Respro Allergy Chemical/Particle Filter - Large

Respro Allergy Chemical/Particle Filter - Large

Respro Allergy Chemical/Particle Filter - Large
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Replacement chemical and particle filters for the Respro Allergy, formerly named Aero, mask. They filter noxious chemicals and harmful submicron particulates from the air you breathe. With a special filter media originally designed for military uses, these mask filters meet stringent EU filtration standards for submicron particles, trapping particles less than 1 micron in size and larger, as well as harmful chemicals. Offers HEPA like filtration without the bulk of traditional allergy masks and filters. 2 replacement filters per pack. Replace after every 50-60 hours of use or as needed. *Fits Large Respro Allergy Face Masks

Respro Allergy Chemical/Particle Filter Large - Customer Reviews

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  Easy Easy Easy! And That Includes Breathing!
Reviewed by: M Loveday from Louisiana

When my mask arrived, I needed the filters to fit my personal needs. This was an easy adjustment to give me the protection from outside airborne pollutants that I needed. Great product and a great value!
  Free at last!!!
Reviewed by: Migraine sufferer from Muskegon, MI

I bought because this filter because I have a problem with perfumes-they are a migraine trigger for me. I have been unable to sit in the same auditorium to worship for years, but this filter enables me to be with everyone else for 2 hours. I have found I cannot talk to a perfume wearer without taking 2 steps back, as the smell comes in the holes in the mask. I also cannot be in a crowd of perfume wearers for the same reason. I just block the holes with my hand and make for the parking lot. I have experienced a 95% improvement with this filter and I hope this helps someone else make up their mind about purchasing it.
  Saved my life!
Reviewed by: Raelara from California

I was essentially confined to my house until I found the Respro allergy mask and these chemical/particle filters. Thanks to these filters, I can go almost anywhere without worrying about chemicals and perfumes making me ill.

Customer Q & A

Q1: Will the mask, with the chemical/particle filter, filter out second hand smoke ? Or is another option better - ex: carbon filter mask ?

A: When it comes to Respro, the Chemical/Particle filter is the most comprehensive style filter available. It will tackle secondhand smoke odors. Performance always varies, based on fit and conditions of use sitting in a den with four cigar smokers - not as effective as filtering out secondhand smoke as you walk along the street or car exhaust while you bike, etc..

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