Organic Cotton Vogmask

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Organic Vanilla
Item#: VG0006
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Buy Vogmask Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton Vogmasks

Organic Vog Mask PackagingFinding the right mask for those dealing with particles allergies and MCS can be difficult. Often the materials in the mask itself can cause problems for very sensitive individuals, but with the Organic Cotton Vogmask, you can remove large particles allergens, comfortably and without worry of reactions to the mask itself. This lightweight, 2-ply mask is made from certified organic cotton and features latex-free, spandex elastic. Patterns and colors are printed on the mask using vegetable-based dyes, free of the harsh chemicals found in traditional dyes and coloring.

Breathable and comfortable to wear, organic cotton Vogmasks fold of neatly and fit into your pocket or purse. They can also be hand washed to remove dirt and debris that has been filtered by the mask. These reusable organic masks are an easy way to filter harmful particles in the air without the use of synthetic materials that commonly irritate those with sensitive skin or multiple chemical sensitivity.

Organic Cotton Vog Mask Features

  • Constructed from tightly woven, certified organic cotton
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Patterns printed with non-toxic vegetable ink
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Organic Vogmasks are hand washable
  • Inexpensive, to fit any budget
  • Latex-free, Spandex elastic straps and embedded aluminum nose piece for snug fit

Product Reviews & Questions

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  Better than disposable
Reviewed by: Suzannah from NC and SC

I have used the thick, disposable double-rubberband bound masks for years but they don't last a season. And they don't keep out as much dust as the Vogmask. Vogmask's over the ears fit is more comfortable and my hair doesn't get entangled. Nor is there the risk of popping a rubber band while putting on or taking off. Very happy with this. It washed well and was very absorbent of sweat and fit perfectly when dry. Noseband adjusts to a good fit. Plan to buy two more to have one always clean and dry and one in the truck. Very happy with this. Take it from someone who keeps a constant supply of masks, nasal saline, decongestants, tissues, visine and chromolyn sodium handy year round.
  Too small
Reviewed by: Not satisfied from Milwaukee, WI

I'm not fond of "one size fits all" objects. I'm a petite woman and usually such products are way too big for me. This mask, however, is too small. If you're a very small woman or a kid it will fit perfectly. If not, keep looking. It's also very hot and doesn't filter out allergens well.

Customer Q & A

Q1: I had a double lung transplant 5 months ago. My immune system has been severely reduced to avoid organ rejection. So germs and bacteria and illnesses I can't handle. One infection or virus or other could land me in the hospital or worse. Do you have a mask that will provide my needed protection?

A: The best you're going to find is likely a HEPA rated mask. I would consider the 3M 8233 or 8293 mask. They're both HEPA rated but less expensive and not as bulky as the 6291 3M mask/respirator. But any of these three will remove 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger, and that includes bacteria and viruses. Their P100 rating surpasses the CDC recommended N95 rating for helping to prevent the spread of viruses. For reference, N95 is the removal of 95% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. The 3M 8233 or 8293 are reusable and have straps to get a nice snug fit. Hope that helps!

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Organic Cotton Vogmask Reviews

Organic Cotton Vogmask

Since their introduction just a few years ago, the Vogmask line of face masks has grown dramatically. One look and it's not hard to see why. Vogmask has taken the filtration that many people need and wedded it to the designs and styles that people want. This point might seem like a trivial one to many, but for those who rely on allergy masks to help clear the air they breathe, having options in terms of style, patterns and color is no small thing. With the Organic Cotton Vogmasks, the approach is the same, but instead of a microfiber filter, these masks rely solely on certified organic cotton. With the most sensitive people in mind, these masks provide large particle filtration without the use of the chemicals and substances that can cause problems for those with MCS or sensitive skin. How does the organic cotton Vogmask compare to other organic cotton masks or other Vogmasks? Here's what we find.

What I like about the Organic Cotton Vogmask

Unlike other Vogmasks, or the majority of face masks for that matter, the organic cotton Vogmask is composed only three materials. There is no microfiber polyester, rubber or plastic. The body is constructed of two layers of certified organic cotton. These layers of tightly woven cotton forms the filtration barrier of the mask. Inside the trim and the ear loops is latex-free spandex to provide elasticity and a snug fit, and around the nose a small, flexible piece of aluminum is sewn in to make up the nosepiece. So, with this organic cotton mask, there are more inert, and fewer overall, components to provide filtration, without the reactions.

While there is just a plain white color, Vogmask Vanilla, there is also a print version. The ink used with the Vogmask Batik is non-toxic vegetable ink. So while it will fade some with washing, it lacks the chemical additives that are found in common, textile dyes.

In terms of filtration, the 2-ply organic cotton does well with larger particles. Particulate that cannot be seen with the naked eye, like pollen and fine dust, as well as all visible particles can be filtered out with the organic Vogmask.

Like other Vogmasks, the organic cotton masks are lightweight and can be easily folded up and carried in your pocket or purse. They are also soft on the face and with only two layers of tightly knit cotton, very breathable.

These organic Vogmasks are hand washable. Unlike the microfiber Vogmasks, they fare a bit better with washing, particularly since immersion in water can affect the filtration efficiency of the microfiber Vogmasks, and the organic cotton lacks this issue. After a few washings, you may notice the silk screen pattern fading a bit, but the filtration is not affected.

What I did not like about the Organic Cotton Vogmask

There are two drawbacks with the organic cotton Vogmask. First, the filtration is not as robust as other masks. This, though, is largely unavoidable if you remove the most common filter media - layered polypropylene. When relying strictly on tightly woven organic cotton versus synthetic materials, the particles you can effectively trap decreases. This drawback is a universal one when it comes to organic cotton face masks. The second drawback is the lack of carbon and odor/smoke/chemical filtration. If nuisance levels of these pollutants are a problem, there are a variety of masks designed to trap these, and if the problem is more severe you are most likely going to have to go with an industrial-style 3M respirator.

There are variety of people for which the Organic Cotton Vogmask is a good fit - mild to moderate allergy sufferers, those coping with MCS or with sensitive skin, anyone wanting to filter large particles or simply wanting to support a more environmentally friendly product, and people looking for an inexpensive, reusable dust mask. If any of these are things you want or need, these Organic Cotton Vogmasks are going to be an excellent fit.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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Organic Vanilla (Item#: VG0006) $19.99

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