Enviracaire EWM-300 Humidifier with UV Light Customer Reviews

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  So pleased I bought a second unit
Reviewed by: Satisfied customer from Grantsburg, WI

Our house is terribly dry and we've had all sorts of humidifiers to battle the dryness. I had always shied away from warm mist humidifiers because of the dreaded 'white residue' early models were famous for. I had heard Enviracaire solved the problem and was skeptical, but the thought of a warm-air mist unit was inviting so I thought I'd try one. I got our first EWM-300 unit toward the beginning of last year's heating season. It worked as advertised with no white residue. I run our unit at almost full output and get 24-hours worth of humidity per each fill. At full output, the unit does gurgle, but with the radio or TV on, even normal conversation, the noise is not noticeable. I clean the EWM-300 weekly, and that seems to extend the life of the unit. When I put it away at the end of last season, it looked almost brand new. The UV light which came with the unit lasted the entire first season and I replaced it at the start of this season. The replacement was a simple matter — and coming from a guy with all thumbs, that's saying something. The absorption pads which come with the unit last about two weeks, so you may need more than come with the unit to start with. I was so impressed with the EWM-300 last year, I bought a second unit for the second floor of our home this fall. I am a notoriously light sleeper, at least when I'm trying to get to sleep, so initially I was concerned the gurgling from the upstairs unit may have kept me awake. I have found that concern unwarranted — quite the opposite in fact. The gurgling is quite a restful noise and perhaps even helps me fall asleep.
  Enviracaire EMW-399 - the ultimate humidifier
Reviewed by: Bob A from Reston, Virginia

The Enviracaire EMW-300 Humidifier is an excellent humidifier that eliminates the white dust problem, is easy to fill, and is extremely quiet.
  Not quiet like the Slant/Fin
Reviewed by: Bob and Vicky in Colorado from Colorado

We already owned this version of the humidifier when it was sold by Slant/Fin. When Enviracaire took it over there were supposedly no changes. The look is nearly identical but there were no instructions included with the packaging and thankfully we already owned its predecessor so we knew how to clean and operate it. This unit is not as quiet as the Slant/Fin. The water gurgles louder and more often as it operates. Overall we are quite satisfied with the product and it performs well.
  easy to use
Reviewed by: D.D. from Lowell, MA

I'm very happy with my GF-300. I like the idea of using steam and not cold water to discourage mold growth. Easy access for cleaning is a big plus. The unit is very quiet, so, you can use it in any room of the house.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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