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  love this pillow
Reviewed by: Jessica P. from New Salisbury, In

I am very picky about pillows. We have bought a lot of them and normally they are too high or hard and my necks hurts the next day. This pillow is soft and comfortable. I highly recommend it!
Reviewed by: Catherine from West Palm Beach, FL

This is the first time I can't wait to put my head on a pillow. I'm small size 4 and always fought the pillows. Now, I'm down on a cloud. Not too soft - not hard. Perfect! Usually they've been too high - even though they've been soft. This time they got it right.
  Not for me
Reviewed by: Seeking a good pillow from DC

Sadly, this pillow didn't live up to the reviews. It's nice and soft, true, but as soon as I out my head on it, it goes flat under my head,but puffs up on either side and blocks my nose. Can't use it at all.
  terrific pillows
Reviewed by: rob r from new jersey

encountered these pillows in a hotel in philadelphia. looked at the tags and bought these. i really love them.
Reviewed by: allerfy sufferer from Harrodsburg, KY

I was an exclusive user of feather pillow, until I discovered that was part of my allergy issues. I was worried about finding a pillow as comfortable but these are perfect. I am very satisfied with this product.
  Love this Pillow
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Atlanta, GA

This is a great pillow! I have had the worst time finding a pillow that is soft enough to not "fight" you all night pushing back at you. This is a nice soft pillow that is perfect for a stomach or side sleeper but firm enough if you want to prop up to read.
  WOW! what a pillow
Reviewed by: Sharon unknown allergy sufferer from La Crosse Wisconsin

Bought the Prima Loft allergy pillow and haven't looked any further - this pillow solved my problems immediately and I have been enjoying restful, comfortable, uninterrupted sleep since I received it. Thanks to all at Achoo!Allergy. Will be purchasing more items soon!!!
  Great pillow
Reviewed by: Ddjada from MO

I love these pillows! They are very comfortable and seem to conform to your head and then return to their original shape.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: rob r from new milford, new jersey

We slept on these in a hotel in philadelphia in february. i looked at the labels and decided i must have these. Terrific pillows.
  Perfect for chemically sensitive individuals
Reviewed by: Severe Allergy Sufferer from Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have bought dozens of pillows over the past few years. I have crazy allergies, and standard "hypoallergenic" pillows have let me down. This pillow is "safe" for me. Very affordable, very comfortable. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone--those with allergies and those without.
  It Grows on You
Reviewed by: Cindy from Vero Beach, FL

I purchased my pillow about 2 months ago. At first I was not altogether happy with it. It was firmer than I had wanted since I sleep on my stomach much of the night. However after having it for 2 months I've not only grown used to it but find it hard to express how much I actually like it. Let me put it this way, I don't want any other pillow. I am perfectly happy with it as it has exceeded my expectations.
  Excellent Product!
Reviewed by: Jeff S. Stinson from Atlanta, Georgia

I purchased a Primasoft Synthetic Down Pillow and absolutely love it! There are many "down alternative" pillows on the market, but this pillow is really an excellent substitute for down. And,the customer service is amazing! I had a question and they responded quickly and were very polite and professional. I am certain I will do business with Achoo Allergy again!
  Love this pillow!
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Papillion, Nebraska

Ever since I purchased this pillow I have been sleeping so much better at night. I'm a side sleeper and this pillow provides just the right support for my head and neck. I am also getting less exposure to dust mites at night. My health has greatly benefited from the use of this pillow. A great buy!
  Not quite right for me
Reviewed by: Prefer Firm Pillows from Bergen 'County, NJ

This is a very soft pillow. Once your head hits this pillow it will sink in. I prefer to sleep on a firmer pillow so I had to return it, otherwise I would have kept it. If you prefer a very soft cushion like pillow, this is the one for you.
Reviewed by: SandiaKeith from Sandia Park, NM

Amazing, just like down, but without the mess and the allergies. This is the second time I've ordered, and does not loose loft like down, and much easier to clean. In summary, why pay for down, when it let's you "Down" for a high price?
  Sleeping comfortably again
Reviewed by: Laurie from Arizona

