Miele Active AirClean Filter S2 - S7

Miele Active AirClean Filter S2 - S7

Miele Active AirClean Filter S2 - S7
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The Miele Active AirClean filter is a combination of the Super Air Clean filter and a cartridge of Active Charcoal. Though not quite as effective with particle filtration as the standard Miele HEPA filter, this combination adsorbs odors while trapping 99.5% of all particles .5 microns and larger. This filter is best used by people with pets and want to control pet odor from carpeting and rugs. The Active AirClean filter fits all S2000, S7000, S300-S800 Miele vacuum cleaners. Replace annually or after about 50 hours of use. A good rule of thumb is to replace when you start noticing odor from the filter. Miele part # SF-AAC 30 with clip.

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Q1: I believe I read that it would fit models S300 -800. But description does not indicate that. I have an older s514 and am hesitating in choosing a replacement for my blue hepa filter that did have a charcoal liner.

A: You correct, this model does fit the S514 you have. The easy way to tell - look for that small clip in the front. Miele only makes three main types of HEPA/Active AirClean filters there's a fourth but it's for two specific models and fairly uncommon. Of the three most common that they make, one if almost square in shape. This fits sticks/universal uprights. The two remaining look very similar but the two main difference are one has a clip and a thinner profile. The other has no clip and a thicker profile. Most of the older Miele models use the filter with the clip, but in general if the filter in your machine has that small clip on the front, then the replacement will too. And that, is the easiest way to confirm. I'll work on getting the description corrected on our site. Hope that helps!

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