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  small but mighty
Reviewed by: better breathing in the heartland from Illinois

My asthma doc said get a HEPA air machine. Went to the internet and was overwhelmed, Luckily I found Achoo and the rest was easy. their site details all the air purifiers, comparing and contrasting each. All my research was done for me. All I had to do was pick the best one for my needs. Made in usa! Steel contruction. Good warranty. Takes up little space. Excellent deal. Helpful sales people on the phone answering any of my questions. I highly recommend Achoo Allergy and Austin Health Mate air purifier!!! 5 stars for each. Thank you!
  I can breathe again
Reviewed by: Mold, Allergies, Asthma from Northern Florida

I cannot thank you enough for your informative website that helped me decide that the Austin was the best selection for our needs and budget. We have had issues with mold in our home due to leaks, and also we are surrounded by trees and experience seasonal allergies. Every winter & spring I would experience asthma. My son was consistently congested and experienced head colds which led to bronchial infections. My husband had all the classic allergy symptoms. Considered moving, but decided to try this - purify the air. Within a day the air was noticeably cleaner. Within 3 days all of our symptoms were gone. We hope to purchase smaller units for our 2 bedrooms to extend this level of air quality. The customer service at Achoo is top level. I will look to this company first for our allergy needs. I understand that this is a costly purchase for many, but consider what you spend on doctors, medication, and lost time from work. You really can't put a price on wellness. Thank you so much Austin and Achoo! I have my health back.
  Mighty Mouse
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer who lives with a wood stove. from rural western Massachusetts

We live in a small but tall house, heated by a wood stove. There's always some smoke and other airborne particles to deal with in winter, and dust always. We're in a field in the midst of woods, so in summer we get lots of pollen. I love it here, but I have lots of allergies. Our new HealthMate Junior clears the whole house. We turn the out stream into the living room during the day and point it up the stairs at night, on setting #2. During the day it's on #1, except when we're loading the stove then we turn it to #3. It works great! We love it! Now I can breathe, even at night. Thank you!
  Incredible Results
Reviewed by: Smoking from Desert Center, Ca and Tillamook, OR

I smoke ... occasionally in the house ... but I hate the smell of smoke and I certainly don't want any discoloration of my walls, blinds or other things. We ordered this and have been delighted from day one. A side benefit is delightful cool air in the hot desert. Although our 1st home is not in the desert, we will be ordering a second one for that one also.
  Best Air Filter
Reviewed by: Allergy and Asthma from Arizona

I have asthma and my family has allergies. Austin Air makes an immediate difference in the quality of air your family breathes. I recommend this to everyone. Well worth the money.
  Saved my life!
Reviewed by: Torey from Texas

I was suffering severe asthma attacks at night and then I received my HealthMate! I am breathing at night and I am actually sleeping at night. It saved my life for sure.
  Your sinuses will thank you!!
Reviewed by:  from 

My husband and I moved into a new place that had a lingering funk. He has also broken his nose before and his deviated septum entails that he has frequent sinus issues and buildup due to allergens. What a difference this air purifier has made! After only a few days, the scent is virtually gone! My husband has also noticed a remarkable difference in his mucus buildup. The price is a little steep, but comparatively, it is a steal when taking into consideration the ease of replacing filters and the costs associated with them. We both recommend this product highly and specifically purchasing from achoo allergy, as they offered the best price around.
  Great air purifier
Reviewed by: Wife allergy sufferer from Mount juliet Tn

Well built. Looks like a piece of furniture. We run it on low speed and wow! It still moves a lot of air. My wife says she can tell a difference with her allergies. 5 yr. warranty. Ordering and receiving was great. Customer service was fantastic. Cost out the price of continually changing filters vs. changing every 3-5 years with this health mate and it's very comparable and may even save money. Very satisfied.
  Good product
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Collegeville, PA

I've had this for a few weeks now, and I've been happy with the performance. My boyfriend is allergic to my cat, but he's had no problems in the room with the purifier so far. My only issue is that we received 2 damaged/broken units. The first unit did not work on the highest setting. The second arrived with a large dent on the side, but was functional. We opted to keep it because we could push out the dent and hold it in place with duct tape and we didn't want to go another few days without it. Nonetheless, the return of the first unit was seamless. The customer service at Achoo Allergy was very responsive and made the replacement very easy.
  dust eater
Reviewed by: Dust Magnet from New York

