Miele Complete C3 Marin HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

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Miele Marin C3 Complete Vacuum
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Estimated Availability: 7/31/2015
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Miele Complete C3 Marin Vacuum Cleaner

Free Next Day Delivery with the Miele Complete C3 Marin HEPA VacuumsAs one of the best selling, new Miele vacuums cleaners, with one glance at the Miele Complete C3 Marin vacuum cleaner, it's not hard to see why. From top to bottom, the Marin offers attractive styling packaged with the best features that Miele has to offer in a luxury HEPA vacuum cleaner. With upgrades like full foot pedal controls, two floor tools, standby park, and one-touch cord rewind, the C3 Marin offers complete cleaning ability in a versatile and eye catching package. As a part of the Miele Powerline series, the Marin offers power to go along with the styling.

Need a deep cleaning vacuum? The SEB 236 offers a thorough kind of clean that you'll only get with a Miele premium vacuum cleaner. If you're a conscientious consumer you can take heart that the Marin has the Automatic Suction feature which automatically reduces or increases power and suction depending on the type of flooring you are cleaning. This means no waste, and you'll always be using just enough power to effectively clean. For those dealing with allergies or asthma, you can breathe easier knowing that the Marin is equipped with Miele's signature AirClean system. The combination of the sealed system, HEPA filter, 9-ply dustbag and pre-motor filter work together to create a vacuum that not only tackles floors and above-the-floor cleaning but quite literally filters the air you breathe.

*NOTE: The Miele Marin was formerly known as the S8590 Marin. In addition to the change in model number, the Marin now comes standard with the Premium SEB 236 Electrobrush. All other features have remained the same.

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Miele Complete C3 Marin Vacuum Cleaners Features

  • Miele Marin HEPA Vacuum DetailsThe AirClean System - features 11 stage filtration (9 ply dustbag, pre-motor filter, H13 HEPA filter, and finally a post-motor filter) that removes 99.95% of all particles as small as 0.1 microns. Rubber seals around the dustbag and a Sealed System prevent air leakage and ensure cleaner air.
  • As a key component of the AirClean system, the HEPA AirClean Filter is independently tested and certified and now features a TimeStrip indicator.
  • The 9-ply G/N AirClean dust bag can hold up to 4.76 quarts and traps large particles and allergens.
  • The 1200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor provides powerful suction and is now encapsulated to further reduce sound.
  • The Miele Marin is rigorously tested to last an average of 20 years residential use*, and each vacuum is tested prior to leaving the factory floor.
  • A One-Touch Cord Rewind button as well as foot button suction controls (in lieu of the old rotary dial), provide convenience and allow you to control the Marin without having to bend down while you clean.
  • With all new styling, the Marin features a metallic, navy-blue finish that sets it apart from other vacuum cleaners.
  • A raised, 3D bumper strip protects furniture as well as your vacuum from bumps and dings while you clean.
  • Dust bag change indicator alerts you to replace the dust bag, while a separate filter change indicator lets you know when it is time to replace the HEPA filter.
  • Safety Shut-Off prevents the motor from overheating in the event that a damaging item is sucked up.
  • Lightweight the Miele Marin weighs in around 11 lbs., nearly 20% lighter than the S5 line of canisters.
  • The Deluxe Ergonomic Handle Assembly allows for a comfortable cleaning motion while the integrated brushroll controls put complete control of the vacuum right at your fingertips.
  • The Stainless Steel Telescopic Wand fully extends and retracts to increase reach for amazing above-the-floor cleaning.
  • The Marin has three space-saving park positions. The park position at the base of the unit automatically puts this C3 canister into Standby Mode as well as two other side park positions.
  • Standby Mode saves power while the vacuum is parked but provides convenience when life interrupts while cleaning.
  • The Automatic Suction setting provides ease and convenience and is environmentally friendly by only using as much power as needed for you specific cleaning task.
  • As a part of the Miele Powerline series of vacuums, the C3 Marin comes with the best tool for deep carpet cleaning: SEB 236 Powerbrush - A 13 3/8" wide cleaning path, illuminated by a LED lamp, and driven with an independently powered motor provide the punch and power while five height adjustment setting round out this carpet cleaning tool as all you'll ever need for any style of carpet.
  • As the standard smooth floor tool with premium Miele vacuums, the Marin comes equipped with the SBB 300-3 Parquet Floor Tool.
  • A Crevice Tool for tight spaces, Dusting Brush for delicate cleaning, and Upholstery Tool for furniture and curtains are conveniently stored under the hood.
  • 7 Year Warranty on the motor and body casing - 1 Year Warranty on parts and labor.
* 45 Minutes of Use Once Per Week on the Highest Setting.

