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NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot

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NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot

Developed by chronic sinus sufferer Dr. Ketan Mehta, M.D., the NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot is a complete, soothing, saline nasal rinse kit that provides much needed moisture and natural relief from allergy and sinus symptoms. Now, you can naturally alleviate nasal irritation caused by occupational dust, fumes, smoke, smog, pet dander, grass, pollen, and other seasonal allergens. The NasaFlo Neti Pot saline rinse is soothing to nasal passages and helps flush out debris that is often trapped in your nasal passages. You won't experience any burning or stinging, and NasaFlo is free of preservatives, iodine, and latex. The NasaFlo Neti Pot differs from Neilmed's Sinus Rinse because NasaFlo uses a free flowing gravity rinse method rather than a squeeze bottle. Many customers prefer the neti pot to the bottle because the neti pot does not create a feeling of pressure in the sinuses, as some bottles can. With NasaFlo, there's no uncomfortable force or pressure - only natural gravity. NasaFlo Neti Pot comes with complete instructions and 50 premixed packets of Sodium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate in a pH balanced, isotonic solution. It's safe for use by children and pregnant women.

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Easy breathing in West Texas
I decided to try the product basicly because I've tried everything else. I can't believe that I can actually breath easy for the 1st time in over 30 years. I live in West Texas (out in the country) and with all the dust, constant sinus infections were just a way of life. Thanks to this product I haven't had a sinus infection since I began using it 5 months ago!! Review by Cyndi Luckie / (Posted on 5/7/2015)
Tried the NeliMed Neti Pot. Brilliant. I watched the Youtube instructions and followed to the T. Had a small amount of blockage flow through. Again brilliant. I shall definately be carrying this out once a week.If only I had done this a few days ago when my sinus headache was very delibertating. I had flow from each nostril and no liquid going down back of throat nor any pooling in ears. I would recommend this 100% and I would also recommend that you watch You Tube and follow how the young woman carrys out draining her sinus. Clear to follow and leaves no room for errors to occur. BRILLIANT Review by Sandie constant sinus headaches / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Best $15 I've ever spent! Instant relief!
I developed sinus problems in my early 20's and anyone who has experienced sinus pressure and headaches, knows that it can one of the worst pains. I've tried many over the counter sinus medications and antibiotics over the years, and nothing has given me instant relief like this precious little blue "teapot" has! I am not a person that usually writes reviews, but this may be the best $15.00 I have ever spent when it comes to my sinus issues. Like another review said I was somewhat skeptical about pouring something in and out of my nose. I was honestly a little grossed out! But once starting my eyes watered a little, but only for a second. It reminds me of doing a somersault underwater at the pool, how the water goes up your nose a little bit. But like I said this is probably the best $15.00 I have ever spent for my sinus issues. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend it to anyone questioning it!! Review by Sinus Sufferer! / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Thank you Dr Mehta
Since I was a kid, I have suffered from difficulties to breath right, even having a complete shortage of air for weeks, no smell sense, etc, using artificial descongentants on a daily bases. Well this is my second irrigation, and I've improved 90%. The only objection is the material is plastic which I reject by instinct, but it is simple and effective. Also the information provided on how our sinus are built and work made it easy understand why and how to relieve my symptoms. Review by A Cardoso / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
This thing is amazing
I'm very skeptical of all the supposed 'miracle' cures that are available. This is the real deal. I have had the worst sinus infections of my life this winter, been on antibiotics, and over the counter sinus/cold medicine hasn't even touched it. I was so miserable yesterday that I had to try something different. I was at my wit's end and bought this somewhat out of desperation. This product offered me almost immediate relief, and vastly exceeded my expectations. I was a little intimidated at the idea of water going in and out of my nose, but it was surprisingly painless. The first second or two reminded me of getting a bit of water in my nose when swimming, after that, it wasn't noticable. If you are reading this wondering whether or not it really works, and condsidering buying it, I highly recommend it. I'm about as skeptical as they come, and was amazed at the results. Review by I Sound Like an Infomercial / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Great Product
