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Respro Allergy Mask Chemical and Particle Filter - Medium

  • Item #: RS0006
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Respro Allergy Mask Chemical and Particle Filter - Medium

Replacement chemical and particle filters for the Respro Allergy, formerly named Aero, mask. These filter noxious chemicals and harmful submicron particulates from the air you breathe. With a special filter media originally designed for military uses, these mask filters meet stringent EU filtration standards for submicron particles, trapping particles less than 1 micron in size and larger, as well as harmful chemicals. Offers HEPA like filtration without the bulk of traditional allergy masks and filters. 2 replacement filters per pack. Replace after every 50-60 hours of use or as needed. *Fits Medium & Small Allergy Face Masks

Customer Reviews

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Chemical/Particle Filter
This chemical filter seems to do what it's suppose to do. Running into perfumey restrooms and barely smelling a thing....Now that's a "miracle". :
Review by MCS sufferer / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

Product Questions

is the techno filter the same as the chemical filter...made the same way
Hi, what exactly is the difference between the Techno Gold filter and the Allergy Chemical/Particle filter? It appears that they both contain HEPA-like particulate and activated charcoal chemical filtration capacity. However, they are marketed as two separate filter types, with two separate prices. There must be a difference in their filtration abilities. The Allergy filter is more expensive, so I assume it may be more powerful than the Techno Gold, but I am not sure. I am purchasing filters for use in the polluted air of Beijing. Do you know which filter Techno Gold or Allergy Chemical/Particle would be best suited for this type of pollution? Thanks, Dave