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PrimaLoft Down Alternative Pillows

A down pillow is arguably one of the most comfortable pillows that you can ever sleep on, but cheap down often has feathers that can poke you while you sleep or worse, allergens that can keep you up sneezing, wheezing or coughing. But with the Primaloft down alternative pillow, you can enjoy the comfort of down without the allergens and feathers. Using a specially developed synthetic fill, Primaloft pillows are soft, luxurious and are sure offer a great night's sleep, and unlike traditional down, these synthetic down pillows can be washed and dried at home - no dry cleaning necessary! Perfect for anyone who deals with allergies or asthma or those who simply want a better pillow, Primaloft pillows offer a better way to sleep and a better night's rest.

Primaloft Pillow Product Features

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very soft - ideal for back and even stomach sleepers.
  • Machine washable, retains loft
  • Water resistant
  • No poking feathers
  • 230-thread count, cambric cotton with piping
  • Dimensions: Standard 20" x 26", Queen 20" x 30", King 20" x 36"

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Customer Reviews and Questions

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  love this pillow
Reviewed by: Jessica P. from New Salisbury, In

I am very picky about pillows. We have bought a lot of them and normally they are too high or hard and my necks hurts the next day. This pillow is soft and comfortable. I highly recommend it!
Reviewed by: Catherine from West Palm Beach, FL

This is the first time I can't wait to put my head on a pillow. I'm small size 4 and always fought the pillows. Now, I'm down on a cloud. Not too soft - not hard. Perfect! Usually they've been too high - even though they've been soft. This time they got it right.
  Not for me
Reviewed by: Seeking a good pillow from DC

Sadly, this pillow didn't live up to the reviews. It's nice and soft, true, but as soon as I out my head on it, it goes flat under my head,but puffs up on either side and blocks my nose. Can't use it at all.

Customer Q & A

Q1: I have purchased the allergy armor pillows before, but after a couple years, the insides all clumped up and we had to throw them out. What hypoallergenic pillow from this website is best in terms of both its hypoallergenic quality, and quality of the fill that will not degrade after a few years?

A: Ogallala is the by far the best and they guarantee their pillows for ten years to back it up. I will say, having used and tried all of these pillows, there are two more things of note. First, the fill, in terms of quality. They rank from Ogallala to Primaloft to Allergy Armor. The lifespan of the AA is 2-5 years, and the range is solely due to how often you wash it. The more frequent, the sooner the fill clumps. Primaloft will likely get more in the range of 3-6, however, with this pillow, you have no allergen protection. By virtue of putting a pillow cover over it, you'll do two things. First, you'll block dust mite and other allergens. Second, you'll actually decrease the frequency at which you'll need to wash this pillow. With the cover blocking the allergens and acting as a second barrier that would absorb things like sweat or body oils, your pillow itself isn't getting as dirty. Last thing, when you throw the primaloft or AA in a regular dryer, toss a couple tennis balls in there. The bouncing around will make a racket but it will help keep the fill from clumping. Oh, and as far as washing an Ogallala, it is best to get simply let it sit in the sunlight for a couple hours to refresh it, and when it really needs to be cleaned, have it professionally done. Hope that helps!

Q2: Which one of your pillows would work good with someone that sleeps on her stomach, and like the pillow soft. Thank You, Marianne

A: Yes! Primaloft pillows work best for these types of sleepers.

Q3: What is the fill count on this pillow? I often see Primaloft pillows listed with this information and i would like to compare density. Thank you!

A: The fill in each pillow size we offer is measure in ounces. For standard primaloft pillows the fill is 20 oz. Queen pillows have 24 oz of fill while Primaloft King pillows have 30 oz of fill.

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PrimaLoft Pillows

PrimaLoft Down Alternative Pillows

Down pillows are some of the most comfortable and luxurious pillows available, but in addition to a soft feel, many down pillows also bring allergens to bed with you. Inexpensive down pillows often have more feathers, and less down, which can prick and poke through the cover. Primaloft down alternative pillows address both of these problems. By using a specially designed, allergen-free fill, Primaloft pillows offer the soft comfort of a down pillow without the allergens or feathers. After a week of use, here's how the Primaloft pillow fared.

What I like about PrimaLoft Pillows
  • Very Soft - Compared to a traditional down pillow, the Primaloft is very similar. They are plush, super soft and very comfortable.
  • Allergen & Feather Free - I have used a variety of down bedding in the past, and while it soft and warm, it's often expensive. Worse yet, cheaper down pillows use feathers, in place of true down, for fill. The feathers not only increase the overall allergens in the pillow but they poke and prick you. In the past, I've resorted to using two pillow cases to keep them from poking me while I sleep. With the Primaloft pillow you don't have to deal with either of these things. There is no down to cause sneezing, wheezing or coughing. There are no feathers, just soft, comfortable fill.
  • Machine Wash & Dry - Paying to dry clean expensive down pillows is just more money being flushed down the drain. Not only does it get expensive, but dry cleaning often employs a variety of chemicals and cleaners that can aggravate sensitive skin or those with dermatitis. With these down alternative pillows, you can simply throw them in the washer, set the water temperature to high (to kill dust mites) and use your favorite detergent. Toss them in the dryer, and you're done! No expensive dry cleaning or chemical residues to worry about.
  • Good For Most Sleeping Positions - For stomach and back sleepers, these pillows are some of the best. They are soft enough to allow you to sink in but firm enough to offer just the right amount of support for these sleeping positions.
What I did not like about PrimaLoft Pillows
  • Side Sleepers - For side sleepers, you may find that you have to fold the pillow in half to get the support you need. If you like or want a very firm pillow, the Primaloft might not be the best fit for you.
There's very little not to like about this pillow. Other than it being a very soft pillow, most people will find it to be a welcome replacement to any down pillow. Not only does it lack the allergens and feathers associated with down, but when it comes to other synthetic fill pillows, the Primaloft is far softer and more luxurious. As one of the most popular pillows available, treat yourself to an allergy-free and extremely comfortable night's sleep!

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Standard (Item#: PR02ST) $30.99
Queen (Item#: PR02QN) $34.99
King (Item#: PR02KG) $39.99

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