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  best protection
Reviewed by: Kris - fellow MCS'er from South Dakota

I have bought this product in the past, so when we bought our new bed, I knew I wanted the same quality and protection that is given in this cover. I love the cotton feel and it's even protected me from most of the smells from our new bed.
  Great product
Reviewed by: Kristina from Mid michigan

Purchased this because I had just found my son is allergic to dust mites and dogs. I did a lot of research and chose this product because it was reasonably priced and had all the features I needed. I am very happy with my purchase, and my son doesn't mind it. It slipped on his mattress easy and is a soft material.
  Better and Better
Reviewed by: dustmiteophobe from Gainesville, FL

I had to replace my old dust mite cover because it got torn when I moved. The old one was too large for the bed and had a lot of slack, but my mattress is a custom size and it was the best fit Achoo Allergy had at that time. Now they have added a new size that fits perfectly. I love the softness of the cotton dust mite cover, also better than the old one. I respect companies that continuously work for improvement and Achoo Allergy is right up there with the best!
  Soft, Breathable and Effective!
Reviewed by: Finally...Allergen relief & Comfy sleep! from Houston, Texas

This ACHOO mattress cover is so soft, cool and comfortable! And, from the moment of use, it has effectively has removed all sensations of itch while sleeping. My husband has sensitive skin and allergies and since ACHOO, nights are no longer restless. The product also arrived promptly within 3 days of my order and it was very easy to place onto the mattress. I have already referred others colleagues, friends and my own patients. As also a board-certified allergist, I appreciate the letter for patients, friendly and competent staff when I called about understanding texture of fabric and the exceptional quality with luxurious feel. I will be now ordering cotton mattress covers for my children's beds also. Thank you very much!
  Finally! I wake up without feeling stuffy.
Reviewed by: Michelle from Mississippi

These cases have done everything they are supposed to. I wake up feeling so much better.
  Matteress Cover
Reviewed by:  from California

the width was good and the length was a little long for the mattress. Was glad they had a 9". These are not available at stores, Good quailty and nice feel to it.
  Great covers
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Cumming, GA

What I had thought was acid reflux turned out to be a severe dust mite allergy. My allergist suggested covers for my bedding as part of the solution. These covers are great and very comfortable. They are not noisy or hot. I wish I had done this sooner!
  Great deal
Reviewed by: Kathy from Ravenswood WV

Well made, wash well, have good zippers and do not crackle. Best to have 2 people to put the cover on. These are not totally cotton, but that is ok. My husband and I actually felt relief the first night we used the cover. Good price.
  review for mattress cover
Reviewed by: M.H. allergy sufferer from Seal Beach, CA

TERRIFIC! Whisper soft...I couldn't even tell it had an allergy cover!
  mattress covers for dust allergy
Reviewed by: Judy from New Hampshire

Although the name is misleading they are not completely cotton,but blended with polyester, I found that didn't matter for the purpose I bought them. They fit well on the mattress, are inconspicuous and I have already forgotten about them, except that I'm less allergic than I was before. I also bought the cotton duvet covers but those were a disaster because they were hot, noisy and unusable.
  King Cotton Mattress Cover
Reviewed by:  from Waynesville, North Carolina

I have used other products, but this cover is the absolute best. I put it on a new, very deep mattress and it was so easy to put on, unike other products. Also it does not cause sheets to slip and slide and it is noiseless. I highly recommend it.
  Works well
Reviewed by: Achoooooo from SF

Hesitant at first, as I am always hot when sleeping, this product really works well. I am no hotter than I was using a normal mattress pad and if it combats those mites, I am happier.
  A product that WORKS!
Reviewed by: mother's to a 6-yr with horrible dust mite allergy from Bay Area, CA

I bought the Allergy Armor Cotton Mattress Cover along with a pillow cover and duvet cover. I was a skeptical that this would help with my 6-yr old daughter's dust mite allergy. Because nothing else was working. BUT THIS WORKED! I still vacuum and dust her room twice a week and wash her bedding twice week... but that alone was doing nothing to stop her night time coughing attacks that lasted 30-60 minutes. if she had a cold she would have asthma attacks But the very first night I used the Allergy Armor mattress cover, pillow cover and duvet cover... my daughter slept through the night without a single cough! I cannot remember that last time she slept through the night with NO coughing. This Allergy Armor product line WORKS!!!!! I still vacuum, dust and wash bedding twice a week. But this along with Allergy Armor had given daughter and mother and good night’s rest.
  One mattress cover for our bed :D
Reviewed by: family with allergies and asthma : from New Westminster, BC, Canada

