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(See American Vacuum Cleaning: History & Trends to find the answers.)

  1. If you looked at your carpet with a microscope, what might you see?
    A. Dust mites
    B. Pet dander
    C. Mold spores
    D. All of the above
  2. In 1908, which company bought James Murray Spangler's electric vacuum that he built using an electric fan motor, a soap box, a broom handle, and a pillowcase?
    A. Walker
    B. Hoover
    C. Dyson
    D. Miele
  3. For what does the acronym "HEPA" stand?
    A. How to Eliminate Pollen Allergens
    B. Hershey, Pennsylvania
    C. High Efficiency Particulate Air
    D. High Energy Positron Air
  4. Which is the most popular style of vacuum cleaner in the United States?
    A. Canister
    B. Upright
    C. Stick
    D. Diesel
  5. Which vacuum cleaner manufacturer makes dust bags that automatically seal themselves and contain a layer of impact foil to prevent sharp objects from ripping them?
    A. Miele
    B. Dyson
    C. Electrolux
    D. Harmony
  6. Which of the following is a real handheld vacuum cleaner?
    A. Hoover Mach 8
    B. Simpson March 11
    C. Square Root 12
    D. Dyson Root 6
  7. Who invented the bagless Dyson vacuum cleaner in 1985?
    A. James Dyson
    B. Ed Dyson
    C. Murray Dyson
    D. James Woods
  8. The first Dyson vacuum cleaners sold for how much money in Japan?
    A. $200
    B. $999
    C. $1,800
    D. $8,900
  9. What makes up about 80% of household dust?
    A. Dust mites
    B. Dryer lint
    C. Building materials
    D. Dead skin cells
  10. How can you make vacuum cleaning more effective in the category of allergen elimination?
    A. By using slow, deliberate movements
    B. By coating the brush roll with super glue
    C. By using a carpet powders or sprays to denature allergens and kill dust mites
    D. A & C

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