We always had a dust problem tried several solutions none worked then I found Healthmate. When the instructions said place in bedroom I'm thinking how can this possibly filter the whole house which is 1900 SQ Ft from a upstairs bedroom. So I did a wipe test I wiped a shelf that collects dust every day and is impossible to keep up with well here I am 7 days later and no dust accumulated. The filter is in a upstairs bedroom and the shelf is in the downstairs living room. I used to wake up all stuffed up and now I'm clear as a bell. I cant say enough about this miracle filter. The best investment I have made in a long time.
Reviewed by:  from Reading, Pa

Got this for my father who has trouble breathing .. and he loves it.. said it really helps him
  Moves A Lot of Air
Reviewed by:  from California

This little unit is a winner. I can tell a definite cleaner smell in the room and I do not get as stuffy nosed while sleeping. I bought it for our bedroom to help with my husband's wheezing at night. The unit does not come with castors, but has small feet. It is not that heavy and can be moved around relatively easily. There are 3 settings and the unit is very sturdy, all metal, which I like.
  Air Purifier
Reviewed by: Allergy suffer from Vienna VA

Excellent product .. Works well .. and the air seems cleaner
  Austin Healthmate
Reviewed by: Sleeping Sound from Athens, Georgia

Shipping was very quick so I was able to start using the air purifier soon after I ordered. Pleased with the quality of the case and ease of operation. I have been using the Hunter air purifier for the past 8 years so I felt it was time to replace it. The sound from the Austin is very similar, about the same volume but a little lower tone. The Austin moves much more air through it than the Hunter. I just leave the Austin on the medium setting and let it run 24/7. I like to use a ceiling fan when it gets a little warm and with the Austin being on wheels I can just spin it around a little if I want some extra air circulating on a warmer night. A good mid-priced unit if you just want clean air and no fuss over filters.
Reviewed by: Jesse Sabo from New York, NY

I have been suffering from severe allergies to my rabbit for the past 2 years. My rabbit is my best friend and lives in my bedroom with me in Manhattan. The thought of "getting rid of him" just isn't an option - as I told my doctor. I have been on medication for a long time to control my allergic reaction and so I thought I should get an air filter for my bedroom where both me and my rabbit live. I got the Austin Air Healthmate Jr. at the recommendation of the Achoo Allergy customer service rep. It is FANTASTIC! My asthma has all but disappeared. There is no more smell from my rabbit's litter box. I can now sleep through the night without needing an inhaler. Unbelievable how much this has helped me. The best $400 I ever spent! There is a constant whoosh sound from the air purifier, but it is actually soothing to sleep to and I don't notice the sound at all during the day. Highly recommend the Austin Healthmate!
  HealthMate 400
Reviewed by: Sallie Bryan second hand smoke & allergy sufferer from Arnold, California

Initially I bought a different brand that I had to return. It "whistled" when it ran and, because it was made of plastic and made in China the air that exited from it smelled like melting plastic. I then bought Austin's Healthmate 400 and could not be more excited and pleased with this product. First off, it is made in the United States. Secondly, it is made of 23 gauge stainless steel. The guarantee on the filter and machine is 5 years AND you should see this thing work. I bought it mainly because of second hand smoke drifting into my apartment from the lower level. This is the first time in six years that I have awakened in the morning with no smoke in the air. There is no guarantee or suggestion that it will pull the smell from my bedroom lace curtains but, for whatever reason - it did it anyway. I am in HEAVEN. I just rolled it into the kitchen because this needed to be dealt with also - and after a half hour I can see a huge difference. I say you get what you pay for. You could pay less and feed the filter machine or get this one and likely, under normal circumstances, will not need a new filter for 4 or 5 years. This is a gem and I could not be more pleased.
  My allergy/dust zapper
Reviewed by: ...SUZIQ@ no more achoooooooo from 

