3M 8233 and 8293 Masks

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3M 8233 and 8293 Masks

3M 8233 and 8293 HEPA Masks are Made in the USAThe 3M 8233 and 8293 respirators are lightweight and durable face masks that feature maximum HEPA filter efficiency in a maintenance-free design. A cool ventilation valve reduces moisture and heat build-up which makes breathing easier.  Adjustable, these masks contain no components made from natural rubber latex. This combined with 99.97% filtration of particles 0.3 microns or larger make this mask an ideal solution for anyone concerned with seasonal allergens, pet dander, mold spores or other common particle allergens.   Both of these 3M masks feature a comfortable face seal, adjustable straps, and lightweight construction.  Dispose after 150 hours of use. One size fits all.

The 3M 8293 meets NIOSH P100 requirements, and the 3M 8233 mask meets NIOSH N100 requirements. Both exceed CDC recommended filtrations levels (N95) to protect against the spread of bacteria and influenza viruses. While both provide identical, 99.97% filtration particles down to 0.3 microns, the 3M 8293 differs from the 8293 in one way. The 3M 8293 will filter all the same particles, germs, viruses, etc. as the 8233 with the addition of filtering out oil-based particulate. For example, need a good HEPA respirator to protect against the flu and other viruses? Both masks are equal. Need a respirator to filter out primer, paint, or lubricating aerosols in addition to viruses and other particles? Then, the 3M 8293 is the mask you want.

Product Reviews

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  3M Masks to the Rescue
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Denver CO

When I began having allergic reactions just prior to the holiday, I looked to ACHOO Allergy to order some 3M masks that would eliminate dust and mold as the culprits. The order arrived quickly and helped rescue me from my environment.
  Great solution
Reviewed by: ema1 - cat allergy sufferer from Lorton, Virginia

I am allergic to cats and usually I must avoid any exposure. My son has two cats and was scheduled for back surgery. I booked a hotel for the first 4 days after his surgery, but still had to go into his house to care for his cats. The mask saved me from experiencing the breathing allergies I have to cats. I was able to go into his house to take care of the cats without suffering the breathing issues/asthma attack I usually get for just being in a house with a cat. I would definitely recommend.
  Hepa 3M Masks
Reviewed by: Sharon R. from Nanty Glo, PA

Wonderful product! Covers the face very well and does the job. Better than any mask I have ever used. Highly recommend!

Customer Q & A

Q1: I have copd, the symptoms of which subsided when I quit smoking this year. However, I mowed my lawn the other day, and they have all returned. I suspect grass pollen, and wonder if this mask will prevent further attacks.

A: This 3M 8233 is a pretty good option. It's soft, seals well around the face, and offers HEPA filtration. It can be a little warm, and may be a bit more than what you need. So, you can either start with something lighter and work your way up, like with a Vogmask or even a Respro Allergy mask, and if those don't provide enough filtration, switch up to a 3M with HEPA. Or, you can just go straight with the 3M. Provided the reaction wasn't caused by some type of vapor, like emissions from the mower, or something like a fragrance, the 3M should do the trick. For things like fragrances, odors, or chemical vapors, you'd want a mask with some activated carbon, but if your guess is correct, then this won't be necessary. Hope that helps!

Q2: I'm asthmatic and often breathe through my mouth. Will this mask stay in place and sealed if I open my mouth to breathe?

A: Yes. They seal enough area around the mouth that you can talk reasonable well and breathe through the mouth without issue.

Q3: .I live in the San Joaquin Valley California where they grow cotton and during the fall season they spray to defoliate and it has DEF.lots of people here get allergies that time of year and it's difficult.which mask could I buy and wear every day to help me for two months of the year.

A: The most helpful mask is likely to be the Respro Techno, the Respro Allergy w/ optional chemical/particle filters, or possible the ICanBreathe Honeycomb carbon. I'm not exactly certain what you're trying to filter out, but if it relates to cotton production, for often than not, it is residue from pesticides and insecticides which are still heavily used in growing. For these, vapors/particulate, an 8233 mask may help, simply b/c the filtration rate is so high, but you may see slightly better luck with one of the first three I listed due to the activated carbon in the filters. The particle filtration will be lower than that of the 8233 but you get the added benefit of filtration of chemical compounds. Hope that helps!

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3M Mask Reviews

3M 8233 & 8293 HEPA Respirator

As a disposable 3M face mask, the 8293 and 8233 are excellent at filtering particles, allergens and other harmful airborne pollutants. Soft yet durable, both feature an adjustable strap and seal well around nearly any size of face. For allergy and asthma sufferers or those concerned with the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria, these are ideal allergy masks that remove 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger. After trying each here is what I found.

What I like about the 3M 8233 and 8293 Masks

First and foremost, the filtration of each mask is superb. Both masks offer true HEPA filtration which means no matter what the task, they will perform well. I've used them while sanding and cutting wood, raking leaves, grinding out old grout and a variety of other tasks around the house and have always been pleased with the performance. For people with allergies, the HEPA filtration will provide "as good as it gets" filtration of common allergens.

Both of these 3M masks exceed the CDC's recommended N95 rating to help reduce the spread of viruses like the Avian Flu, H1N1, and SARS. N95 masks filter 95% of particles 0.3 microns or larger, but each of these masks exceeds that, so whether you're traveling and worried about the flu or have a compromised immune system and are trying to avoid illness, each of these will provide much needed protection from germs, bacteria, and viruses. Additionally, the 8293 will also capture aerosolized, oil based particulate, like what you would encounter with oil based paints, varnishes, or lubricants. And for most, this isn't going to change a lot, but if you work with stains or sealants, oil particle filtration is a welcomed upgrade to basic HEPA particle filtration.

The 8293 and 8233 respirators are very lightweight. They are light enough and small enough that I can take them nearly anywhere. I keep several at the house for household chores and projects. Storage is easy and even though they are disposable, you can get a good deal of usage out of each.

Unlike hospital/surgical masks and cheaper masks, the 8233 and 8293 masks seal well around your face. A soft flexible seal lines the inner portion of the mask and when tightened, conforms to the contours of your face. The only possible problem you would have would be the same problem many people have with masks and respirators - facial hair. For the best seal, you need to make sure you have those whisker shaved.

Though not as cheap as an N95 mask, the cost, compared to use and filtration, make both of these 3M masks well worth the added expense. You can reuse both several times before you finally need to replace them.

What I did not like about the 3M 8233 Mask

I only have one complaint with this mask, but it is the same complaint I have with nearly every mask or respirator. It can be warm if you wear it for extended periods of time. I've had to use similar masks at past jobs for hours at a time in a fairly warm environment (we were installing kaowool - ceramic fiber insulation - in an industrial ceramic kiln). Using the mask for that long in the warmer temperatures did make my face sweat, but it was small price to pay for keep the insulation and microscopic shards out of my lungs! Additionally, both respirators have exhale valves to reduce heat and moisture buildup.

Overall, I would highly recommend mask to anyone who wants HEPA style filtration of particles, pathogens and even oil based contaminants (8293). Each mask is free of latex and fits nearly anyone with ease. While not as slim fitting as other masks, both are quality dust and allergy masks at a very reasonable price.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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