With allergies my entire life, I need to be very careful with pillows. I found a primaloft pillow a few years ago that needed replacement. After an extensive internet search and price shock, I found achoo allergy. Best price for primaloft pillows and the light weight stuffing that I love. I sleep with a cpap machine and need a very moldable pillow like the one I found here. I am so glad that I found this web site!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: my Husband vs. Dust Mites from Waynesboro, Virginia

Great comfortable pillows. My husband stole mine, so I will be purchasing more!
  Perfect Pillow!
Reviewed by: Kari from Salt Lake City

These pillows are wonderful! They have the softness & suppleness of a down pillow without the down. They are perfectly supportive without too much lift or not enough. I bought some for home & loved them so much I bought another that travels with me I travel every other week for work. After years of sleeping on horrible hotel pillows, I'm finally getting good sleep both at home & on the road!
  The best pillow I've ever owned
Reviewed by: George  from New York, NY

Bought two of these pillows to replace my expensive memory foam pillows which were hurting my neck. Not only are these Primaloft a delight on my allergies but they are delicious and cloud-like. Definitely recommended!
  OK now....
Reviewed by: bad neck from Ohio

I suffer constantly if I don't have support for my neck. This product has improved the issue by about 80%. Should have bought the next firmness up [for side sleepers]. Not sorry though, recommend these pillows for anyone who likes a soft feel.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Synthetic Down Pillow from North Carolina

Nice pillow but it flattened out quickly. I like softer pillows.
  A satisfied customer
Reviewed by: Better breather from Brooklyn NY

I used down pillows for years but I was very happy to substitute these Primaloft pillows. They really felt like down!
  RELIEF - Worth Every Penny
Reviewed by: Barbara from Princeton, NJ

FINALLY - well made, comfortable pillows that allow you to sleep through the night and wake without red itchy eyes!
  so soft and cool
Reviewed by: satisfied allergy sufferer from Pilot Mountain, NC

I love this pillow!! I am a back sleeoer and this pillow is perfect! I don't look as puffy in the mornings either! That is my favorite thing about this pillow!! I like to wake up looking good!! And the sneezing is non exisiting!!!
  Restful sleep
Reviewed by: Donna L  from Henderson, NV

I am in love with these pillows. They are the best ones I have ever had. I used to sweat alot at night and now I wake up cool and restful. No more "night sweats" thank you...I have told all my friends about them and they are going to order the pillows.. Thank you , thank you, thank you....
  Like Down
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from NYC

The feel is excellent!
  Wonderfully comfortable!
Reviewed by: Kelloggs from LA

These are fantastic and feel like a down pillow. Your head sinks into pure comfort without the sneezing. My husband wasn't to keen on giving up his pillow, I asked him to try it out for one night and needless to say he loves it now.
  Best pillow ever!
Reviewed by: allergy plagued from Austin, Texas

My husband has terrible allergies, so the comfy down pillows had to go. My search was on to find a suitable replacement. I looked no further when I discovered the Primaloft Synthetic Down Pillows. Honestly, I like them better than the down pillows we had been using for years! Your head melds into the pillow however, the Primaloft pillows hold their shape far better than a down pillow. Plus, my husband's allergies have improved!!!
  Allergy pillows
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Florida

We visited our grandson & wife on two occassion. After the 2nd visit we knew we HAD to have those pillows. Our granddaughter gave us the info and we sent for them. My husband suffers from unknown allergies and I suffer from ill fitting pillows. We are very satisfied, infact, we are hooked and will never buy another type of pillow.
  So comfortable
Reviewed by: Tossing and turning from Ohio

I had some synthetic other type of pillows previously and I could not sleep the whole night through without waking up and doing a readjustment in their shape. With my new pillows, I sleep all night. There like sleeping on air, their so comfortable.
  Great for Sinus Sufferers
Reviewed by: Former Sinus Sufferer from Bastrop, Louisiana

These pillows were recommended to us by our Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor as we were all having chronic sinus infections due to sleeping on down filled pillows. Our doctor suggested that we switch all of our pillows to Primaloft Down and we did and they have certainly paid for themselves as we no longer have to pay the doctor's fees as before. They are also very soft, but yet hold their shape perfectly. They are exactly as described and we have bought them as Christmas gifts for other family members as well. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ALL!
  Stop the Sinus Problems
Reviewed by: Chronic sinus sufferer from Bastrop, Louisiana