I have 3 filter units in my 2100 sq ft home. This one being the more powerful is in the main room. 2 dogs 5 cats, is a lot of dander and since I live in rual america, pollen and dust are also a big problem for me. I found out a 3 years ago I had allergies to my cats and plants. NO, I did not give my pets away, My first step was to get rid of the drapes by installing new pella windows with the blinds between, removed some carpet and put in pergo, and purchased less expensive air purifiers. With each step I felt better, not so dependent on the medication. Then I found this website. Back and forth I went..$$$, finally I called up customer service to help me in the decision making process. With their help and 2 weeks later, I decided to try the unit as I was told it was returnable. Now, 2 months later, i have come to realize that there is LESS DUST all around and Sneezing almost non existant.. and I have not taken any medication for a couple months now. This very solid unit mesh surrounding unit, can be easily dented if you PLOW into it but will not hurt the function, really pumps out the air. I keep it on high my room is too big for the 4x air rotation per hour. Noise, to be honest I do not notice it although yes there is noise, but quiet noise. This unit is easy to move around on its casters to different locations, but for now it says in the living room. I opened up the unit from the bottom to check out the HEAVY, must be one strong fan to pull the air through this many layers. Over all happy to have this in my home. Thinking about getting a smaller one for the bedroom, but space is limited. Overall pretty darn happy with the results. From customer service help to purchase to extremely quick delivery, to results this unit has given for me...I am happy I made the purchase.
Reviewed by: allergies from Connecticut

perfect for allergies can't live w/o it!
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Connecticut

I am allergic to everything under the sun and keep this running all the time. When we lost power last week due to the hurricane, I noticed a complete difference in the quality of care w/o it.

I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and decided i wanted a air purifier that was a good one and not something that would last a year or two. The cheaper air purifiers are of far less quality than the austin healthmate. Also when you add up the cost of filters for these cheaper units one is saving nothing by purchasing them, all you have is a inferior machine. I love the quality of this machine and because its made here in america should mean something to all of us. I am very satisfied with the healthmate and plan on purchasing the austin healthmate jr for my bedroom. These units are 5 star in my book, excellent quality that i would recommend to all. D. Monahan
  Fantastic air purifier
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Mexico City

I purchased several of the Healthmate air purifiers before moving to Mexico City because of the extreme air pollution in the city, including ozone and particulate levels that daily exceed the U.S. EPA limits. The entire family had itchy eyes and sinus congestion before the air purifiers arrived. The Healthmate made a significant difference in our symptoms and I would highly recommend it for anyone concerned with air quality.
  Allergy symptoms gone
Reviewed by: Former allergy sufferer  from Rhinebeck, NY

I set up my Austin Air Purifier in my bedroom as per instructions. No longer am I awakened by coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc. I sleep all night through with no allergy symptoms. Also, I feel confident that the air in the rest of the apartment is getting cleaned of dust, mold, etc. 24/7. The unit runs smoothly with very little noise and is attractive in design and easy to operate. Very satisfied!
  I'm saving my money for....
Reviewed by: a kitty-cat lover from Albuquerque, New Mexico

This machine is great and it was delivered in very little time and made all the difference in the world for my daughter when she stayed with me on her last visit. I'm putting away money ech week so that I can buy a second one soon! Thank you achooallergy!
  Keep the daughter-in-law and the dog!
Reviewed by: GREAT Allergy helper! from New Market, Alabama

This is a great product. We purchased it because our new daughter-in-law has allergies and we have a dog. She is now able to come over and spend a day without sneezing. The air in our home smells cleaner. Along with keeping the house clean and bathing the dog, this product works great!
  Feels like the clean,fresh air maker!
Reviewed by: Baby Breather from Maryland

