Newtron Contractor's Choice Air Filters

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Newtron Contractor's Choice Air Filters

Permatron Filters are Made in the USANewtron Contractor's Choice Permanent Air filters are an effective solution for lower energy costs and better air circulation throughout your home. Simply install these affordable air filters for more even temperatures throughout your home, with faster heating and cooling. In addition, air filters will ensure longer life for your heating and cooling system while trapping particle pollution that can dirty up your indoor air and harm the HVAC blower. Newtron Contractor's Choice Air Filters are manufactured in the United States. Custom sizes are available. Please call 1-800-339-7123 for prices on custom sizes.

*Please note that only 2" filters come with a steel frame. All sizes nominal. For exact dimensions, call for custom sizing.

Product Features

  • Lowest air flow resistance, comparable to fiberglass air filters
  • Safe electrostatic air cleaning that effectively traps and retains particle pollution
  • The electrostatic properties never fade over the life of the filter
  • High dust-holding capacity
  • Non-absorbent filter media means changes in humidity levels won't effect filtration
  • Superb air filtration with five stage construction and magnetic attraction to trap airborne particles
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Washable and clean easily (allow to air dry but keep out of direct sunlight)
  • 10 year warranty

*Please note, do not use Permatron Contractor's Choice or Original HVAC filters with any sort of UV light. UV light will deteriorate the integrity of the filter media. We've tested this and saw deterioration within days of use.

Cleaning & Care Instructions

Clean approximately every three months. For best results, first vacuum off any heavy particulate that may be snagged in the mesh. Next, rinse both sides of the filter with clean water. You can use a mild detergent/soap if necessary. Once rinsed clean, allow the filter to completely dry before reinstalling into your system. Do not dry in sunlight (UV causes the filter media to deteriorate).

Product Reviews & Questions

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  L T
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Kaplan,la

I purchased 2 newtron filters 15 years ago.They work great. I clean them every 2-3 months and they still look new. I use to suffer with bad allergies until my a/c repair guy told me about these filters.Saved a lot of money,buy these filters
  Newtron Filters
Reviewed by: June Hedge from Hendersonville, TN

I received the 3 filters that I purchased and they are great. I installed them right away. My last home I had built in 1976 and got the Newton filter early 1980's, when I sold the house, the filter was still performing great. I have no idea at how much money I saved during that time. The quality of the new filters is even better than the old. I expect I will receive many years of service from them. Thanks for providing a superior product, and great service.
  Great filter
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Philadelphia, PA

This is my second Newtron filter, the first one lasted 31 years, and would probably still work but I power washed it and left it out in the sun.

Customer Q & A

Q1: What is the MERV rating for the Newtron filters
A: App. 6-8 MERV. Permatron filters have never followed the MERV rating system since their filters are a bit different than the traditional paper-style HVAC filters. So the 6-8 rating is a good estimate based on their filtration test results. Hope that helps!

Q2: What are all the materials used in making this filter, for instance is there polyester or polypropylene in them?

A: Here is a bit more info on the material composition. Design Patent #4115082 The patented acrylic/nylon rod assembly is the proprietary technology that contributes to Newtron's unique air cleaning achievements. The rods help create an intensified magnetic field that attract and hold airborne particles. There is a patented polyurethane foam, acrylic collecting rods, polypropylene screens, and some vinyl.

Q3: At what point should the filters be replaced? I have 3 and they look brand new. Should they be cleaned every year? Thank you, Vicki

A: Typically you won't need to replace these for several years. Ten years is the warranty period, but many people get many years more out of their filters. If you notice any holes or dust settling on the other side of the filter, you should replace them. You should clean them about every 3-4 months, but this will vary some depending on conditions in the home. Simple rinse them with a hose or under a faucet and allow them to completely air dry before reinstalling.

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Permatron Newtron Air Filter Reviews

Newtron Permanent Air Filters

As relatively new homeowners, we were concerned about expenses, and we tried our best to watch every penny. That is the main reason why we liked the Newtron Permanent Air Filters. Another reason was one of our filters is an odd size and the local hardware store did not stock a suitable replacement filter. So we were able to custom order a Newtron Permanent Air filter.

