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(See Dehumidification: The Allergy Sufferer's Secret Weapon to find the answers.)

  1. What compound is found in the cell wall of mold and the exoskeleton of dust mites and shellfish?
    A. chitin
    B. spryton
    C. lecithin
    D. lactose
  2. At a dew point, what is the relative humidity?
    A. 0%
    B. 20%
    C. 50%
    D. 100%
  3. "Humidity gauge" is synonymous with which of the following terms?
    A. exhaust manifold
    B. flux capacitor
    C. hygrometer
    D. sphygmomanometer
  4. To curb the growth of mold and dust mite populations, you should keep the relative humidity below:
    A. 20%
    B. 45%
    C. 75%
    D. 90%
  5. Because they lose moisture through their skin, dust mites are highly vulnerable to:
    A. ice cream
    B. saturation
    C. dehydration
    D. syllogism
  6. Where do house dust mites commonly congregate?
    A. mattresses
    B. pillows
    C. carpets
    D. all of the above
  7. If you use a humidifier, you should make sure that it features some type of:
    A. remote control
    B. antimicrobial safeguard
    C. reset button
    D. sneeze guard
  8. If you suspect that toxic mold is growing in your home, you should:
    A. Call a mold remediation professional.
    B. Call a controlled demolition expert.
    C. Clean it up with canola oil as quickly as possible.
    D. Smell it to make sure that it's really mold.
  9. The toxic mold Stachbotrys is also known as:
    A. agnes
    B. spirulina
    C. black mold
    D. brachiosaurus
  10. Your home is 85% more likely to be damaged by _____ than by fire.
    A. wind
    B. electromagnetic radiation
    C. Ralphie Cifaretto
    D. water

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