to 2 gallons
What I don't like about M-1 House Wash
  • A little time consuming to dilute the cleaner before use
In general, M-1 House Wash is a great, versatile household cleaner. It's good for anyone with chemical sensitivity or a dislike of strong cleaning smells. I also recommend it for any thrifty housecleaner who is looking for a do-it-all cleaner at an affordable price.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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M-1 House Wash - Gallon (Item#: M10003) (Discontinued)

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