What's Included

SEB 236 Powerbrush
SEB 236 Electro Premium
This electrically-driven carpet tool with a 13 3/8"-wide brush roll and 5 height adjustments for a variety of carpet densities is the most popular choice. This carpet tool has a swivel neck for maneuverability and smooth operation, an integrated, LED light to illuminate your cleaning path, all-around bumper strip to protect your furniture and an automatic shut-off when in the parked position. This tool will also stand on it's own and does not need to be parked to the side of the Marin. Great for all carpet types.

SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Tool - Miele Twister SBB300-3 Twister Parquet Floor Tool
Perfect for use on all types of smooth flooring, including tile, linoleum, hardwoods, laminate, and PVC, this floor tool uses a mixture of polyamide and natural hair bristles to ensure a gentle cushion while cleaning. The bristles dislodge and loosen dirt to allow the powerful Miele suction to clean more effectively. It has a 90° rotation and is exceptionally agile at cleaning around obstacles such as table legs and in tight places.
Miele Marin SES Vacum Hose Miele Hose
The hose is often an overlooked part of a vacuum cleaner, but the standard, electric equipped hose on the Marin provides both reach as well as durable flexibility that can literally be tied into knots and not be damaged. Tested for years of abuse, the Miele hose will never fail.
Miele Marin Canister Vacuum Accessories Additional Accessories
Like other Miele models, the C3 canister series comes with three included tools, all useful for above-the-floor cleaning, including upholstery, shelves, baseboards, ceiling fans and more. Each fits snugly in an onboard storage compartment.
  • dusting brush
  • upholstery nozzle
  • crevice tool
Miele AirClean G/N Dustbag AirClean Dustbags
The AirClean dustbag features a 9-ply construction that increases airflow while improving filtration. This color-coded, spring-loaded, self-sealing dust bag is a key component to Miele's AirClean system.
  • Traps 99.9% of all fine dust particles
  • 33% longer suction performance than Intensive Clean bags
  • 15% improved filtration
  • Air flow guides increase dust storage capacity by up to 25%
  • Self-sealing collar with rubber gasket for hygienic removal and disposal
Miele C3 Marin HEPA Filter - HA-50 HEPA AirClean Filter
The redesigned HEPA AirClean filter is independently tested to trap and retain tiny, lung damaging particles (including dust mite feces, dander, and pollen) by removing 99.95% of all particles, even though as small as 0.1 microns. The new TimeStrip indicator on the filter always lets you know when it's time to replace it, but the Miele ActiveClean Filter generally lasts for about 50 hours of use or one year.

Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bags and Filters

Miele Marin Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Write A Review | Read all 6 reviews.
  Miele Marin
Reviewed by: Murray the Dog from New York

Paying $1,000 for a vacuum cleaner was a bit painful but, having owned Mieles before, I figured it was probably worth it. The canister looks like a sports car and the vacuum cleaner handles like one. Almost zero noise from the canister itself. The power brush makes noise but this is expected. It is remarkably efficient and easy to maneuver. Has lots of features which are probably lost on me. It is a fabulous vacuum cleaner and worth the money.
  Quiet and powerful!
Reviewed by: Sloane Peterson from Chicago, IL

I knew Mieles were powerful, but I had no idea it would be so quiet. My old vacuum could wake the neighbors, so this is a welcome change. Also, I can't believe how much better my carpets look since I got my Marin. I'm not saying I want to spend my entire day off vacuuming, but it's definitely a little easier now.
  Very Impressed with our
Reviewed by: Lowell from Cloquet, MN

