Nasal Irrigation and Sinus Relief

Nasal Irrigation and Sinus Relief

Nasal irrigation is an ancient health practice that originated from the yoga tradition. During the 19th century, nasal flushing was encouraged by physicians as a method of routine cleansing. Now, a growing body of scientific evidence shows that this practice is safe, effective, and beneficial. It is becoming more accepted as a simple way of treating common sinus problems caused by allergies, colds, and sinus infections. In practice, nasal irrigation is the flushing of a warm saline solution through the nostrils to clean out the nasal passages and to alleviate stuffiness and nasal blockage.

        Nasal Irrigation and Sinus Products
SinuPulse Elite SinuAir Saline Mix Kits SinuAir Saline Mix Kits
SinuPulse Nasal Irrigator
SinuAir Nasal Wash System
SinuAir Nasal Wash Refill Kits
$5.99 - $18.95
NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit NeilMed Bottle Kit NasaFlo NetiPot
NeilMed Sinus Rinse
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NeilMed Bottle Kit
NeilMed NasaFlo Kit
Saltaire Nasal Wash NeilMed Mixture Packets Narial Nasal Cup
Saltaire 28 oz. Refill
NeilMed Mixture Packets
Narial Nasal Cup Neti Pot

Though there are a variety of products and solutions, each essentially does the same thing. They use basic and natural ingredients to gently flush and moisturize your sinuses. For some you may require a saltier solution to help dry the nasal passages out. For others, an isotonic solution is ideal. For more detailed information about how sinus flushing and how these products work, visit our Nasal Irrigation page. Regardless of your specific need, we offer a range of products to help you safely and effectively keep your sinuses clean and feeling better.

Discontinued Products

Sinol Headache Relief Spray
Sinol Allergy and Sinus
Grossan HydroPulse

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