I purchased this product because we suffer from allergies and asthma and I wanted to make sure we didn't have a bed full of yucky dust mites! The cover was super easy to put on and we are sleeping better! I put our fitted sheet overtop of the cover and you cannot tell it is on except we are sleeping better. Thank you!
Reviewed by: StuffyNoMore from Sacramento, CA

I went for the more expensive mattress cover because I was sweating to death with a cheap one. It was totally worth it. This one will not make you hot at all however, it is not all cotton, as the name would imply. It's a cotton/poly blend, though that hasn't been a problem for me. It still breathes. I did have the zipper move around in the wash, and it was a pain to get it back on track. It didn't actually break off, but it was close. Also, you definitely need to get the tape to put over the zipper. The zipper doesn't quite close at the end, making the whole thing moot without the tape. But my guess is that you really need the tape for any mattress cover. The cover with the tape does seem to be helping with my dust mite allergy.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Molly from California

Very excited to start using the Allergy Armor Cotton Bedding. Very easy to put on the bed and pillows. Soft and overall a fantastic product! Very pleased with my choice/purchase!
  Armor Cotton Covers
Reviewed by: Vanessa from Pittsburgh, PA

I bought several styles of the Allergy Armour Cotton covers mattress, pillow, and duvet covers. My husband has allergies, not severe but enough that they are bothersome. We decided to try to reduce some allergens in our bedroom. We also just bought a new organic mattress and new pillows. We do have cats and dogs so the amount of dust and dander in our house is high. The first night that we put the covers on the bed we noticed a difference. I do not have any allergies and immediately I noticed a difference in sleep. I think they are cool and soft and help reduce the amount of dust. I am happy that the mattress cover also helps to protect and extend the life of our investment for the new mattress. I rate all the covers a 5 star! Thank you Achoo Allergy!
  Allergic to Mornings
Reviewed by: Karen from Virginia

After a dust mite allergy dx, I bought these for all beds in the house. I love the silent cotton covers. I have had covers in the past, from big box stores, that were like sleeping on waxed paper - very crunchy & "plastic sheet"-like. These are not. These are grown-up, no kidding, be good to yourself mattress covers. I am cheap & didn't want to "pay" for the quality and I am so glad I did.
  Mattress cover
Reviewed by: J. Martin from North Carolina

I love this mattress cover. It has been one of the best purchases we have made to help our allergies. Would recommend this product to everyone. I sleep so much better and do not wake up with a headache. We also bought the pillow covers. A definite win/win with the two products.
  I'm impressed!
Reviewed by: A former allergy sufferer from Holden, Massachusetts

After years of interrupted sleeping due to allergies - I purchased your cotton dust mite mattress pad and pillow covers. I can't believe what a difference they make. I am now able to get a full night's sleep and function in the morning. I also want to compliment your customer service policy. When my order arrived, I tried, unsuccessfully, to put on the mattress cover - I eventually measured it and found it was a size too small. One call was all it took to speak to a real person, get the replacement ordered and also get a return shipping label. I'm impressed! I've already shared my great experience with other allergy sufferers in our family. Thank you for providing a great product!
  The best!
Reviewed by: Kris from South Dakota

I have tried other brands to no avail. This one has helped me with my severe allergies and chemical sensitivities. I've bought before and will buy again!
  Affordable, easy, and quick relief
Reviewed by: Caryn T from Littleton, Colorado

My allergist has been begging me for years to use allergy bedding, but I always thought it was too expensive, inconvenient, or not worthwhile. Boy, was I wrong! I'm thrilled to have found the affordable Allergy Armor products, which were easy to put on yes, even slipping it onto my queen-sized, pillow top mattress was simple with the help of one other person, affordable, and are already bringing results after just two weeks. Tightness in my chest in the morning has already decreased, and sneezing has virtually halted - and I still let my cat sleep on my bed. I am so glad I finally followed my doctor's advice and found this great product.
  Felt results immediately!
Reviewed by: GHL from San Francisco

Great product! I had an itchy, runny nose and sneezing at nights. The first night after putting on this bedding I felt great, no allergy symptoms at all, and now am sleeping much better. And because the cotton adds softness, it doesn't make crumply noises when you lie on it like other allergy beddings.
  Very pleased
Reviewed by:  from Spring, TX