We recently purchased the "Marin" vacuum with the SEB236 powerhead about 6 weeks ago. So far we've been very impressed with it's performance. I did a lot of research before making the purchase and after using the vacuum for about 6 weeks now I feel we made a very good choice. The only down side is of course the relatively high cost compared to many other vacuums on the market, but as is the case with most other purchases, you do indeed get what you pay for. One thing we really like is how quiet it is while running. Previously with our Kenmore vacuum, when we started to vacuum, both of our cats headed to the far end of the house and kept moving to stay as far away from the noise as possible. Just the other day to be honest, it's what prompted me to write this review, my wife was vacuuming in the bedroom and one of our cats was sleeping on the bed. She said he woke up, but didn't even move off the bed the entire time she was vacuuming in the bedroom....that says something right there about the quietness of the machine. Since we've only used the vacuum for about 6 weeks, I cannot personally vouch for the reported longevity of the vacuum, but it does indeed appear to be very well made and hopefully will last for 15 or 20 years. One thing regarding the shipping from Achoo, the web site clearly stated that there was "free next day shipping", which I assumed we'd get when ordering it on their web site. During the ordering process the only option available form the down box was standard UPS shipping. I proceeded with the order and then called a few minutes later to inquire about the shipping issue. The gal in customer service assured me it did quality for "next day shipping". However, it did take the normal 3 or 4 days to arrive via UPS. Since it said we were requited to have someone available to sign for the unit, I wanted to know when it would arrive so we would have someone home to sign. When it arrived 3 or 4 days later, no one was home, but UPS left it on our porch anyway, so I guess all's well that ends well....but I was a little bummed about not getting the advertised next day shipping. To summerize, this is a quality product and we're very happy with our purchase so far and we're looking forward to our "Marin" lasting a long and productive life ! [Editor's Note: We apologize for the delay in shipment. We've been having issues with PayPal orders. The PayPal checkout process is stripping away the free express shipping that is tagged to these orders. We've not pinned down the exact cause yet, and do apologize for the delay as most PP Miele purchases are corrected when we process them for shipment.]

Customer Q & A

Q1: How many controls are on the handle of this vacuum?
A: Just one, a switch to turn off/on the brushroll. The suction, power, and cord rewind are control by buttons on the body that can be pushed with your toe.

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Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
Miele Marin C3 HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Marin is second in the line of new Complete C3 vacuum cleaners. While it lacks a few of the style points and features that are reserved for the Brilliant, the C3 Marin delivers solid performance and showcases the best that Miele has to offer in terms of function and ease of use. I will admit, that after testing this model I was reluctant to return it to our shown room (who doesn't like that color?), but after almost three weeks of use and a road trip to visit family, this is how the Marin fared.

What I like about the Miele Marin Vacuum Cleaner

In my opinion and speaking from a purely aesthetic perspective, even without the chrome accents and LEDs of the Brilliant, the Marin is the most eye-catching model in the Complete C3 line. I have always been partial to the deep, primary colors and the metallic finish of the Marin really makes it stand out. Before you even open the box, you have to first decide on which model you want! The Marin comes standard with the top-of-the-line SEB 236 electrobrush. It has a nice wide cleaning path, bumper strip, LED light, auto-standby/park feature, and is height adjustable. The 236 literally offers everything you need to clean wall-to-wall carpeting of any type (low pile all the way to dense, high pile types).

For my testing I used it throughout my home but also took it with me to my parents house for a weekend. I like using their home as a testing ground for several reasons. First, the house is almost completely carpeting. Second, the carpet varies from low pile, high traffic, to dense, comfortable bedroom carpeting, and there are also some areas of smooth flooring. The home gets a lot of foot traffic with family constantly in and out of the house on a near daily basis. Lastly, the space is an old farm house which means there are many opportunities to dust, oak stair railings, heating vents, window sills, etc. No matter the job, the Miele Marin had the right tool. From the mini accessories getting those hard to reach cob webs my mother always misses to the premium floor tools, there literally wasn't a single surface in that home that couldn't be freed of dust and dirt with the Marin. My mother has always been partial to uprights and loves her Bolero, but I think I'm making her see the merits of high quality canister vacuums.