My 1 year old grandson was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma brought on by exposure to his trigger ... dust. Although the specialist stated that a good quality air purifier would help "a little", I began researching. After all my research, I chose this unit. It was MOST important to me that the purifier I purchased be efficient, powerful, AND include a hospital grade HEPA FILTER. The filter HAD to be quality AND long lasting, as replacement filters on air purifiers can be pricey. This unit included all these and more! The online purchasing process was easy as pie, and the shipping was extremely fast! I appreciated that fact, as every minute watching a child gasp for air feels like an eternity! Upon receiving it and seeing it "in person" the first time, I was impressed with the size. It was smaller than I had visioned and not as heavy and bulky as I had feared. Perfect for him to "take with" during vacations etc. Also, NOT that color is a deciding factor, but, the midnight blue color I chose was very pretty and helped disguise the fact that this was not scary "hospital machine" type equipment. Then we plugged it in and let it run in baby's room for a good hour. According to the specifications for this machine, it should have filtered the air in his size room 5 to 6 times in that hour. Immediately upon entering the room the whole fam wanted to "judge" EVERYONE had the subconscious desire to take a big deep breath. The air in that room felt fresher, cleaner, and the only word *I* can think to describe the rest of the sensation is that the air actually felt thinner ... easier to inhale. Another benefit, the room was odorless! Not that the room was stinky before, but, homes have their own odor, carpet damp or fabric softener odor or whatever. It was immediately obvious that the purified air felt & smelled clean & fresh. My only hesitation in choosing this unit was reading past reviews about the noise level of the unit when run on high. I'm very happy I chose to judge noise level for myself! I didnt find the unit to be noisy, even on high. It does make noise, its not silent, however, its a quiet, monotonous drone... white noise. For our situation, having quiet white noise from the machine actually seems to help baby sleep. Thus far, baby has had NO more allergy/asthma attacks. He IS still on meds from his attack a month prior to my ordering the machine. He HAS had attacks that landed him in the hospital while on medications before which as I stated has NOT happened since purchasing this unit! I would be happy to come back in the future & let everyone know if he is medication free & breathing fine after his next visit to the specialist, when he will hopefully be removed from the meds due to his greatly improved breathing at this time. In closing, I would recommend this unit to my friends and family. I want one for my own bedroom! This unit has met/exceeded all my demands of requirements in an air cleaner PLUS went above and beyond the requirements by adding selection of color, casters for easy moving from room to room, packed with power you can feel for yourself in a 'small as is possible" size.
Reviewed by: Adopt mom from Naperville, Illinois

I bought this air purifier for my son who is allergic to everything environmental and has recently started shots. We have had other air purifiers in the past, and I cannot say I have been impressed by them. This is the quietest purifier we have ever owned. I also love the fact that you don't need 2 feet around each side of the purifier in order for it to do it's job. It is not the most asthetic air purifier, but it rocks at doing its job. Within the first day, I had visible dust on the side letting me know it was doing it's job! It does cost more money, but I outweighed the cost of the filters and carbon that I seemed to be constantly changing! Here's to some happy air! :
  Excellent investment
Reviewed by: KLM from Ada, OK

Between the Austin Air Healthmate and the Ultra allergy bedding purchased from here, I can now sleep through the night w/o waking up at 2 or 3am with a stopped up nose. Wish I would have purchased many years ago and not lost all that sleep from a congested nose. Thank you Achoo Allergy for helping me get my sleep back!!!
Reviewed by: Alan Lee from Atlanta, Georgia

I bought one for my wife who has really, really bad allergies in the spring. She's been requesting an air purifer for the bedroom, and I did some research online and found this local store in Georgia. The sales guy was very friendly and helpful. My wife says she can breathe better at night and the air smells fresh. Will buy again for my father in NYC.
  Does its job
Reviewed by:  from St. Paul, MN

After much research decided to get this air purifier for our bedroom. Works great, the highest setting is no louder than the fan we had in our bedroom. The air in our bedroom is much cleaner and we sleep better.
  Wow, it even helps with snoring hubbys!
Reviewed by: Allergy and Asthma Sufferer from Indiana

I purchased the air purifier a month ago. It does a great job making the air fresher, which is nice if you're like me and you have asthma and allergies, your 9 month old has asthma, and your 3 year old's allergies are so bad she had to have her adenoids and tonsils removed at 2 years old. I definitely notice a difference when I run this in my bedroom at night. The baby sleeps better, and it's even helped my husband to stop snoring so loud. When I put it in my daughter's room is also helps with her snoring I know---poor thing. That fact alone is worth the $400 dollars, but the machine is so much more than that. We live in a home that's 100 years old, so dust is a huge problem. We also have three cats did I mention I'm allergic to cats? With this machine, you just turn it on and go about your day not having to worry about your allergies or your kid’s allergies as much. And, since my husband's no longer snoring soooo loud, I can get a good night’s sleep. The only drawback is the noise when it's on high, but the other settings are fine and just as helpful. In fact, I think the “white noise” affect helps everyone sleep better.
  Worked wonders for my son's allergies.
Reviewed by: Cat Allergy Boy from New Jersey