These pillows were recommended to us by our Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor as we were all having chronic sinus infections due to sleeping on down filled pillows. Our doctor suggested that we switch all of our pillows to Primaloft Down and we did and they have certainly paid for themselves as we no longer have to pay the doctor's fees as before. They are also very soft, but yet hold their shape perfectly. They are exactly as described and we have bought them as Christmas gifts for other family members as well. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ALL!
  The Perfect Pillow!
Reviewed by: Melanie Weaver from Whitehouse, Texas

My husband and I have been in pillow purgatory for months! We tried several store bought pillows only to be disappointed. This pillow is THE BEST PILLOW WE HAVE EVER SLEPT ON!! Whatever mood your in, the pillow conforms-the bonuses are, we no longer wake up with stuffy noses AND it's washable!
  Faux Feather Pillow
Reviewed by: Emily  from Chicago, IL

I have been using feather pillows my entire life and my allergist said that it was time to let the feather pillow go. The first night I used my pillow I couldn't tell it wasn't a real feather pillow. I feel as though I am sleeping better and my allergies are better that I am using this pillow.
  Love these pillows
Reviewed by: Allergy relief from Atascadero, California

My husband was diagnosed with dust mite allergies recently so I started looking for some help in combatting these critters. I found the Achoo Allergy site and reviewd what other people had said about the products. I felt like I was going to get a great product and I was not disappointed. I replaced our much-loved feather pillows with the new pillows I ordered and we love them. I really was impressed with the customer service too..I would recommend this company to others when I get the chance.
  Extra Benefit: Great for my Neck!!!
Reviewed by: Anne S., No more runny nose or neck pain. from Mt. Washington, KY

The pillows have not only helped prevent the constant runny nose I had, but they are like sleeping on a cloud, and contour under my neck and support my head so I do not wake up tih pain in my neck and shoulders in the morning.
  heavenly headrest
Reviewed by: Sniffles Nomore from Atlanta, Ga

Love these pillows- soft to the max inside and out. Add a cover and they stay perfect forever!
  Best Pillow Ever for Stomach Sleepers
Reviewed by: K. Miller from Locust Grove, GA

Perfect for stomach sleeper. It is like sleeping on a big marshmallow. It never bunches up and retains its shape when not being used. Love it!
  Sleep Like a Baby!
Reviewed by: CJ Elias-West from Sterling, VA

For a couple of years, my husband has been wanting down pillows. Because we both have indoor and outdoor allergies, we had a difficult time finding a synthetic down that was close to the real thing. While visiting Sleep Better, I read about Primaloft Synthetic Down pillows and I was sold! I bought them for my husband for Christmas, and he's been sleeping great since. He says it is like "having my head floating on a cloud."
  Best pillow I ever had!
Reviewed by: Ewa from NJ

I was amazed at how great this pillow is. Before I purchased it, I thought that nothing can beat "down pillows" but this one is 100% better. It's soft, fluffy and just perfect every night :) I highly recommend this product to everyone who's looking to replace their down pillows.
  comfortable on neck
Reviewed by: pain in the neck from Cincinnati

I recently purchased this pillow and plan on buying more. It doesn't push my neck up while back sleeping and compresses into a comfortable shape when side sleeping. It's great
  Great pilllows
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer. from Pearl River, New York

Because of allergies my nightime sleeping was being interrupted. I find since I have the pillows, I am sleeping much better.
  Great product
Reviewed by: JC from Florida

Great pillow. Very soft. I only wish it had a little more fill in it because I sleep on my side. Very impressed with the quality.
  The best!
Reviewed by: TWRuess from St. Maries, Idaho

This is the best pillow I have. It is soft, pliable, easy to fluff up, and it crushes down to fit the shape of my head. And it always springs back into shape.
Reviewed by: Stacy from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

These pillows are absolutely amazing. I've never slept better.
  Synthetic down
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Belleville, IL