Purchased 4 of these Neti Pots. One for my husband, my daughter, and two of my clients (I"m a Personal Trainer). Everyone found them easy to use especially with the salt packets included. Everyone happy with the results! Review by Personal Trainer / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Sinus relief at last!
I love this product. I felt relief from nasal congestion and sinus discomfort on the first use. It comes with a card of instructions to make first time use less intimidating. It also comes with 50 packets of saline rinse so there is no need to measure or guess how much you need. It is easy to clean and the shape of the pot works well for me. I love this product so much I bought another one for my Dad. Review by E. Nielsen / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
easy flow
I am very satisfied with the nasa flo that i purchased. It is easy to use and has given me immense relief from sinus headaches, I would get them three days before a weather change or a bad allergy day and they would last until the weather would change. I tried the salt water sprays before but they were never successful because i couldn't get them to spray correctly. Thank you for the magic "little tea pot"" Review by R.Goral / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Finally, RELIEF!
I have chronis problems with nasal congestion from allergies to almost everything. I have beed prescribed at least 4 different allergy medications and numerous over-the-counter drops and pills and nothing has helped. I bought a masaflo pot and was happy from the first day. I have gotten instant relief over and over again. I use it 1 or 2 times a day on bad days and it opens my nasal passages so I don't feel like I am struggling to breathe. I have told my family and friends about it and they have found great relief also. Thank you for a great product. Review by A life-long allergy sufferer / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Great !
Both my husband and I have allergies and post nasal drip and are tired of taking daily allergy medicine. We thought we would give the neti pot a try. After all if it works for Dr. Oz and was successful on Oprah.... We have both seen an improvement in our breathing, drip, etc. and like our purchase! Review by allergy sufferers / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Works Wonderful!
We suffer from sinus allergys and this really works. We use this every day. It's simple to use and the gentle flow feels great in the sinus cavity. Review by Mark and Debbie, allergy sufferers / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Excellent Product
I have always wanted a gravity nasal flo and now i have one and it works excellently. Review by Michael Mayville / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
To Breathe Again
As a life long sinus sufferer, my nose is constantly congested and it seems I always have post nasal drip. My doctor recommended rinsing my nose 1-2 times a day for some relief. This product not only gives me relief but is easy to use. The neti pot that comes with the rinse is wonderful. My nasal passages are clearer and the post nasal drip has stopped. The best thing, it is a natural way for sinus sufferers to have some relief. Review by Gisele Dorsey / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
greatly improved allergies
I recently bought a NASAFLO for my boyfriend, a sufferer of severe allergies. Prior to using this product he would sneeze atleast 30 times a day and had to deal with runny nose and eyes. Since using this product his allergies have greatly improved, I rarely hear him sneeze or blow his nose and he has said his quality of life has drastically improved. Review by Ashley Lauren / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Ms S
Instant relief!!! Review by longtime sinus sufferer / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
I can breath again
I am an allergy sufferer and have used every kind of medicine that has been made for sinus problems.I live in the south where we have so much pollen year round.I notice a huge difference in the first rinse that I did. I won't ever go without my NasaFlo. It is wonderful. Review by Monica Fowler / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
1st. time user
I love this, I've seen it used on TV. My mother-in-law gave me one. I just used it when nothing else was working. I haven't slept because of horrible congestion for 2 days and this product was like a miracle, I could breathe and sleep finally. I'm a loyal user now. Review by SC / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Easy breathing in West Texas
I decided to try the product basicly because I've tried everything else. I can't believe that I can actually breath easy for the 1st time in over 30 years. I live in West Texas (out in the country) and with all the dust, constant sinus infections were just a way of life. Thanks to this product I haven't had a sinus infection since I began using it 5 months ago!! Review by Cyndi Luckie / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

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