Our daughter is higly allergic to dust mites. We have since ordered pillow encasements, matress covers, and a blanket. The shipping was exceptionally quick, and we are very pleased with the quality of product.
  Cover all
Reviewed by: Fiance of an allergy sufferer from Syracuse, New York

Since my fiance has trouble sleeping in the bed because he wakes up stuffy with puffy eyes, he avoids sleeping there and I don't get anyone snuggle with. We covered our pillows, duvet, and mattress. All of the products were great! The mattress cover is very soft and easy to use. My fiance now is around to snuggle!
  Soft, comfortable, seems to work fine
Reviewed by: Emily from Philadelphia

I'm satisfied with my purchase of the allergy armor cotton mattress cover. I've had bad allergy and asthma attacks lately for reasons other than dust mites, so it's hard to know for sure if the cover has been effective in reducing my allergies, but it is certainly soft, comfortable, and noiseless.
  Feeling much better
Reviewed by: The worst allergy sufferer from Holloman AFB

I have a king size pillow top matteress and the 15 inch fits it with room to spare, but also my sheets go on just fine. It is kind of difficult to set my king mattress up on end to get the cover off each week for a wash, but it is worth it, and I am feeling much better every morning that I wake up. I used to sneeze and sniffle for a couple hours after waking up but now I just have to blow my nose once. I didn't give it 5 stars because it is not a wonder cure as I still have my allergie issues, but it is worth the money to help combat household allergies.
  The correct one if you have nasal allergies
Reviewed by: Nag M from California

I would strongly recommend these for people who are suffering with nasal allergies. If you go to bed fine and wake up with runny nose and watery eyes this is the correct one. I spent of money on Allegra and nasal spray. After buying this I stopped getting Allegra.
  Worth every penny!
Reviewed by: Severe dust mite allergy from White Haven, PA

My allergist told me that mattress encasement would really help reduce my allergies and sinus infections. I went to 4 stores in search of one, and I could only find these horrible crinkly, plastic ones. I found one online that was better quality than in the stores, but it was almost $200! I had given up and then I found achoo allergy! The Allergy Armor mattress encasement is great quality. It was really easy to put on it slips on like a pillowcase, and it really helps me to feel better. Now, if I could just keep the cats off of the bed at night!
  Benefits of Allergy Mattress Covers
Reviewed by: Elaine  from Palm Bay, Florida

I have had allergy covers on my mattress for years. From time to time I have wondered if the covers were really helping. I had my answer recently -- we were preparing to move and took off our mattress cover and washed it in preparation for our move. The move didn't happen as fast as expected and I had more allergy problems as I slept on the mattress without a cover. You can bet we had the mattress pad back on as soon as we had our new mattress.
  Great product for the money
Reviewed by: allergy family from Virginia

I recently switched over my son from a toddler bed to a twin bed. There were several days where I didn't have the new mattress cover and he was sneezing a lot at night and in the morning. I had purchased a cover for his crib mattress before from achooallergy so I knew they were great products for a great price. As soon as we got the new mattress cover and pillow cover on we noticed right away, no sneezing. And I love that it's very soft and quiet. I will continue to buy products from here for the whole family. Thanks!
  Easy to use, quiet to sleep on
Reviewed by: Married to allergy sufferer from New Jersey

I was pleasantly surprised that this product slipped on over the mattress very easily - no tugging required! And it is quiet to sleep on as well. We are pleased to have this barrier on the mattress to help with my husband's allergies.
  Worried Mama
Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles, CA

Once I started doing some research for mattress covers for my own mattress, I realized that the mattress cover I had for my baby's crib mattress was not very good! I had one that was basically like a sheet, so it was not fully enclosed. I searched many websites, and this website was the best, and the information made me feel most confident. That's why I purchased from this site. Once I received the product, I was very satisfied. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!
  Cool and Protected!
Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles, CA

I searched everywhere for the perfect mattress covers. My husband runs very hot, and we had already tried the Protect-a-Bed brand. What I loved about the product description was the very specific nature of the information. Besides the material make-up, it also included information about the size of the holes. Then once I received the product, it was just as described and very cool to the touch. We are very happy about our purchase!
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from 

Nice product went on easy, and has been durable even through the cats scratching it. Would highly recommend.
  good quality/good price
Reviewed by: mom of child with asthma from Texas