My son was suffering bad allergy induced asthma from our new cat, and we purchased this in hopes of not having to get rid of the cat. Also hoping my son would eventually adapt. Well after about a week with the unit on, all his allergy symptoms have gone. He still gets puffy eyes if he is petting the cat, but other than that, allergy free. I cannot say 100% it was because of the Healthmate, but I will not turn it off... no need. I love the unit, and would highly recommend it to allergy sufferers. My only complaint is the noise level on 'high'.
  Great Service and Product
Reviewed by: Suffering no longer from Ohio

I ordered my air purifier and it came very quickly. The unit works very well. Also, I wanted a purifier that was a bit louder. When I turn this unit to the second setting it is the perfect white noise to help get me to sleep.
  A whole new world!
Reviewed by: Jason from Boston

We have a dog who is considered FAMILY. This guy, "Whiskers" is not going to get pushed into another room. This year my allergies started acting up again and was really worried about what to do. I did some research and decided to try the Austin Air Healthmate. I honestly can't believe how much better I feel and how incredibly clean the air is. I've used air purifiers in the past, that worked, but not as good as this and as long as the filter system lasts as long a they say it will I'll be more than satistfied.
Reviewed by: Dustless in from Kingston, New York

I have an African Grey parrot that causes feather dust all over my tables and furniture, never mind what we were breathing in, but since the day I plugged it in NO MORE dust. The air is fresh the room is clean. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Healthmate your the best.
  Austin Air healthmate review
Reviewed by: Mary Jane from Rome, Ga

I am very pleased with our new air purifier. I like its 3 speeds and its effectiveness. I do wish it could be smaller and less heavy, but the wheels are a tremendous aid.
  This is a keeper
Reviewed by: A happy Austin Air Customer from Boulder, Colorado

We have owned our HealtMate for over ten years and it has not skipped a beat running on low during the day and medium speed at night for almost 90,000 hours. We have replaced the filter twice and it has truly created a better environment in our master bedroom and made life more comfortable for my wife who has asthma.
  Breathing Better
Reviewed by: Smoking office from Louisville, Kentucky

We have a small office with several smokers. We have tried several products to help with cleaning the air, but nothing worked. We decided to order the Austin Air Healthmate. We have only been using it for two weeks, but can already tell a great difference. Happy with our purchase!
  Austin Air Review
Reviewed by: Nicola Sparrow  from Atlanta, GA

After using my purifier for about a week, I've already noticed a significant difference in the air quality upstairs. I'm considering getting one for the downstairs, as well. I no longer wake up in the morning with a headache or a "stuffy" head. My only complaint is the sound. I wish it were a silent purifier. At night, if the setting is on low, it's not so bad that I can't sleep with it going or anything.
  Does what it says
Reviewed by: Sinusitis victim from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I recently purchased the Austin Air Healthmate. It is a compact and unobtrusive item to have in a room. It works as advertised and cleans the air so that nightime congestion is reduced considerably. The lower 2 speeds make it possible to have it on and still here anything you need to hear such as a child crying. It is a relief to know that you do not have to buy filters often and that running the unit costs just pennies.
  HM-400 Air Purifier
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from San Antonio, Texas

An excellent product. Just plug it in and enjoy the benefit of less dusting and pollen. It is quiet enough at the lower power levels to leave on when you have company or are having a quiet evening at home.
  HM-400 Air Purifier
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from San Antonio, Texas

It's an excellent product. Just turn it on and enjoy the benefits of less dust and pollen.
  Stop the bunnies before they grow
Reviewed by: Dust bunny combatant from Manhattan

I've had the Healthmate 400 for a couple of weeks now and I am very satisfied with its operation. I hate those pesky dust bunnies and I work hard to chase them away, but they are a very resilient enemy. Until now I've felt powerless, but with the healthmate watching my apartment the bunnies have all disappeared. It could be that they’ve just gone into hiding and are planning for a large offensive, but for now I claim victory. I suspect that just as in War of the Worlds, the bunnies cannot survive in a clean air environment that the healthmate provides. It is a very strong machine and I can feel a clear difference between the quality of air in my apartment before I bought it and now. On its lowest setting it’s so quiet it’s not even noticeable when trying to fall asleep. On its highest setting it’s about as powerful as a leaf blower and sounds somewhat the same. Highly recommended
Reviewed by: Alex from Florida

