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Microfiber Multi Purpose Dust Mop Kit

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$21.99 - $29.49


  • Super Lightweight, Stores Easy
  • Inexpensive, Washable, No Waste
  • Ideal Dust Mop or Wet Mop on All Smooth Floors
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    Microfiber Multi Purpose Dust Mop Kit

    You see them everywhere, cheap floor mops with disposable cloths that are supposed to be so convenient. The only problem is you end up spending a small fortune on dusting pads and replacement wet mop pads. Not to mention the mops themselves are flimsy, easily broken and incapable of removing anything beyond minor soil. Enter the AchooAllergy Microfiber Floor Mop kit!

    The mop itself is constructed of a heavy duty aluminum tubing that retracts to 48" and can extend to nearly 6'! This provides exceptional reach for under furniture and for cleaning walls or ceilings. Unlike those flimsy cheap mops you see in all the department stores, this professional style mop is nearly 1 1/2" in diameter. The aluminum head swivels and pivots. It has velcro down one side to securely attach either mop cloth.

    The Multi-purpose Floor Mop kit includes the commercial grade mop, one microfiber dust mop pad, and one microfiber wet/dry mop pad. The dust mop pad features fringe yarn that helps trap dust and clean corners; while the wet/dry mop pad is perfect for mopping up spills and stains across all smooth floor surfaces. The Dust Mop kits come with the mop and one microfiber dust mop pad. Both mop pads are charged to attract dirt, dust and hair while you clean! Each pad is good for 300-500 cleanings and are machine washable.


    • Retractable, commercial grade mop is sturdy, durable and built to last.
    • Ideal for sweeping or mopping tile, hardwood, linoleum, or laminate flooring.
    • Mop pads are electrostatically charged to trap dirt and debris.
    • Both floor pads are machine washable and last through hundreds of uses before needing to be replaced.
    • Microfiber wet/dry pads work with your favorite cleaner or just plain water!
    • Extra Wide Mop Head covers more area quicker than traditional brooms or mops.

    Microfiber Floor Mop Reviews
    Microfiber Dust Mop Kit

    As a new addition to the AchooAllergy line of cleaning products, the Microfiber Floor Mop kits are a simple solution to cleaning smooth flooring. With our sample model and floor pads in hand, I tested this mop on hardwoods, tile, linoleum and even on the ceilings. Pleased with the performance and price, this is what I found.

    What I like about the Microfiber Floor Mop

    What struck me first about this floor mop kit was the size and feel of it. It is a professional grade piece of cleaning equipment, so unlike the Swiffer that I broke in half while mopping, this floor mop is made of a heavy aluminum tubing that can take a lot of use and abuse. With stubborn spots, you can put a little more elbow grease into this mop without worrying about snapping it in half. For sweeping and mopping my floors, I kept the handle nearly fully retracted, but while removing cobwebs from the corners of my ceiling, I extended the mop out to the full 6' and was able to reach every corner in my home.

    The floor pads attached easily to the mop head thanks to a lot of velcro! And because of the width of both the pads and mop itself, I was able to clean my floors much more quickly than with a traditional mop or Swiffer sweeper.

    While using it as a true floor mop, I tested it using both, plain tap water in a spray bottle and one of our other cleaning products, Vital Oxide. I chose the Vital Oxide because it has virtually no scent, is completely non-toxic, and is a great sanitizer. Using the microfiber floor mop with just the tap water really surprised me. On a spot of dried Pepsi, the floor pad with just water scrubbed it off in two passes. I've literally spent 30-40 seconds before, scrubbing with a disposable wet mop pad to try and remove a near identical spot. The microfiber works really well even when you're not using cleaners that are often loaded with fragrance and harsh chemicals.

    Lastly, I really liked the overall expense of this mop. It has an initial cost that is comparable to wet/dry floor mops you can find in nearly any department or big box store. The difference that instead of spending $7-10 a month in more disposable cloths, I simply throw these microfiber pads in the washer with things like my other cleaning rags or my rugs. You end up throwing a little less in the landfill, while adding virtually nothing to your laundry.

    What I did not like about the Microfiber Floor Mop

    The only part of this product that I did not like was, what to do when I was finished? When I used it as a dust mop, I pushed any hair, dirt or debris that hadn't stuck to the mop head into a corner and quickly sucked it up with a vacuum. Most of what I swept up, stuck to the pad, so there wasn't too much in my little pile. When finished using the multipurpose pad and mopping I scooped up the accumulated debris with a paper towel and tossed it in the waste can. Though, I'm sure there are better methods than what I used.

    As a note for washing - like any microfiber cleaning cloth, DO NOT use fabric softener or dryer sheets while washing these floor mop pads. Dryer sheets essentially spread a fragrance through the items in your dryer. This can clog the tiny pores of microfiber and decrease it's effectiveness.

    Overal, this was a great product for the price. Much more durable than my Swiffer, the mop's microfiber pad cleans better with plain water than the Swiffer does with wet cleaning cloths. It not only effectively swept and mopped, but I also made good use out of the slim design and extra long reach, perfect for reaching those areas that rarely get cleaned, like under the sofa or bed. Even though the full mop won't fit under something as low to the ground as say a refrigerator, the super slim cleaning head can often slide under and clean at least a 4-6" swath. The pads are washable and seem to hold up well through multiple washings, and because of the size of the pad I was able to reduce the time it took to sweep and mop the floors in my den by at least 1/3. For someone with predominantly smooth flooring, the AchooAllergy MicroFiber Floor Mop is great addition to your cleaning closet.

    Product Questions

    How are the pads attached to the foot of the mop and dust mop? Also, since the dust mop and the wet mop are each individually priced, does this mean each has its own handle and base mechanism?