We recently purchased two twin mattress encasings for our boys. After much research I found this product to be good quality at a reasonable price.
  Easy to put on!
Reviewed by: dust mite allergy from New Jersey

I like that this mattress cover is easy to put on, and also it's not noisy!
   a great product
Reviewed by: a concerned mom from Napa, CA

This deeper mattress encasing worked great on our daughters tall mattress. It went on easy and does the trick. Less sneezing in our house in the mornings!
  a wonderful product
Reviewed by: a concerned mom from Napa, CA

This mattress encasing is easy to put on and is comfortable and does the job!! Lots less sneezing in our house!
  it does what it's supposed to!
Reviewed by: jaassoon from ann arbor, MI

in a day when claims are a dime a dozen, the allergy armor mattress case does the few simple things it's supposed to do - it reduces alergens and fits a bed, thank you for setting an example that we should all try to live up to.
  Just what my children needed!
Reviewed by: Jeff from League City, Texas

I've used a mattress encasing for years and it has been a real lifesaver. When my 2 young children were diagnosed with the same severe allergies that I have, I knew something had to be done. The Allergy Armor Allersoft mattress casings are of fantastic quality for the price, and the dramatic improvement reducing overnight congestion was amazing just in the first week of use. Thank you Achoo! Allergy for making a super-soft cover set at an affordable price!
  Good Find at a Great Value
Reviewed by: Asthma/Allergy sufferer from Buffalo, NY

my allergist recommended that I purchase a mattress/boxspring encasing and I went online and found that for a mattress with deep pockets it was going to cost me over $200 and I could not afford it at this time. So I spoke with a friend who told me about this site and I bought it and I got both the mattress and the boxsping covers for a little more then $130. I am so happy with these and my husband too and he doesnt have the medical problems that I have. It is very comfortable and not warm to sleep on.
  Quiet Mattress Encasing
Reviewed by: An allergy Sufferer from Brookhaven, PA

I purchased this mattress encasing for my two year old who has sever allergies to dust. He sleeps better than ever now and is breathing much easier. The mattress is also very quiet under his sheets. i was very impressed with this product.
  Mattress Cover
Reviewed by: Anne S,  from Mt. Washington, KY

Soft to sleep on
  the most secure
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Santa Cruz CA

has added security to my sleeping hours. One of the best buys I have made this year. Thank you
  first time user
Reviewed by: Drew's Mom from Overland Park, KS

It was a little hard to put on my myself, but it seems to be working already. My 6 yr old son has had some relief the past week. If this is why, I will continue to write in and tell everyone. Thanks
  crib mattress encasing awesome find
Reviewed by: dust mite allergy sufferer from Gainesville, Florida

Bought this for a good friend whom I was giving a hand me down mattress. My little one is 3, so I couldn't bear the thought of a precious one sleeping next to dust mites. She loved the added protection, and it fits great
  Allergy Armor
Reviewed by: Michelle  from WA

We purchased allergy armor mattress casings and pillow casings to reduce sinus allergies (husband), and eye allergies (wife). The covers seem to have greatly reduced my morning puffy eye problem. Thanks!
  a good night's sleep!
Reviewed by: sleepless nights from Maine

My husband has not slept well for years, bothered by asthma symptoms that were only somewhat relieved by inhalers and other medications. A new doctor recommended mattress and pillow coverings. We have had the Allergy Armor Allersoft Mattress Encasing on the bed for just two nights, and the change has been instantaneous. My husband has experienced two nights of wonderful restful sleep, breathing comfortably. Finally, some real relief without more medication! It really works. And the bed feels really nice and smooth, too. Great Product!
  Mattress Encasing
Reviewed by: Mother with Toddler with Allergies from Florida

The mattress encasing with easy to put on, lightweight, and dries easily.
  Great quality
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from San Diego, California

I have very bad allergy which i can sleep well at night. I have been seen an allergist for over 5 years and my allergy goes up and the medication only help for a couple months and starts all over again.It seems like nothing is working.About 2 months ago i purchased a pillow case and matress cover for my bad.It seems to helped me a lot with my allergy.I really like the material and easy to clean and great fabric. thanks to Achoo Allergy my allergy now let me sleep. bye
  Better product than other retailer
Reviewed by: very satisfied mother from Fayetteville, PA