Shipping was relatively quick, and we installed them in place of the old, and very filthy, filters that were in each unit. It was winter when we first installed, so the units did not run that frequently. Due to this fact, we did not notice that much accumulation on the filters even though we monitored them monthly.

Once it warmed up, and we switched over to using the air conditioners we noticed the filters "loading" up nicely. When it was time to clean them out, we simply took them out of the units and rinsed them with a garden hose. We left them outside to dry for about 3 hours and then put them back in so they could go back to work.

What I like about Newtron Permanent Air Filters
  • Very cost effective over the long haul, making them ideal for homeowners
  • Long, ten year warranty
  • Can be custom ordered to any size imaginable
  • Provides excellent filtration
  • Easily washed
  • Made in the USA
What I do not like about the Newtron Permanent Air Filters
  • Because of the dense nature of the filter material, it will take some time to properly rinse and air dry the filters
  • Not as convenient as disposable filters
In summary, Newtron is the market leader in non disposable HVAC filtration. They pay particular attention to the load that their filters put on HVAC units, and they insure that the system will not overwork due to strain caused by the filter. We have seen a noticeable reduction in dust since converting to the Newtron Permanent Air Filter, and we really like that we do not have to purchase expensive filters (particularly for odd sizes) that require frequent replacing. If you have access to a hose and want to save money while cleaning the air in your home, this is an excellent whole house filtration solution.

Warranty Information

10 Year Warranty

Contact Permatron to obtain an RA, return old filter with copy of original receipt, description of product failure and payment of $19.95 (to cover processing and handling).

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Newtron 12" x 12" x 1" (Item#: NWCC01) $85.00
Newtron 12" x 12" x 2" (Item#: NWCC02) $105.00
Newtron 12" x 20" x 1" (Item#: NWCC03) $75.00
Newtron 12" x 24" x1" (Item#: NWCC04 ) $65.00
Newtron 12" x 24" x 2" (Item#: NWCC05) $105.00
Newtron 14" x 14"x1" (Item#: NWCC07) $65.00
Newtron 14" x 14"x2" (Item#: NWCC08) $105.00
Newtron 14" x 20"x1" (Item#: NWCC09) $65.00
Newtron 14" x 20"x2" (Item#: NWCC10 STOCK) $105.00
Newtron 14" x 24"x1" (Item#: NWCC11) $65.00
Newtron 14" x 24"x2" (Item#: NWCC12) $105.00
Newtron 14" x 25"x1" (Item#: NWCC13) $65.00
Newtron 14" x 25"x2" (Item#: NWCC14) $105.00
Newtron 14" x 30"x1" (Item#: NWCC15) $65.00
Newtron 14" x 30"x2" (Item#: NWCC16) $105.00
Newtron 16" x 20"x1" (Item#: NWCC17) $65.00
Newtron 16" x 20"x2" (Item#: NWCC18 STOCK) $105.00
Newtron 16" x 25"x1" (Item#: NWCC19) $65.00
Newtron 16" x 25"x2" (Item#: NWCC20) $105.00
Newtron 18" x 24"x1" (Item#: NWCC22) $65.00
Newtron 18" x 24"x2" (Item#: NWCC23) $105.00
Newtron 20" x 20"x1" (Item#: NWCC24) $65.00
Newtron 20" x 20"x2" (Item#: NWCC25) $105.00
Newtron 20" x 25"x1" (Item#: NWCC26) $65.00
Newtron 20" x 25"x2" (Item#: NWCC27) $119.00
Newtron 20" x 30"x1" (Item#: NWCC28) $65.00
Newtron 20" x 30"x2" (Item#: NWCC29) $105.00
Newtron 24" x 24"x1" (Item#: NWCC31) $65.00
Newtron 24" x 24" x2" (Item#: NWCC32) $105.00

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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