Mother's Day Gift Guide

Bedding to Wrap Mom in Comfort

Washable Blankets

Allergy Armor Organic
Quality bedding is one of life's luxuries, and something your mother is sure to appreciate. This Mother's Day, consider treating your mother to a cashmere-soft Allergy Armor Microfiber Fleece Blanket, made of Polartec fleece. It stands up to wash after wash, it dries quickly, and it features an antimicrobial finish to guard against germs and mold, making it an ideal blanket for allergy sufferers.

Why stop at just a blanket, though? Give Mom an entire set of one-of-a-kind bedding with the Allergy Armor Organic bedding package. Dust mite encasings made of chemical-free organic cotton with a 440 thread count - it's the best of allergy bedding and luxury bedding combined, and will give your mother allergy-free, much-deserved restful nights of sleep.


Vacuum Cleaners to Banish Dust

Vacuum Cleaners Most women would be thrilled to receive a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner, and your mother is no exception. Miele vacuum cleaners are widely considered the best of the best. With their meticulously constructed German motors, HEPA filtration, self-sealing dust bags, and sleek designs, there's nothing not to love. Choose from the basic Miele Antares, the Miele Capricorn with all the bells and whistles, or anything in between. There's a wide range of choices so you can find the perfect match for Mom.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are another popular brand with a loyal following - and for good reason. Top maker of bagless vacuum cleaners, Dyson promises that their vacuums will never lose suction. Dyson's signature Dyson Ball™ technology offers maneuverability with a turn of the wrist. What a great way to make Mom's life a little easier! With HEPA filtration and "Asthma Friendly" certification, a Dyson will clean the air as well as the house, and will help everybody at home breathe easier.

Dehumidifiers to Fight Mom's Enemy - Mold

Dehumidifier If your mother is anything like mine, she probably declared war on mold and mustiness a long time ago. Add to her mold-fighting repertoire with a new dehumidifier, just in time for the humid summer months. Choose a large unit that can remove up to 65 pints of water and covers areas up to 3,700 square feet like the Danby 65-Pint unit. Or get Mom a few Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifiers so she can stick them in closets or non-ventilated bathrooms. They're great because they fit anywhere and they absorb moisture in their odorless, non-toxic gel, which can be emptied through vapor when the units are saturated. No spilled messes and no need to empty out containers.

Air Purifiers to Help Mom Breathe Easy

Air Purifiers

Give the gift of clean air with a brand-new air purifier for Mom. Perhaps your mother has become sensitive to chemicals over the years, or maybe she lives near a busy road. In such cases, an air purifier fitted with activated carbon that removes VOCs, such as the AllerAir 4000 VOCARB or a whisper-quiet Blueair 201 with a carbon filter, are good, cost-effective options.

A personal air purifier would also make a great gift for Mom, who would no doubt enjoy her very own breathing zone filled with pure, allergen-free air. The AmairCare Roomaid Air Purifier is a portable HEPA air purifier with activated carbon. It can even be plugged in to the car to remove toxic emissions from other cars on the road. The AllerAir Air Tube is also a powerful yet portable personal air purifier, and the Blueair Airpod is probably the snazziest air purifier around. It's even available in pink! Perfect for Mother's Day.

Natural Cleaning Products to Keep Mom Healthy

Cleaning Products The older we get, the more we appreciate our mothers for keeping our homes clean. But breathing in all those chemical fumes can take its toll. Show Mom you care by giving her a healthy alternative to traditional cleaning products. Begley's Best Natural Cleaning Products use non-toxic ingredients so Mom can clean without breathing in unpleasant or harmful fumes. EcoDiscoveries Natural Cleaning Products also use nature's own ingredients to make the house sparkle without leaving behind harmful residues. These natural cleaning products are also safe for the planet - a great gift for Mother Earth!

Vanicream Hypoallergenic Skin Care to Pamper a Beloved Mother

Personal Care

With summer just around the corner, it's time to lather on the sunscreen. But don't lather on the chemicals, and don't let Mom either! Vanicream sunscreens, available in 30 SPF and 60 SPF, are made from transparent zinc oxide and octinoxate, the safest active ingredients in sunscreens that provide full-spectrum protection. Vanicream sunscreens don't contain any of the harmful chemicals typically found in sunscreen, such as dyes, fragrances, preservatives, and formaldehyde releasers.

Vanicream also makes a richly moisturizing Skin Cream, a silky Lite Lotion, and a soothing Cleansing Bar - all without additives that aggravate sensitive skin. Every woman loves to pamper her skin, and doesn't your Mom deserve the best?

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