I didn't expect the pillow filling to feel so much like real down. The pillow is light weight and very soft. It more than met my expectations.
  Primaloft Pillow
Reviewed by:  from CHEHALIS, WA

  Comfort in a Pillowcase
Reviewed by: Sheri Lollis Rutan from Citrus Heights, California

The pillows feel just like down! Very comfortable and soft. What a fabulous alternative!
  Pillow Heaven
Reviewed by: Susan an asthma sufferer from Demorest, Georgia

The pillows are excellent and as advertized. Very soft, yet supportive and my neck does not feel like it has been on concrete all night.
  Wonderful product--incredible sleep
Reviewed by: Asthmatic from Missouri

Best pillow i've ever bought. What comfort and not with feathers; totally non-allergic. I'm asthmatic and its wonderful to have such a fantastic pillow and boy do i sleep well with it. It is an amazing pillow; beats anything hypoallergic that i've ever tried.
  Don't waste your money
Reviewed by: Tina from Illinois

This pillow is fine if you use it over another pillow. It is too flat when used alone.
Reviewed by:  from 

These pillows are like laying your head into a cloud. It's so comfy and stacking two or three feels really luxious. I don't wake up with a sore throat anymore with the allergy protection these provide also.
  breathe at last
Reviewed by: severe allergy sufferer from mt airy, north carolina

after purchasing the primaloft pillow and the cover I have been able to sleep through the night and wake up sniffle free.
  Synthetic Down Pillows
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Florida

These pillows are better than down, in my opinion. No poking feathers, or allergy dust. They feel just like the real thing when sleeping on them. I'm impressed!
  Good, but not the right firmness
Reviewed by:  from Washington, DC

I like the improvement in breathing since I got this pillow, but it's firmer than I like, although advertized as soft.
  pillows don't give
Reviewed by: stiff neck from Philaadelphia, PA

I find the pillows too stiff, almost like filled with air.
  Better than down
Reviewed by: Down pillow isn't down anymore from Wilmington, N.C.

I have used a down pillow all my life, and allergy is my middle name. I like a flat soft pillow and this does it without the allergy reaction. thank you thank you.
  Excellent product, we are reordering
Reviewed by: Husband's allergies keeping me up! from Springfield, Illinois

This pillow has the feel of down, yet more comfortable and cooler.

  Soft and Silky
Reviewed by: Military Asthma Sufferer from Florida

The pillowcases are soft and silky and are a pleasure to sleep on. My head stays cool and comfortable all night long. The only thing is that there are some freyed edges on the material on the inside of the zipper, so you have to manually hold the material back as you zip. Other than that, it's a great product!
  Excellent - Just like down
Reviewed by: Long Term Allergy Sufferer from Atlanta, Georgia

I have been using one of the Primaloft pillows for a couple of months now and overall I am very pleased. I would recommend the pillow to anyone that loves their down pillow but suffers from allergies. I have been taking an antihistamine for allergies for the last 15 years and I finally got the nerve to go to a specialist to find out what I was allergic too. (Fear of needles prevented me from going earlier) During the initial visit the doctor questioned the kind of pillow I used and when I said a down pillow he suggested that could potentially be my biggest problem. I have been on a quest to find a pillow with all of the good qualities of down ever since. After a year of searching I was still using a down pillow and had a closet full of pillows that were supposed to be just as good as a down pillow. I was searching the web for more pillows when I found the AchooAllergy site and the reference to the Primaloft pillow. The Primaloft pillow is the only one that I have found that really is just like a down pillow. I like a pillow that is cool to the touch and soft enough that you sink into it when you lie down. If you turn the pillow over you still get the cool feeling just like with a down pillow. The other pillows I have tried seemed soft at first but after a few moments there seemed to be an uncomfortable pressure on my neck. The other pillows also appeared cool to the touch at first but after a while they seemed to absorb heat so no matter how you turned the pillow it was warm and uncomfortable. I seldom recommend any kind of products because I don’t want friends blaming me for a purchase they regret but the Primaloft pillow is truly exceptional. I sleep just as well as I did with my down pillow and my allergies have improved dramatically.

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