Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners
Air conditioners are a perfect way to keep summer heat under control. Not only can portable air conditioners keep your home comfortable but they also reduce humidity levels that are often high during the humid summer months. Keeping your temperature and indoor humidity levels low is a very basic but effective way to control allergies and asthma. Some homes and apartments are not equipped with central air conditioner and at times, cost can be prohibitive. Because installing a portable air conditioner is easy, they are ideal alternatives for these situations.

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Portable Air Conditioners
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Friedrich Kuhl Portable Air Conditioner Friedrich P09B Portable Air Conditioner Friedrich P12B Portable Air Conditioner
Friedrich Kuhl Window Unit
Digital Controls, 9,500 BTU
Friedrich P09B
9,000 BTU
Friedrich P12B
12,000 BTU
Friedrich Portable Air Conditioners Compare Friedrich Portable Air Conditioners
Haier CPRB08XCJ Portable Air Conditioner Haier CPN10XCJ Portable Air Conditioner Haier CPN12XC9 Portable Air Conditioner Haier CPN14XC9 Portable Air Conditioner
Digital, 8,000 BTU
Haier CPN10XCJ
Digital, 10,000 BTU
Haier CPN12XC9
Digital, 12,000 BTU
Haier CPN14XC9
Digital, 14,000 BTU
Haier Portable Air Conditioners Compare Haier Portable Air Conditioners
Sunpentown WA1010M Portable Air Conditioner Sunpentown WA1010E Portable Air Conditioner Sunpentown WA1220M Portable Air Conditioner
Sunpentown WA-1010M
Manual Controls, 10,000 BTU
Sunpentown WA-1010E
Digital Controls, 10,000 BTU
Sunpentown WA-1220M
Manual Controls, 12,000 BTU
Sunpentown WA1230E Portable Air Conditioner Sunpentown Wa1340DE Portable Air Conditioner
Sunpentown WA-1230E
Digital Controls, 12,000 BTU
Sunpentown WA-1340DE
Digital Controls, 13,000 BTU
Sunpentown Portable Air Conditioners Compare Sunpentown Portable Air Conditioners
Delonghi PACW130E Portable Air Conditioner Delonghi PACA120E Portable Air Conditioner Delonghi PACT110P Portable Air Conditioner
DeLonghi PAC-W130E
Digital Controls, 13,000 BTU
DeLonghi PAC-A120E
Digital Controls, 12,000 BTU
DeLonghi PAC-T110P
Digital Controls, 10,000 BTU
DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioners Compare DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioners
Royal Sovereign ARP-1400WW Portable Air Conditioner Royal Sovereign ARP-2412 Portable Air Conditioner
Royal Sovereign ARP-1400WW
13,500 BTU
Royal Sovereign ARP-2412
12,000 BTU
Royal Sovereign Portable Air Conditioners Compare Royal Sovereign Portable Air Conditioners
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BTU explaination for portable air conditioners While portable air conditioners vary by price, options and even functionality, there are some common characteristics you should consider before purchasing. See our article, 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Air Conditioner. As with any purchase, price is commonly the most pressing concern. Undoubtedly, price is important, but so is purchasing a unit that will provide you with cooling relief for years to come. Aside from price the primary factor you should consider when trying to decide on which unit to buy is the BTU output. A BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is a unit used to measure energy. This is a common term used to describe how much heat or cool energy an appliance will generate. As with BTU's in heating, the the higher BTU's in a portable air conditioner, the more cool air it can generate in any given time period. When you know the size of the room you can then more easily determine what BTU portable air conditioner will best meet your needs.

Another important factor to consider is what the units actually provide. Some portable air conditioners double as dehumidifiers or have a dehumidifier only function. This is a logical step considering the technology that powers an air conditioner is identical to that which powers a dehumidifier, with only one noticeable difference. Dehumidifiers allow the air to be reheated before it is pushed back out into the room simply because warmer air can trap more moisture and thus ultimately increase the amount of moisture you are able to remove from any space. Air conditioners also remove moisture from the air but with slightly less efficiency. Some units also come equipped with heating elements. In most instances these units are not as efficient as air conditioner or air conditioner/dehumidifier units only, and generally we do not advise purchasing a portable air conditioner and expect it to function as efficiently as an all in one model.

Ducting Portable Air ConditionersHose type is one of the last determining factors. There are single and dual hose portable air conditioners. Dual hose portable air conditioners have two separate air intakes and one outtake hose. From one intake air is pulled from inside the room, cooled then expelled back into the room. The process to cool the air and power the fan, creates heat. To remedy this generated heat, a hose pulls air from outside the room or home into the unit to specifically cool the compressor. The second hose expels all warm air from the unit. This differs from single hose units in that a single hose portable air conditioner pulls air in only from inside the room. Once it is cooled, some of this cooled air is then forced over the compressor to cool it. From here, the air is expelled though the outtake hose.

The problem with a single hose method is that ultimately you are removing air from inside the room. This creates a negative air pressure and air from cracks under doors, around windows and other places will enter the room to rebalance the air pressure. This means warmer outside air is indirectly being pulled back into the room or home. While dual hose units are ideal, they are not always the best option depending on your particular situation. And in general, dual hose units tend to be more expensive.

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