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(See Allergy Relief Bedding - Uncovered to find the answers.)

  1. How many years does it take for the weight of an average mattress to double due to dust mite infestation?
    A. 2 years
    B. 5 years
    C. 10 years
    D. 25 years
  2. When referring to allergy relief bedding, what does "average pore size" mean?
    A. the average amount of space between the threads of the fabric
    B. the average size of the dust mites in the bed
    C. how far the fabric can stretch
    D. the total allergen load
  3. What is the average size of dust mite allergen?
    A. 2 microns
    B. 10 microns
    C. 300 microns
    D. 800 microns
  4. What is the average pore size for Allergy Armor Ultra?
    A. 2.8 microns
    B. 4.9 microns
    C. 9.9 microns
    D. 10 microns
  5. Allergy relief bedding with an impenetrable urethane backing is known as...
    A. horseshoe fabric.
    B. crinkle cloth.
    C. royal guard fabric.
    D. membrane fabric.
  6. What are some benefits of non-membrane fabric as compared to membrane fabric?
    A. Non-membrane fabric is cooler.
    B. Non-membrane fabric is quieter.
    C. Non-membrane fabric is more breathable.
    D. All of the above.
  7. The special finishing process that shrinks the pores of Allergy Armor Ultra is called...
    A. waffling
    B. calendaring
    C. ironing
    D. minimization
  8. How does the antimicrobial finish on Allergy Armor Ultra and Allergy Armor Advanced destroy bacteria and mold?
    A. chemical poisoning
    B. physical puncturing of cell membranes
    C. implied volatility
    D. spontaneous combustion
  9. If the depth of your mattress falls between two sizes offered for allergy relief mattress covers, you should...
    A. select the smaller size and repair any rips with duct tape.
    B. select the larger size and tuck any extra fabric underneath.
    C. request a custom mattress cover for your mattress.
    D. buy a new mattress.
  10. Which of the following is a real step in putting an allergy relief mattress cover on a mattress?
    A. Using two people, slide the cover down using equal force on both sides at the same time, slipping it on like a sock.
    B. Leave your fitted sheets on the bed.
    C. If the mattress cover doesn't quite fit, pull a bit harder to stretch it out.
    D. Slide the zipper-side of the mattress cover down first, followed by the other side.

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