I purchased several encasings for our household including the Allergy Armor Allersoft Mattress Encasings (a mid-priced cover) and a similarly regular priced cover from a popular retailer. The Allergy Armor Allersoft is a much better product. The material is the same on all sides of the cover, whereas the other cover I purchased had a different fabric, almost cheaper, on the sides of the cover. I'd definitely purchase the Allersoft cover in the future. It even 'feels cleaner' in my child's bedroom!
  Excellent product
Reviewed by: Ron from Canada

The encasing is easy to install and you virtually can't tell that it's there when you sleep on it. Great product!
  Relief for our Son
Reviewed by: Stuffed up every morning from Summerfield, North Carolina

Our 15 year old son has been bothered with sinus congestion and acne on his upper lip from a running nose. This problem has persisted for the last 2-3 years. We recently purchased a mattress encasing, pillow covers and the mite wash. Within 2 weeks the problem has cleared up. The acne is resolving and his morning sinus congestion has all but disappeared. We cannot thank you enough for these products. I only wish we had found you 3 years ago.
  Very Happy with Crib Encasing
Reviewed by: Lydia  from Florida

I used it to encase my dogbed and it works great! The fibers are wound so tight that I do not have to worry about mites or fleas being at home in the mattress encasing. It is a great way to let the dog have a bed and still keep it sanitary and free of dust mites!
  Very Pleased!
Reviewed by: Satisfied Customer from Chicago, IL

Though this was a pain to get onto my queen size mattress by myself, it was well worth the effort. I feel like I have a brand new mattress and my bed has never felt more comfortable. I highly recommend this product!
  Sleeping Peacefully
Reviewed by: Kirsten Trefflich from Los Angeles, CA

I recently discovered I was allergic to dustmites and that our mattress was apparently full of them! After useing the Allersoft Membrane Free Mattress Encasings, I can sleep peacefully, without having to continually switch sides in order to breathe!
  Mattress Encasings
Reviewed by: Lisa from Michigan

Ever since I purchased my encasing (with my other products)my room just feels so clean. Yes, some of my it could be in my head knowing I am not breathing dust mite feces but it really just feels cleaner. The encasing is great for the price and very comfortable. I love my purchases and thought their service was GREAT!
  Kid Approved
Reviewed by: Amy C from Pflugerville, TX

I have tried other mattress covers for my 3 year old son's bed and he would always ask "what's in my bed" because he didn't like the sound. I put the Allersoft Membrane free mattress cover on and he didn't even notice. Mission Accomplished!!
  soft as fine linens?
Reviewed by:  from Washington

The product packaging and various reviews said this product is as soft as high thread count sheets. I have found this to be very untrue, the material, while not as "crunchy" as plastic, is definitely not cotton-like. It is relatively stiff, and provides a nice slippery surface for sheets to slide around on. Other than this the mattress cover is wonderful. it fits very nicely on my mattress and has done an amazing job of protecting me from the various allergens in my mattress and mattress topper.
  my take on the twin allersoft mattress encasing
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from los angeles

the delivery was promt. Quality is exemplary. When I need pillow encasings I will definately order from achoo allergy.
  Good product!
Reviewed by:  A skeptic from New York

Reading about dust mites, etc. in not-so-new mattresses made me wonder about my own. Had no trouble putting the queen-size encasing on my mattress myself with a little gentle maneuvering. I'm now waking up without a stuffy nose for the first time in years! Gave only four stars because the encasing didn't fit my mattress as tightly as a fitted sheet, but that's probably necessary, given the many different mattress sizes these days. Very happy overall with the encasing!
  Hard to find Item worth the search
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Long Island, NY

Finding a down comforter cover proved a difficult item to locate until we found this product. It was exactly what we were lookiong for when we did. The cover fit extremely well and had the elusive zipper closure we had been looking for. In additon, it has washed well and retained its shape and fit. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to trap allergens and annoying down feathers from getting all over the bedroom. The price was right as well!
  sleeping is good
Reviewed by: an asthma and allergy sufferer. from Brooklyn New York

I used to have to wake up hourly every night to use my inhalor. I couldn't breathe. I can't believe the difference this mattres encasing made! I can close my eyes and only open them again when it is time to wake up in the morning. Thank you for your amazing products. Your are doing great things, and hopefully will be able to change a lot of people's lives for the best.
  Allersoft Mattress Encasing
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Newport Beach, California

