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$89.99 - $135.99

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PrimaLoft Alternative Down Mattress Pad

A down mattress pad can be one of the most comfortable to sleep on, but for people with allergies, it can cause many sleepless nights. Even for people who aren't dealing with asthma or allergies, cheap down mattress pads often have more feathers than down, and the quills can prick and poke you all through the night. Primaloft solves both of these problems with their down alternative mattress pad. Primaloft's unique fill replicates the dreamy softness and warmth of down, without the allergens. Each Primaloft mattress topper is fully quilted to eliminate shifting and has elastic along the side, so it stays snug and secure on your mattress all night long.

Primaloft Mattress Topper Product Features

  • Shell made from 230 thread count, 100% cotton with down-like 85% polyester/ 15% acetate fill
  • 16" drop length
  • Primaloft polyester fibers are 1/10th the width of a human hair, mimicking a down cluster
  • Repels moisture
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Elastic band around bottom ensures snug fit over mattress
  • 16" drop length (sides)
  • Sizes:
    • Twin - 39" x 75"
    • Queen - 60" x 80"
    • King - 78" x 80"

Customer Reviews and Questions

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Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from New York

The padding is not as firm as I wanted, but still good.I bought it because I sleep on a futon that was a bit too hard and I am allergic to dust mites that are difficult to control on a futon. I sleep much better now. I haven't washed the pad yet, so can't say anything about durability.
  A nice addition
Reviewed by: Caroline from Dempsey

This mattress pad has been a nice addition to the rest of my bedding. I love the feel of down, but simply cannot sleep on it unless I want to wake up stuffy, itchy or with swollen eyes each morning. I do wish it was a bit thicker since I prefer very soft beds with little support, but all in all, it was a great buy!
  Sleep on a cloud
Reviewed by: ward bradeen from orlando, florida

fits the new mattress great and realy makes sleeping at night easy and restfull

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PrimaLoft Alternative Down Mattress Pads Reviews

PrimaLoft Mattress Pad

The Primaloft mattress pad adds just a little extra cushion to your bed. It is great for allergy sufferers who like down mattress pads, but are allergic to the down or feathers. Plus, it conveniently has elastic that fits around the entire mattress so the pad will stay securely on your bed.

I had a traditional down mattress pad that was 3" thick, and I really enjoyed the extra cushion considering my mattress was rather firm. Although I liked it, I had a few problems with this traditional down mattress topper. First, it is not machine washable. Granted, for most people, spills aren't too big of an issue, but all it takes is one cup of coffee in bed, and next thing you know, you're off to the dry cleaners with your down mattress pad.

Secondly, I ended up putting two fitted sheets over the mattress and mattress topper. When my wife and I slept with just one fitted sheet between us and the pad, feathers would actually prick and poke us. To my surprise, the addition of a second fitted sheet solved the feather problem but actually firmed the pad up since it had a second piece of fabric stretched rather tightly across it. I wouldn't have thought the second fitted sheet would actually make the mattress pad feel more firm, but it did.

Lastly, the mattress pad I had purchased always wanted to "float" on the bed, so I was constantly adjusting it so it laid squarely on the mattress. After several years, I showed my down mattress topper the door and tried a queen size Primaloft mattress pad, and overall, I have been very happy with the switch.

What I like about the PrimaLoft Mattress Pad

  • Hypoallergenic alternative to down mattress toppers
  • Adds a little extra cushion to your mattress - just as soft as traditional down
  • No feathers or quills to poke or prick while you sleep
  • Machine wash and dry - no dry cleaning required
  • With a built-in elastic band, it stays securely on mattress and doesn't "float"
  • Plenty of drop - meaning the sides are long enough to fit even very thick mattresses
What I do not like about the PrimaLoft Mattress Pad
  • It is not as thick as others currently available
In summary, the PrimaLoft mattress pad is a great addition to a mattress that needs a little extra cushion. The cushioning feels as soft, if not more so, than traditional down mattress pads, and the PrimaLoft mattress pads are very easy to care for. While the Primaloft topper may not be as thick as others you find on the market, overall PrimaLoft mattress pads are a great alternative.

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Twin (Item#: PR03TW) $89.99
Queen (Item#: PR03QN) $114.99
King (Item#: PR03KG) $135.99

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