Indoor air quality is a growing concern, even for those who do not suffer from allergies or asthma, and with the Marin, you actually get a home appliance that improves the air quality in your home. Independently tested and certified, a Miele vacuum cleaner (like the Marin), with the AirClean system, can trap in excess of 99.95% of all particles 0.1 microns or larger. So whether it is pollen, dander, dust mite allergen, household dust or just the standard dirt and debris that can accumulate on floors, shelves and other places, the Marin Complete removes it and actually traps it, keeping it from simply being blown back through your home (such is the case with the majority of vacuums available today). So while your floors will look fantastic, your home will have a healthier kind of clean that few cleaning appliances can truly deliver.

There are a few noticeable upgrades with the Marin that really help to set it apart from comparable vacuums of other brands, even from its predecessor models in the Miele S5 series. The Marin is extremely durable. I'm not saying it will withstand a direct blow from a 5 lb. sledgehammer (might be an interesting, though costly experiment), but the body is built to take years of bumps, bangs, and collisions. A raised bumper helps to cushion impacts and protect furniture from scuffs or scratches. The hose can literally be tied into knots and will still spring back to its original shape, and the motor has a seven year warranty. The Marin also has an encased motor, and this coupled with the standard Miele silence insulation makes this vacuum quiet enough that you can clean without disturbing a sleeping baby or, in my case, a sleeping dog. After you bend over to plug this vacuum in, you are essentially done until you are finished cleaning. The reach and cord length allows you to clean several rooms at once, and the handle with foot pedals give you complete control without having to bend back down to adjust anything. Indicators let you know when you need to replace the bag and HEPA filter, and the cord can be fully retracted with just one tap of your toe.

For anyone looking for a vacuum that is a little "greener" than the rest, the Marin fits the bill. The automatic suction section senses air pressure and adjusts suction to provide you optimal cleaning regardless of what surface you are on. Ultimately this means that you only use as much electricity as you need at any given time - no more, no less. Miele as a company has also started a green initiative in recent years to reduce waste and energy consumption in their factories and distribution hubs. So in all, they try to reduce their impact on nearly every level.

What I do not like about the Miele Marin vacuum cleaner

Truthfully, I can find little wrong with the Marin other than price. The price tag on a Miele is always a bit higher than the rest, but there's a lot that goes into that, from world class filtration and complete cleaning ability to independent testing and quality components. This Complete C3 comes with a 7 year warranty on the motor and casing as well as a 1 year warranty on everything else, but aside from occasionally cleaning the powerhead and replacing the bag & filter, there is very little you have to do to maintain this machine. So you can spend $100-200 every couple years on a new vacuum or bite the bullet up front and purchase one that literally lasts 10X as long and cleans better.

In all, I was left very impressed with the Miele Marin HEPA vacuum. From cleaning my house top to bottom to using it in a fully carpeted home (my parent's), the Marin performed at or above the lofty expectations I have of Miele vacuum cleaners. The Marin is lighter, quieter, and more stylish than the previous models while offering greater value and more features for about the same price.

Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner Detailed Specifications

Best for: All Types of Flooring (Smooth & Carpet)
Vacuum type: Full Size - Complete C3 Powerline Canister
Color: Navy Blue Metallic
Construction : Durable ABS plastic
Motor: 1200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor
Airflow: 141 CFM
Operating Radius: 36 ft.
Suction Control: +/- Foot Pedals
Handle: Deluxe Ergonomic Handle w/ Brush Roll Control
Wand: Stainless Steel wand
Bag type: G/N
Bag capacity: 4.76 quart AirClean dust bag
HEPA Filter: Yes, H13 HEPA
Included Floor Tools: SEB 236 & SBB 300-3
Crevice Tool: Yes
Dust Brush: Yes
Upholstery Tool: Yes
Dust Bag Change Indicator: Yes
Filter Change Indicator Light: Yes
Auto Cord Rewind: Yes, One Touch
Safety Shut-off: Yes
Silence Insulation: Yes
Wand Park Feature: Yes
Dimensions: 19.2" L x 10.8" W x 8.9" H
Weight: 10.8 lbs.
Warranty: 7 years on the motor - 1 year on parts and labor

Miele Marin HEPA Vacuum Warranty Information

7 years on the motor/ 1 year on parts and labor

Miele Marin Powerline Vacuum Cleaner Additional Resources

Miele Marin User Manual    Miele Marin HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Owners Manual
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