The matttress cover seems to be well made and was easily put on my mattress. Hopefully with the addition of this matress my allergic reactions(to my eyes, which swell almost shut) will cease.
  Great reassurance
Reviewed by: Long time allergy sufferer from San Diego

Works great, my baby hasn't even noticed it's on there and I sleep better knowing he's protected from those little dust mites!
  king size mattress encasing
Reviewed by: Allergy Victim from Dallas, Texas

I like the fabric. The encasings wash well in the washing machine. The fact that it zippers shut is great for allergy sufferers. I bought one for our king size mattress and two more for each of our children. The only reason I give it 4 as opposed to 5 stars is because one came with a tear. Nevertheless, I was extremely impressed with how quickly Achoo allergy responded. The company immediately sent another one.
Reviewed by: JC from Florida

I really like these pillow encasings. I can almost immediately tell a difference, and you can hardly tell they are there. Highly recommend.
  comfortable and sturdy
Reviewed by: no dustmites from FL

It feels comfortable and isn't hot.
Reviewed by: Janet from Wilson, North Carolina

Ever since I've put the mattress encasing on my bed, I've been able to sleep through the night. Prior to using the encasing, I would wake up several times a night coughing and unable to breathe.
  Queen deep pocket mattress cover
Reviewed by: Marae from Cincinnati, Ohio

Great product. Fit my mattress with room to spare.
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy sufferer from Michigan

The Allersoft Membrane Free Matress Encasing is very nice. I sleep better at night knowing I'm more protected from dust mites. I would recommend for anyone that decides to encase their mattress & box springs to wear a mask while doing so if you're allergic to dust mites. I ended up with a 3 day sinus headache because I didn't wear one. I ordered the silk mask and I'm looking forward to receiving it.
  Good Product
Reviewed by: asthma sufferer from Houston, Texas

Nice and cool breathable material.
  Easy to cover your mattress
Reviewed by: new allergy sufferer from Atlanta

I was afraid the mattress encasing would be noisy to sleep on but luckily it is not. It is so easy to get on but the price you pay for that and the only thing I don't LOVE is that it is so much bigger than my mattress that you have to tuck it in when you make your bed so it doesn't stick out.
  A Quality Product
Reviewed by: Martin Culverhouse from Northwest Ohio

To be honest, I'm not sure if the mattress encasing has changed how I physically feel, but let's face it, dust mites are everywhere, not just in your mattress. I really like the high quality of the material and how it feels to the touch. Even when covered with a sheet (which I would assume that everyone would do) it feels as if you are sleeping on fresh linen. I would recommend this product even if you didn't suffer from any allergies.
  allersoft encasing
Reviewed by: J Frank from Pennsylvania

The product is very soft and does not make any noise, you don't know it is even there.
  Soft and Breathable
Reviewed by: Lacy from Athens, GA

My son has developed allergy problems and we were encouraged to get a mattress encasing and change a few other routine things. We started searching that day and found that Achoo had the best price. When the encasing came in, we noticed that it was very soft and breathable too. We have had it for a few weeks now and my son got his first "his ears look excellent" report from the doctor yesterday.
  A great product for the price!
Reviewed by: mom of an allergy sufferer from Atlanta, Georgia

What an affordable way to provide a good night's rest for my daughter with strong dust mite allergies. The product is well made and easy to care for. It was easy to use and felt like good quality bedding.
  Allersoft Mattress Cover
Reviewed by: Severe Allergy Sufferer from Oregon City, Oregon

This cover is very durable and soft. I can tell that this cover will last me a long while.
  Soft and clean
Reviewed by: Dave from Oregon

Good feeling cover with no membrane to wear out.
  Great Cover
Reviewed by: Long-time allergy sufferer from Central Michigan

Smooth as silk and goes on easy! well-protected zipper for years of use - great product!
  Matress encasing
Reviewed by: wife of allergy sufferer from California

Although our mattress was a little less deep than the cover, it works excellent. Softer than I had expected and doens't impair comfort at all. Easy to put on and remove. Our Mattress cover and sheets fit great over top.
Reviewed by: Long time allergy sufferer from Ventura County, California

It's easy to put on and take off, which is a BIG plus. Soft, sturdy, quiet and breathable. Great product. I'll buy more for other beds.
  quiet and comfortable
Reviewed by: My Baby Sleeps Well from Tucson, Arizona

