Reliable™ Home Vapor Steam Cleaners

Reliable™ Home Vapor Steam Cleaner

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Reliable™ Home Vapor Steam Cleaners

Safe for your family and the environment, chemical-free vapor steam cleaning harnesses the power of steam to kill dust mites, mold, bacteria, and germs - without harsh chemicals or detergents. The Reliable™ Home Vapor Steam Cleaner works wonders on tile, vinyl, linoleum, sealed hardwood, carpets, children's toys, pet areas, bedding, windows, fabrics, bathrooms, kitchens, mirrors, charcoal grills, and ovens. Destroy grease, grime, and allergens quickly and easily with the Reliable™ Home Vapor Steam Cleaner. No home steam cleaning machine is more powerful.

Reliable™ Home Vapor Steam Cleaners Product Features

  • Chemical-free cleaning is safe for your family and safe for the environment.
  • Save money by never having to buy chemical cleaners again.
  • Powerful Heating System (1780W on Model T630 & 1450W on Model T730A) produces steam that destroys allergens and germs.
  • Dry steam is 221°F at the tip and has a pressure of 58 psi for powerful deodorization & sanitation.
  • Uses regular tap water.
  • Large 2-liter Boiling Chamber allows for more cleaning and less refills.
  • 18/10 Gauge Stainless Steel Tank will not oxidize or weaken.
  • Fast warm-up time - the T730A is ready for use in just seven minutes, and the T630 is ready in twelve minutes.
  • Built-in safety measures, including boiler empty shut-off, thermal overload protection, and boiler cap with safety valve.
  • Easy to use with three wheels, a flexible 7-foot steam hose, and an 8-foot power cord.
  • On-board manometer measures pressure of steam.
  • Adjustable pressure controller on handle.
  • Comes with an 11-piece accessory kit, including nylon and brass detail brush, flexible hose and 2 extension wands, floor brush, squeegee, high-pressure nozzle attachment, angle adaptor, carpet / surface pad, upholstery brush, and 2 cleaning cloths.
  • 1-Year Warranty on the steam cleaner and 3-Year Warranty on the tank.

Reliable™ T730A Home Vapor Steam Cleaner Additional Product Features

  • With the CSS™ (Continuous Steam System) dual tank technology, you'll never have to worry about running out of steam in the middle of cleaning again. Just refill the water tank when the low water indicator light comes on, and away you go. No more waiting!

Reliable™ Home Vapor Steam Cleaners Product Reviews

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Customer Q & A

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Reliable Home Vapor Steam Cleaner T630

Every time I clean my house I have to open the windows and turn on the fans due to that noxious chemical odor from the cleaning products. It's irritating to let out my air conditioning or heat depending on the season, not to mention it's terrible to breathe in those fumes. I tried using cleansers that were not as toxic but they didn't clean to my satisfaction and I was disappointed that I had wasted money. I then took home the T630 Reliable Home Vapor Steam Cleaner to see if the buzz about vapor steam cleaning was really true. I can certainly testify that it really is a superior way to clean.

It doesn't work like the wet extraction "steam" cleaners used for carpets. There is no suction at all; it uses a heavy force of "dry" steam for cleaning. By dry, I mean that the steam is so hot that it evaporates very quickly in order to clean things like mattresses and upholstered furniture without a big watery mess. I know it's weird, but I really enjoy cleaning my home. Having this new toy sent me on a cleaning frenzy; I scurried through my home to find things I could clean with this machine. I steam cleaned all the bathrooms, the floor, the shower tiles and doors, the tubs, the mirrors, the windows and even the walls. This was just the beginning of my cleaning binge. I removed the sheets from my bed and steamed my mattress (probably killing tons of dust mites in the process) and then took the steamer downstairs to attack the living room. I steam cleaned the couch, lamp shades, the TV screen (note: I would not recommend steaming a plasma or flat panel TV), the phone, a wingback chair, and all the windows. It was fantastic. The best part was that it was all done without the use of chemicals and no scrubbing!

How it works:

The steaming process can be somewhat annoying if you are in a pinch for time. It's almost like you're making a cappuccino, you have to fill the machine with water and wait for it to heat up. This could take 15 - 20 minutes. You cannot start using the machine if it's not completely heated and ready, as it would be really watery and just soak everything instead of putting out that "dry steam". It is not a vacuum; there is no suction at all. Towels are attached to the end of the steam wand to wipe up the dirt and grime that have been released from the surface penetrated with the steam. The towels need to be replaced frequently as they get wet and soiled. Then, just toss the towels in the washer to reuse the next time you clean. In effect, steam cleaning is healthy for the individual and the environment. I love that!

What I like about the Home Vapor Steam Cleaner T630:
  • Uses steam to clean rather than harsh chemicals.
  • Great for the environment.
  • Will not produce a chemical smell and is healthy for the person cleaning.
  • No need to spend tons of money on cleaning products.
  • It's fun to use and addictive (This may just be a character flaw on my part.)
  • You can clean just about anything.
  • It makes the windows and mirrors shine like never before.
What I did not like about the Vapor Steam Cleaner T630:
  • I needed to exercise patience and wait for the steam cleaner to heat up.
  • Frequently changing the towels became annoying after an entire afternoon of cleaning.
  • I would like the handle on the wand to be more ergonomic.

To sum it up, I really love this product. It makes me feel good knowing that I'm not polluting the air quality in my home or harming myself by using abrasive chemicals to effectively clean. I'm finding new things to clean with it all the time. Next up is the interior of my car.

Reliable™ Home Vapor Steam Cleaners Detailed Specifications

Reliable™ T730A Home Vapor Steam Cleaner
Reliable™ T630
Reliable™ T730A Home Vapor Steam Cleaner
Reliable™ T730A
Electrical: 110V/120V 110V/120V
Water capacity: 2 liters 2 liters
Operating pressure: 58 psi / 4 bar 58 psi / 4 bar
Wattage: 1780W 1450W
Boiler temperature: 302°F - 320°F 302°F - 320°F
Tip temperature: 221°F 221°F
Power consumption: 13.63 amps 12.08 amps
Tank construction: 19/10 gauge stainless steel 18/10 gauge stainless steel
Casing material: ABC thermoplastic ABS thermoplastic
Color: Red Blue and White
Low water indicator: Yes Yes
Electrical approval: ETL ETL
Dimensions: 17.3" x 12.5" x 10.2" 17.3" x 12.5" x 10.2"
Weight: 19.5 pounds 20 pounds
Shipping weight: 21.5 pounds 22 pounds
Warranty: 1 year on the steam cleaner and 3 years on the tank 1 year on the steam cleaner and 3 years on the tank

Reliable™ Home Vapor Steam Cleaners Additional Resources

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Reliable™ Home Vapor Steam Cleaners Warranty Information

1 year warranty.
We no longer carry this item. Consider the Reliable T1 Steamboy Floormop.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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