The PRODUCT is amazing!!!
  Finally sinus relief
Reviewed by: Sinus relief in Kansas from Newton, KS

I've suffered from indoor (and outdoor) allergies for years. Have had two sinus surgeries and gone thru allergy shots. It wasn't unitl I got the HM-400 that I got real relief from my allergies. The HM-400 is wonderful! I have it in the bedroom and enjoy clear & painless sinuses, even with the dogs in the room. Thanks to the HM-400 I finally have relief.
Reviewed by: C.C. from TX

I'm quite satisfied with the performance of this unit. I noticed a definite reduction in airborne dust within just a few hours after turning it on. I usually keep the unit in a central location in the house, and within a few days after starting use, the air quality throughout the house had improved very considerably in respect to both dust and odor. Several visiting friends and relatives have mentioned that they too have noticed the improvement to the air. I like the fact that the machine has three power settings, which is useful depending upon the situation. The HIGH setting, while a bit louder than medium or low, processes an impressive amount of air very quickly and is great for when you are doing housecleaning and disturbing more dust than usual. In addition to making breathing easier, I'm sure that I can look forward to not having to clean up as much accumulated dust as well.
  Best air filter!
Reviewed by: Eric from Durham, NC

I own two Austin airs and love them. I put the second one at my vacation house to keep the air moving and clean. We had an Ionic breaze there, but they just don't move enough air. Ionics are good for a bedroom, Austins are louder, but they also move 10x the air.
  HM-400 Air Purifier
Reviewed by: James E. Barton from Detroit

Open box, plug in, turn on, and forget about it. I noticed air quality improvement immediately.
  Best product out there!
Reviewed by: mother of a severely allergic child from Buffalo, NY

We purchased this air purifier for our autistic son who has major allergies to everything imaginable. His doctor has these in each area of her office. I can honestly say that this unit has made such a huge difference. It has eliminated dust and all odors, and the air smells totally fresh and clean. The unit itself is quiet and unobtrusive and moves easily anywhere you need it to go. We leave it running 24/7 and have not seen a big jump in electric bills. I am so happy with this product and I recommend it to anyone who has any need for cleaner air to breathe!
  sleep better
Reviewed by:  from Missouri

I plugged it in about 5:30 left it on all night on high. I slept better. My eyes were not burning or itching in the morning
Reviewed by: Sam  from Cartersville, GA

We love it. On top of quality filtering it keeps our room cooler with air circulation which helps in the summer. A little loud, but I've found that there is no such thing as a whisper quiet air purifier anyway. The white noise actually helps me sleep better. I just ordered a second one.
  Still Enjoyed the Pure Air Since 1994
Reviewed by: Audrey (Barber) Gregory from Lebanon, Missouri

I purchased a Austin Air Purifier in 1994 I have run it continuously since that time, have only ordered & changed the filter one time. It sure makes your home smell fresh and I think it helps prevent colds & viruses,I hope I never have to be without one, and I am ordering one for my daughter who is expecting a baby,so they can have a germ free environment when they come home from the hospital.
  quick relief
Reviewed by: Asthmatic Mom from New York, New York

I noticed a difference within the first night of sleeping in a room cleaned by the Healthmate.
  I can breathe
Reviewed by: Shallow Breather from Williamsville, NY

I was having trouble sleeping and bought my Austin on advice from a friend. She owned one and swore by it. Now when I lay down at night I don't feel like I'm going to choke.
Reviewed by: Barbara Puzzella from Buffalo, NY

I used this unit in my basement (we have had a severe mold & mildew problem) and I can say I can turn the unit on and the smell is gone, I also am a smoker with a cat & a dog and we have no pet or cigarette smells in the house anymore. It works great!
  Austin Air
Reviewed by: Non Allergy Person from Minnesota

A quiet, steady unit that is easily turned on and forgotten. Can't remove odors from cooking but seems to move alot of air and freshen it. It has the effect of drying the air out so if humidity is better for you, don't run this too close to your sleeping quarters. Allergy effectiveness unknown.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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