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PARI Ducky Mask Age 1+ - Baby Whirl

  • Item #: PR0013

PARI Ducky Mask Age 1+ - Baby Whirl

Getting a small child to take a breathing treatment can be a tricky task for a parent. While there is little that changes this, there are a few things that can help take the "clinical" feel out of experience. The yellow Baby Whirl Duckling Mask best fits toddlers ages one to two years. This mask not only helps children get their medicine, but it also makes the treatment more fun!

*Please note that this face mask should only be used with the PARI Vortex non-electrostatic valved holding chamber. The Vortex face mask should not be used with any other PARI products since this could cause improper treatment or be a suffocation hazard.

Pari Holding Chamber Mask Reviews

Vortex Child Face Masks

These child face masks for use with the PARI Vortex help effectively administer an aerosol breathing treatment without the hospital feel. Though it can sometimes be a struggle, the mask attempts to appear more like a toy to soothe toddlers. After using these masks with my younger sister, this is what I found.

What I like about the PARI Masks
  • The masks are soft to the touch and help effectively administer breathing treatments and aerosolized medications
  • Clean up was simple - I rinse them in hot water to get several uses out of them before replacement
  • It seals well around the face to help ensure the child receives as much of the medication as possible.
What I do not like about the PARI Masks
  • Limited to use only with the PARI Vortex
For what they do, these masks are a great addition for when you have to give a small child an inhaler or breathing treatment. They're soft, have a fun feel to them and help take some of the sting out of asthma treatments. And most importantly, the shape and style helps effectively deliver medication with little waste.

Product Questions

Do mask like this one (duck) and the orange ladybug and frog fit other spacers like the Philips or will it fit only the Vortex?

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