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(See the Allergy & Asthma Mask Buying Guide to find the answers.)

  1. An N95 mask filters what percentage of particles 0.3 microns or larger?
    A. 50%
    B. 75%
    C. 95%
    D. 98%
  2. The CDC recommends N95 masks to prevent the spread of which virus?
    A. A. HPV virus
    B. H5N1 virus
    C. RNA virus
    D. HHV6 virus
  3. A HEPA mask filters what percentage of particles 0.3 microns or larger?
    A. 75%
    B. 95%
    C. 98%
    D. 99.97%
  4. A HEPA mask can filter all of the substances below except for what?
    A. Formaldehyde
    B. Dust Mite Feces
    C. Pollen Grains
    D. Mold Spores
  5. What kind of filter is necessary to block out chemicals and odors?
    A. Cheesecloth
    B. Charcoal / Carbon
    C. Quinoa
    D. Quintessential
  6. The Activated Charcoal Cloth in the Respro Bandit Scarf was originally developed for what purpose?
    A. Bank Robbing
    B. Protection Against Chemical & Biological Warfare Agents
    C. Horse Riding
    D. Protection Against Harsh Wind
  7. Cold air and exercise are key asthma triggers in what percentage of patients?
    A. 20%
    B. 40%
    C. 60%
    D. 70%
  8. Which type of mask warms and humidifies air before it enters the lungs?
    A. Allergy Relief Mask
    B. Respro Bandit Scarf
    C. BreathXchange Mask
    D. Bubbles Fish Mask
  9. What might decrease the efficiency of an allergy relief mask?
    A. Facial Hair
    B. Short Hair
    C. Dyed Hair
    D. Long Hair
  10. Because masks are very personal items, when is the only time you can return a mask for a refund?
    A. When it does not fit correctly.
    B. When it is defective.
    C. When it smells like plastic.
    D. When it's time to change the filters.

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