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Reviewed by: severe dust allergies from Chicago

Nice material, soft and quiet. Very easy to put on with 2 people. Also seems very well made, and sturdy.
  Love these
Reviewed by: allery sufferer from Columbus

This was ordered for a daybed it slipped on very easily. I love the fact that it's also water resistant.
  slides on easily
Reviewed by: Allergy newbie from Tampa, FL

We have a very thick pillow top mattress so I was worried the cover would not fit. It slid right on and zips shut tight. A good feeling knowing we are now protected. Great product.
  Great Product!
Reviewed by: Mary from Michigan

Quality fabric, easy to put on bed and no uncomfortable crunchy feeling.
  Great Product!
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Seeker from San Diego, CA

We have been using AchooAllergy products for 8 years now. The mattress covers are of high quality and are amazing soft. I have purchased less expensive ones several years ago, and I felt like I was sleeping on a potato chip bag! I will always come back to AchooAllergy.
  Perfect fit for crib mattress
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Jacksonville, Florida

I bought this mattress cover for my son's crib mattress and it fits perfectly. Love it!
Reviewed by: Janet from Albany NY

Fit the mattress great - didn't have that crunchy feeling, is working out great! Would recommend and buy again.
  long twin mattress encasing
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Delray Beach, Florida

It is not always easy to find things for the extra long twin and this helped my allergies.
  twin mattress encasing
Reviewed by: allergy suffrer from Delray Beach, Florida

This was easy to get on the mattress and is helping my night time allergies.
  Great product
Reviewed by: Scott from Scottsdale, AZ

High quality and great price.
  air dry this one
Reviewed by: Cal from Portland, OR

the whole low dryer setting thing, while ok per packaging, doesn't work with this. My dryer toasted off bits of the protective covering - if I had known it was this delicate I would have air-dried. Nonetheless, it serves its function and my baby sleeps just fine on it.
  Texas Review
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Woodlake, TX

I was pleased with the mattress encasing. It is comfortable and seems to help me breathe better at night. I received my order very quickly.
  getting allergies under control
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Green Bay, WI

I just put the new mattress encasing on today and have yet to sleep on it. It looks and feels wonderful. It's soft and didn't seem to be noisy at all considering it has a layer for being waterproof. It was easy to put on too considering it was for a king mattress. I can't wait to have my allergies under control with this new encasing! Thank you!
  Amazing Allergy Help!
Reviewed by: Severe Dust Allergy Sufferer from Dundee, FL

This product is wonderful! I've been having a lot of allergy problems, and after being tested, my only significant allery is dust. I was already following all of the "standard" doctors' allergy recommendations such as no carpets, use an air cleaner, etc. The only thing I wasn't doing was to use a mattress cover like this. I was amazed at the difference in how I felt the very first morning after I slept with it on my bed. I would recommend it to anyone!
  Feeling so much better
Reviewed by: 3 year old allergy and asthma sufferer from Florida

I purchased the mattress covers and pillow covers for my grandsons when my 3 year old grandson had pneumonia for the second time in six months. The doctor suggested the covers and his allergies and congestion have greatly improved! Thank you so much for helping to keep my grandsons healthy. This was the greatest gift that I could give them and my daughter is so very greatful!!!!!
  I am so pleased
Reviewed by:  from Denver, CO

I really like this product. It has a made a world of difference in how well I sleep at night. I was waking up tired from coughing all night long, now I just don't want to wake up because I am sleeping so well!
  baby love
Reviewed by: Adoption mommy from Sharon Hill, PA

I looked everywhere for a mattress encasing for a crib mattress. We are adopting from Vietnam, and were told the babies have a lot of allergies. I sleep with an encasing and wanted one for the baby. Your product was a great value! Other sites on the web wanted over $50! The adoption process is so expensive, I was relieved to find a good quality encasing for a moderate price. I thank you, and our new baby thanks you!
  Good value
Reviewed by: Happy Mom from Houston, Texas

I purchased this mattress encasing for my young son. It provides much better protection for the mattress with a higher level of comfort than the one we had on his old mattress. This is perfect for little kids.
  Easy to slip on, worked great
Reviewed by: Carl Patten from St. Paul, MN

I was able to slip this mattress case over my new mattress in just a couple minutes. The stitching is strong and I feel confident this will hold up for years.
  Dustmite Mattress Cover
Reviewed by: Unlikely Asthmatic from California

Finally, after years of my doctor telling me to get a cover for my mattress - I finally did it. Not only was this cover priced reasonably but I had an easier time putting it on than I do making my bed! It's been about two weeks and I wake up breathing easier and lighter, I wish I'd purchased one months (or years) earlier. Thanks Achoo!
Reviewed by: Allergy Mom from Long Island, New York

My daughter has sufferred from severe eczema and asthma since she was a baby. Finally, our allergist told us she was allergic to dust mites and recommended, among other things, to encase her bed. Thank you, achooallergy for your great selection, service, and price. Within a few days of using this product, dd's breathing was easier, and her skin was clearer.
  Ok. Could be better
Reviewed by: Blocked Nostril from San Diego CA

Is not very cool. Does retain heat. I still have to see if my allergies get better.
  Puts our minds at ease.
Reviewed by: a protective mommy from Eagle Mountain, Utah

I can't say that I've noticed a big difference for my daughter...she is only 17 months old and really can't tell me these things. The cover fit a little large- it wrinkles under the fitted sheet. But I like that it is supposed to repel water and other fluids.
  Mattress Covers
Reviewed by: AE-C from Manchester, NH

Great product
  Crib Cover
Reviewed by: Travis's mom from Indiana

easy to care for, and comfortable to sleep on. I bought this item for my sons crib. It is much softer than a vinyl cover which causes sweating. It was easy to put on, and take off. Since it's for a baby, I have to wash it on a fairly regular basis.
  Crib encasing
Reviewed by: J Frank from Pennsylvania

Works well and was easy to get off. Got softer after washing it. Does not seem to bother my daughter at all.
  Clean Air Membrane Mattress Encasings
Reviewed by:  from Floresville, TX

The encasing was easy to put on the mattress and it seems like it has helped my son with his allergies from dust mites a little.
Reviewed by:  from TEXAS

  easy and affordable, fast delivery
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Sufferer! from Chicago, IL

Last year, I encased my mattress and box spring with these and noticed such a difference that I ordered encasings for my kids' beds. You may need a hand slipping these on/off the mattresses, but they are a breeze to clean in the washing machine and mine have lasted over a year now with minimal wear and tear. They are more affordable than the encasings on other sites I've looked at and seem to be quite effective. They arrived quickly, just a few days. Thanks, Achoo. P.S. Nice customer service, too.
  It came apart!
Reviewed by: Veronica Windley from Bronx, New York

Although it feels good on my bed, the zipper fell apart and fell off as I was putting it on. I did not have the return info., so I just put safety pins in it.
  not too helpful
Reviewed by: sad mom from Florida

I used this product for a year already, and my son isn't experiencing much improvements... the allergy still keeps him awake at night.. very disappointed..

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