Reliable Pronto 100CH Portable Steam Cleaners

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Reliable Pronto 100CH
Item#: REL0001
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Buy Reliable EnviroMate Pronto 100CH Steam Cleaner

Reliable Pronto 100CH Steam Cleaner

Reliable Pronto 100CH Steam Cleaners Feature a Lifetime Boiler WarrantyThe Reliable Pronto 100CH (formerly called the Pronto P7) is a portable steam cleaner and fabric steamer that gives you the power of clean steam, in the palm of your hand. With 248° F. steam vapor, you can quickly and easily clean and sanitize nearly any surface in your home with just the push of a button. With a pressure sensitive trigger you can freshen up fabrics, steam countertops and kill germs throughout the home. The ergonomic handle makes this portable steam cleaner easy to use. You can clean hard to reach places without placing strain on your arms and wrists. With the Pronto 100CH freshen fabrics and enjoy a cleaner home without the use of harsh chemicals.

*Please note that we recommend that you clean the tank once after every fifteen uses, or when the Pronto 100CH is going to remain unused for a prolonged period of time.

Reliable Pronto Video

Fabric steam cover included free with every Pronto P7 Steam Cleaner!

Reliable Pronto 100CH Product Features

  • 4 Bar Pressure for maximum cleaning power
  • 1200W heating element
  • 2 minute fast heat up time
  • Constant high volume steam flow
  • Soft touch ergonomic handle
  • Action radius - 8 meters
  • Temperature and steam ready indicator light
  • 245° F tip temperature (distance 0.8")
  • Complete 14 piece accessory kit
  • Comfort Safety System automatically opens and closes the water tank
  • Steam Trigger for pressure sensitive control
  • Electrical cord length is 19.5 feet
  • Lifetime Boiler Warranty

Reliable Pronto 100CH/P7 Steam Cleaner - Standard Attachments

  • Brass brush
  • Nylon brush (black)
  • Nylon brush (white)
  • Angle nozzle
  • Taper nozzle
  • Taper nozzle with handle
  • Fabric / window accessory
  • 3 cloths for fabrics
  • Window cleaning blade
  • Flexible pipe
  • Water beaker
  • Accessory bag

Product Reviews & Questions

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Customer Q & A

Q1: What changes were made from the Reliable Enviromate Pronto P7 to the 100CH model?

A: Wait for it, wait for it.... the name! Yes, it's a bit anticlimatic, and I'm not sure exactly why they made the switch, but other than the name/model no. printed on steam cleaner, it's the exact same.

Q2: I would like to know what the boiler for the water is plastic or metal, or steel? Thank you.

A: It is metal, essentially a smaller version of the boiler used in the full size models. Other than size the difference is capacity and the material of the boiler - aluminum. Hope that helps!

Q3: Does the smaller steamer above kill bed bugs?

A: Any of the steam cleaners we offer will kill bed bugs, their eggs and larvae. As a general rule, temperatures around 160-180 degress F. are what you want to kill. Still, at these temperatures, you want to move slowly as you clean, covering no more than about 12 inches every 30 seconds. For clothing or bedding, a run through the dryer, set at high heat, for about 30 minutes will also work. Finding them is the tricky part since they tend to only make themselves visible at night. Hope that helps!

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Reliable Pronto P7 Steam Cleaner Reviews
Reliable Pronto P7/100CH Steam Cleaner

The EnviroMate Pronto 100CH is a portable steam cleaner and fabric steamer from Reliable. This new powerful and portable steam cleaner sanitizes surfaces and steams garments. The ergonomic handle makes this portable steam cleaner easy to use. You can clean hard to reach places without placing strain on your arms and wrists. The Pronto P7100CH is the safe way to freshen fabrics and to clean your home without using harsh chemicals.

What I like about the Reliable Pronto 100CH

I really like the convenience of the Pronto for quick steaming of my clothes. It will save you some money by limiting the number of times you have to get your clothes dry cleaned and save time by being able to steam out wrinkles without having to toss clothes back in the dryer. The Pronto definitely works to make your clothes wrinkle free.

Though small and compact, this unit does step up to the plate when it comes to quickly producing steam. The heat up time takes about 5 minutes, and for small jobs like sanitizing doorknobs or quickly cleaning around the kitchen, this portable steam cleaner is handy.

The cord length for this model is a nice bonus. Though it still is a corded appliance, the length is sufficient that you can work through your entire kitchen without having to switch receptacles.

The Pronto has something you won't really find with other handheld steam cleaner models - a lifetime boiler warranty. That gives it a decided leg up compared to similarly priced steam cleaners.

Last but not least, the Pronto is very versatile. While it is suited for the smaller tasks and not large cleaning areas, the array of included attachment are ideal for a lot of small jobs around the home. Things like removing brake dust from rims, cleaning the stovetop, microwave or oven, sanitizing around the toilet or shower, removing baked on grime from the grille, or deep cleaning countertops are all common tasks than can be done quicker and without the chemicals with the Pronto.

What I do not like about the Reliable Pronto 100CH

This steam cleaner is a handheld steamer that is only for small cleaning jobs. If you are looking to steam clean your floors or bathroom tiles, you need one of the larger Reliable steam cleaners. The Pronto has to be light, so it is limited in the amount of water it can use. That means that your steam time is limited. As with all Reliable models, the lack of a tool caddy or integrated accessories can possibly lead to you searching your closet for the accessory you are looking for.

Lastly, you really need to be careful when you use this model. While testing I had a small issue with tipping this unit and water leaking, BUT, I believe this may have been due to overfilling. If you use the provided measuring cup, you shouldn't have this issue.

Overall, I like the Reliable Pronto 100CH. It is very effective if you are using it for the right cleaning jobs, particularly when used on clothing and cleaning smaller areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and freshening up car interiors. It also is small, has fairly long reach, and is a relatively inexpensive addition to your more standard cleaning arsenal.

Reliable Pronto 100CH Detailed Specifications

Model: Pronto 100CH (formerly P7)
Electrical: 110V / 120V
Steam temperature at the tip: 245° F
Water Capacity: 1.25 cups
Wattage: 1200 Watts
Steam Ready Time: 2 minutes
Continuous Steam: 15 minutes
Power Consumption: 11 amps
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 5.75 lbs.
Dimensions: 5.5" x 6" x 12"
Shipping Dimensions: 14" x 7.25" x 12.5"
Country of Origin: China
Electrical Approval: ETL
Warranty: 1 year limited; Lifetime Boiler Warranty

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Warranty Information

1 Year Limited; Lifetime Boiler Warranty


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The Vapamore Primo produces a steady forceful stream of steam and I am happy with the performance. It comes with several useful attachments and so much nicer than using chemicals.
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Reliable Pronto 100CH Portable Steam Cleaner on Sale
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