Newtron Original Air Filters

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Newtron Original 14" x 25" x 1"


Newtron Original Air Filters

Permatron Filters are Made in the USAInstalling Newtron Original Permanent Air Filters will not only help you lower energy costs, but will also help you improve general air quality inside your home. Use Newtron air filters to achieve better air circulation, more even temperatures throughout the home, faster heating and cooling, and longer life for your heating and cooling system. Newtron Original Permanent Air Filters are manufactured in the U.S.

In addition, Newtron Original air filters offer superior air filtration, removing approximately 96.3% of particles smaller than 80 microns, helping you to breathe cleaner air. Their electrostatic filtration traps allergens like pollen, mold spores, and dust, while capturing larger particle pollution that can wreak havoc on HVAC blowers and motors. Custom sizes are available, so please call 1-800-339-7123 to order.

*Please note that only 2" filters come with a steel frame.

Product Features

  • Low air flow resistance, comparable to fiberglass air filters
  • Removes 96% of the impurities in your indoor air.
  • Standard sizes fit most most heating and cooling systems. Custom sizes available.
  • Safe electrostatic air cleaning
  • Internal Rod System increases efficiency and durability
  • High dust-holding capacity
  • Superb air filtration with five stage construction and magnetic attraction to trap airborne particles
  • Washable
  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • Lifetime repair or replace warranty

*Please note do not use Permatron Contractor's Choice or Original HVAC filters with any sort of UV light. UV light will deteriorate the integrity of the filter media. We've tested this and saw deterioration within days of use.

Cleaning & Care Instructions

Clean approximately every three months. For best results, first vacuum off any heavy particulate that may be snagged in the mesh. Next, rinse both sides of the filter with clean water. You can use a mild detergent/soap if necessary. Once rinsed clean, allow the filter to completely dry before reinstalling into your system. Do not dry in sunlight (UV causes the filter media to deteriorate).

Product Reviews & Questions

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  Clean Air, But Too Little Of It
Reviewed by: Dan from Connecticut River Vally

I've had this filter installed for years and it does do a good job cleaning but it restricts the air flow so much that during prolonged periods of 90°+ temperatures I take it out and put a fiberglass one in.
  Newtron Filter Original
Reviewed by: Dust Free from TN

Excellent product. Expect it to last 20 years.
  Great Filter
Reviewed by: Michael from OKC

I don't like that the smaller filters are the same price as the bigger ones but you can't beat the quality and convenience of these filters. No need to go buy news ones each month.

Customer Q & A

Q1: I have Newtron air filters. I don't see any arrows indicating if a certain side should be facing the furnace. Does it matter which side faces the furnace?

A: Putting it in, incorrectly, isn't the end of the world, however, do you see a side that has wire tie/zip tie on it? This acts as a handle for certain installations, and also happens to be the side where air enters the filter. So if it has a zip tie but no arrows on the sticker, air flows in the zip tie side and out the other.

Q2: if the UV lamp is install down stream 10' will it still affect the filter?

A: Ten feet should be fine but the distance UV travels will vary, depending on the bulb. With many lamps, the maximum effective distance is only a 2-3 feet, but you check with the manufacturer of the bulb you purchased to be certain. Hope that helps!


A: Provided there are no holes in it or signs of wear from exposure to UV usually UV deterioration is very evident, then keep rinsing/washing it as you have been, and it should last you the life of your HVAC or longer! Most people only replace the originals when they replace the HVAC, and happen to need a different size filter, or if they notice an increase of dust in the ducts or registers. Other than these or a hole/damage to the filter, you shouldn't have to replace it. Hope that helps!

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Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty

Contact Permatron to obtain an RA, return old filter with copy of original receipt, description of product failure and payment of $19.95 (to cover processing and handling).

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Newtron Original 14" x 25" x 1" (Item#: NWOR13 STOCK) (Discontinued)

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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