I ordered the crib mattress cover for my son, and he seems to love it. I was also happy because some reviews described the cover as being noisie. However, I think it is quiet to sleep on.
  Crib Allergy Cover
Reviewed by: for my baby who has allergies from Sacramento, CA

I think the cover is average. I like the quality of the zipper, length of it, and way that it zipped into the fabric and seemed to really seal out the dust mites. I didn't like the bulkiness of the fabric. It didn't seem to fit the mattress snuggly, but rather loose.
  Very Good Matress Covers
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Virginia

Easy to get on.
  Quality Cover
Reviewed by: Bryan from Jacksonville, FL

This is a very nice cover. The quality and fit were excellent.
  good product
Reviewed by: stuffy from mi

Put this on all the beds in the house. Everyone seems to wake up alot less stuffy.
  Worth the money
Reviewed by: K.D. from Chester, VA

Worth the money to keep bedding protected.
  For the bed.
Reviewed by: Les from Virginia

These covering are soft after the first few washings. They hardly make any extra nosie when you sleep on them. The zipper on the head or foot end does some times make it hard to shimmy up the bed's sides when putting it on the mattress. I often have help putting the cover back on the bed. Taking it off for washing is not as hard. This is my second allersoft dust-mite covering. I have one for each bed in the house.
Reviewed by: runny nose from CA

went on easily. no flap over zipper. i like the crisp, smooth feel under the sheet and over our foam matress topper.
  Nice covers
Reviewed by: dust mite sufferer from Bellingham, WA

Soft and nice
  Finally can breathe - allergy encasings
Reviewed by: quiet allergy encasings from Northern, VA

I noticed a difference from the first night. It takes a day or two to get used to, it is not uncomfortable but it does make a little bit of noise. Not much though, and I don't notice it anymore. Much easier to put on w/ 2 people.
  A little
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from nyc

I washed the mattress cover but it's still a little crunchy (noisy). I thought it would be softer.
  Excellent Product
Reviewed by: Robin Reilly from Virginia

I had priced these before and this was truly an excellent value for a superior product. It has helped my daughter's allergies greatly!
  Won't make you sweat!
Reviewed by: An allergic mom from Mill Valley, CA

I have seen several generations of dust-mite-control bedding that either crackled or made us sweat. The Allersoft encasings did neither, and were pretty easy to put on the mattresses as well. I would recommend trying these encasings if you are allergic to dust mites. I encased the kids' mattresses, too (they are allergic as well); no complaints!
  Good Allergy Casing
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer in Marina from Marina, CA

I did research regarding allery mattress encasings. I wanted quality. I found these and gave them a try. I like how the encasings were sturdy and thick. They get softer each time you wash them.
  allergy encasings
Reviewed by:  from 

After one washing, it's soft and effective. Very comfortable to sleep on.
  Great quality
Reviewed by: Mom of an allergy sufferer from Maryland

I purchased this x-long mattress cover for my son to use in his college dorm. It replaced one I had bought the previous year which ripped the very first time we put it on the bed. This one is made out of very high quality material and I expect it to last through our next kid who goes off to college.
  allersoft membrane free
Reviewed by: dust mite queen from Austin, TX

Outstanding - easy to put on; seems to work exceptionally well.
  Quite relief
Reviewed by: Ed from Tallahassee, Florida

My wife and I both suffer from general allergies in the spring and fall when everything blooms. We get double whammied in the Spring as the humidity increases. Even with central air conditioning we still have problems with dust mites. We had tried several mattress covers in the past, however they were "noisy" and hot to sleep on. Our new cover is great. It is quite and very nice to sleep on, but more importantly it allowed us to sleep the night away without get stuffy noses.
  wonderful relif
Reviewed by: itch free from bossier city, la.

my daughter is alleric to dust mites among other things and this wonderful product really works her ecema is under control now thanx

  Very Comfortable!
Reviewed by: Sara from Indiana

I put this cover on myself, it would have worked better with two people. The comfort and softness is incredible for an encasing. I just wish they made them to work on "Select Comfort, Sleep Number" beds.
   Allersoft Membrane Free Mattress Encasings
Reviewed by: Smedley Kagnovitch from Pennsylvania

Have noticed the difference. Inexpensive yet effective.
  Awesome Results!
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from VA (home of the severe allergy)

After the first night of putting on the mattress encasing, I saw a difference. We cleaned the entire room and sort of "started over" encasing everything and it was the first good night's sleep I've had in a long, long time!

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