Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter

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Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter

Allergy & Fragrance Face MaskThis Honeycomb Mask, or Honeycomb ACF Pollution Mask, is made with a disposable activated carbon filter that is sealed inside a comfortable lightweight frame. The carbon fabric works with inner layers of filtration material to trap these indoor and outdoor pollutants: fragrances, particles, cigarette soot, smog, dust, diesel fumes, formaldehyde. It also filters from 50% to 95% of household chemicals depending on the substance. Mask can be worn without the filters to avoid gnats and other bugs.

The Honeycomb Mask was designed to effectively seal in the carbon filter. This filter does not replace industrial strength respirators and is not meant for extreme occupational exposure, but for most every day tasks, this mask is more than sufficient to filter common indoor and outdoor air pollution. Through testing, the honeycomb carbon face mask was shown to be comparable to a standard N95 mask in the filtration of particles 1.0 microns in size and larger. This face mask trapped 99-100% of particles in that size range. During travel, the disposable activated carbon filter cleans the recycled air on airplanes, trains, and buses. The filtration helps to reduce irritation of nasal passages and of the middle ear. This helps minimized the build up of pressure and inner ear pain.

ICanBreathe Honeycomb Carbon Masks are Made in the USA of Domestic and Foreign ComponentsHow long the activated carbon filter lasts depends on your sensitivities, your usage, and environmental factors. You should change filters when breathing becomes difficult. You can purchase replacement carbon filters for this mask. The ear loops adjust for a comfortable fit, even with eye glasses, goggles, a hat, or helmet. This mask is washable, but the mask should not require frequent washings.

Honeycomb Mask Video

Honeycomb Mask Construction and Components

Components of the Honeycomb Mask: Polyester shell, cotton/polyester tape over wire encased in plastic, latex free polyester elastic.

Components of the Carbon filter: Air laid web material consisting of steam activated coconut shell carbon bound onto a polyester support material with a modified acrylonitrile copolymer latex (this synthetic latex does not contain the protein of natural rubber).

Please Note: For those with severe allergies or reactions, please consult your physician prior to use. Additionally, while the carbon is derived from coconut shell base, coconut is NOT a tree nut. Coconut is a seed.

Product Reviews

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  What a Lifesaver!
Reviewed by: Chiquita L. from Atlanta, GA

I really like my honeycomb mask. I have multiple allergies and pollen hates me the most. I can't go outside at all in Georgia without getting sick sinus infections, headaches, shortness of breathe.... So, I use my mask when I do have to be outdoors temporarily. The mask isn't a miracle or cure, but I've found it to work better than any allergy medication I've tried in the last 15 years. I gave the mask 4 stars versus 5 because I've had to buy 3 in the last year. I bought the 2nd one because I lost the first one I truly love how light weight it is. But, I had to buy the third one because the 2nd one broke within a week of having it. The wire at the top of the nose snapped into from me adjusting it to fit my face. I should've informed Achoo Allergies but I just bought another one. Another problem is that I have MCS and the mask doesn't block out all perfumes or smoke. If it did conceal chemicals or fumes, it would be amazing! Finally people tend to stare less when I'm wearing this mask versus the general store bought kind. However, some people are still mean and have said I look like dark vador, a rhino, or planet of the apes when wearing my tan mask. More importantly though, using the mask has significantly reduced my sinus infections and I really enjoy it. It is now a necessity for me.
  Love the product!!!
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer plus from Vancouver, BC

This mask is easy to wear and does not have the closed in feeling that most masks give you. Much cooler then most. I want to wear this mask on flights with my oxygen to help eliminate the gems on the flights. I would purchased it again. Also love the catalogue provided with all the other products!!!
  great to filter fumes
Reviewed by: asthma suffer from Pensylvannia

I am pleased with this mask, I have been in contact with cyanoacrylate fumes, which cause me terrible asthma after I smell it. I used the mask while around the fumes, and had no reaction from the fumes, plus it is comfortable and not hot.

Customer Q & A

Q1: if the person wearing this mask has the flu- will it protect others from getting the flu?

A: Yes, it will help. That combined with washing their hands frequently are two simple measures that will go a long way. When they're no longer sick, I would probably hand wash the body of the mask and toss the filters.

Q2: Hello, will this enable me to be around Renuzit and Glade household air fresheners and products scented candles, and reed diffusers? My friends and family all use these and I get severe throbbing headaches, muscle aches, nausea, spinal issues with my neck, dizziness, mental fog and concentration, and trouble focussing my eyes. Most symptoms do not usually fully develop until hours later and then last up to 36 hours after.

A: It will certainly help. There's no guarantee of results, but conditions of use, fit, concentrations of the pollutants, and a variety of other factors contribute to how effective any mask is for an individual. That being said, this should be a good mask for those types of nuisance odors and air fresheners scents that are causing you problems. As a final note, we do have some people who actually double the filters in the mask for more protection. These generally tend to be people dealing with MCS, but by using two of the filters inside the mask instead of just one, it does offer better protection for the more sensitive wearer and for heavier concentrations of the pollutants. Hope that helps!

Q3: Will the Honeycomb Carbon mask reduce corn pollen? I live in rural Iowa and am surrounded with corn fields that are now pollinating

A: Indeed! Corn pollen is actually one of the larger pollen granules that you'll come across. The majority of it ranges from 22-122 microns. Particles at about 50 microns are actually visible by the human eye for some perspective, human hair is about 100 microns. With that being said, the carbon filter in the Honeycomb carbon mask will work well for this allergen. These filters have been tested to filter out 100% of particles as small as 1 micron. Any smaller and the filtration rate dips, but for 1 micron and larger, when properly fitted, this masks should remove all the pollen from the air you're breathing. Hope that helps!

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Carbon Face Mask Reviews

Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter

In 2008, the Honeycomb Carbon Mask from I Can Breathe! was a fixture with some world class athletes and professional support staff during travel and preparation for the Beijing Olympic games.

This mask is a respected product that works well for many different applications. The carbon insert in the mask filters out smog, smoke, and other pollutants. I wore it while I was cleaning my bathtub with a very weak bleach mixture. The mask muted the extremely strong smell. Although I could still slightly smell the bleach, it was so much better with the mask on. We are also painting a room in our house and the Honeycomb Carbon Mask helped me withstand the smell of the paint. Lastly I have used this mask while working with gasoline and notice a big difference in odor than with a simple N95 rated mask.

Not only is the mask effective, it is also comfortable. The mask itself is soft, adjustable and washable. You simply insert the carbon sleeve into the mask. Then if needed you pull on either sides of the mask to make it a tighter fit. The mask comfortably fits over you nose and mouth. In order to get the maximum protection, you should change the carbon as soon as you can smell the difference.

What I like about the Honeycomb Mask
  • It keeps me from getting those headaches after working in polluted environments
  • Very comfortable and easy to adjust
  • The carbon insert has Velcro so it sticks to the mask easily
  • Carbon replacement filters are inexpensive
  • The filtration is comparable to N95 masks with the added benefit of filtering odors

What I did not like about the Honeycomb Mask

  • I wish it was a little more breathable, but that is to be expected since the carbon is thick.

I give the Honeycomb Carbon Mask 5 out of 5 stars. It is a terrific mask for those of us who are sensitive to certain particles or chemicals! I would recommend having a few on hand just in case because each job is different and some jobs the carbon might absorb more than others. For traveling or odd jobs around the house this face mask is a perfect fit!

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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