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  Excellent Product
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Little Rock, Arkansas

I have a strange household. My husband does the cooking and I do the yard-work. I had to go to the doctor because I was having so much trouble with breathing. I have allergies and asthma which would go into bronchitis and infection. My doctor said I couldn't do yard-work any longer. That wasn't going to happen because I love taking care of my roses, flower beds and all the rest that goes with it. I have tried other masks but they just did not work for me. That is when my research mode kicked in and I found this mask. WOW! Not only is in comfortable, but I can actually breath while wearing it. I haven't gotten sick again either. I highly recommend this product to anyone that has allergies and asthma. Oh and I wear it while cleaning house too. Fabulous product.
  Worked Great
Reviewed by: Allergic to dogs from Illinois

My in-laws have a dog that I'm severely allergic to. I can only last about 2 hours before my asthma gets dangerously bad. Don't want to spend the money for a hepa air purifier that will clean the air throughout the whole house. Using the mask I'm able to stay as long as I "want" to stay. It works!!!!
  heart saver
Reviewed by: able to farm from New York

im a heart transplant patient and this help when I am out getting in hay on the farm
  Great mask
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Oklahoms

I use the mask when I mow my yard. It works great!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Allen Mayeske a allergie suffer for years. from Newton Kandahar

The greatest allergy mask ever made.
  My Son Can Do Things Again
Reviewed by: A Thankful Mom and Son from Tennessee

Our son who suffers from Asthma which this alone can cause the sufferer anguish. Yet when wanting to do help work / clean in or outside the home brings much more stress. This alone in cleaning in the past could have and has before gotten him sent to the hospital, but thanks to this respirator/mask He is able to join in okay, so he feels like something from star wars with big pink cheeks he doesn't care because it keeps out all the bad stuff. He can breath and not have to gasp or always try to cover up or hold his breath when doing cleaning/yard work or building projects. This mask really has afforded him a new avenue to better live his life.
  Great for cleaning
Reviewed by: Allergy and Asthma Sufferer from Virginia

I'm very allergic to dust mites, pollen, and pet dander, but needed to deep clean my apartment because of bad allergy symptoms. The last time I dusted and vacuumed I was so congested and ill over the next few days that I thought I had a sinus infection. I purchased this hepa filtered mask, which I used while vacuuming and allergy treating my apartment, and there was a huge difference in how I felt afterwards. I also have asthma and am sensitive to chemicals or any type of harsh smell. I used the mask while spray painting and not only did I not start wheezing, but I also couldn't even detect any of the chemically smell. And as an added bonus, it kept me from inhaling any of the dust while sanding and helped with my outside allergies!
Reviewed by: Dust Mites Go Away! from Mantua NJ

I can dust, vacuum and use bleach without suffering the next day! I'll be checking out other items on this site to help with my awful allergies. Thanks!
  farming again
Reviewed by:  from New York

I had a heart transplant and wear the respirator so I can farm again
  Stay Free and Clear
Reviewed by: Spring Allergy Sufferer from Upper Marlboro, MD

Initially I thought this mask was going to be too hot and smothering to wear during the summer months. To my surprise, it does allow me to breathe without getting too overheated. The fit is comfortable and although I may look like an alien invader, I don't feel like my head is swollen with congestion and pollen from cutting the grass or working outdoors. I recommend it highly.
  Mowing Grass
Reviewed by: Cure for mowing grass from Kentucky

I mow my Yard every week, about 2 acres. before I got this mask the pollens and molds would make my sick for a couple days after.. using this mask is, cut the sick time down to a couple of hours.Highly recommend it and now wonder why I waited so long. It really does the job.the only con I have about it is if you are clostaphobia it takes a while getting use to it.
  This thing WORKS!
Reviewed by: Thankful from Montgomery, Ala.

I had been working in my attic on Saturdays for about two months off and on to get a floor down and shelves built. Every time I came out I was sick for a week with a sinus infection. I tried a simple dust mask but the result was laughable so I decided to get a more expensive one and this is it! It fits perfectly and since using it I have not even had a sniffle or sneeze when I am done for the day. Working with eye protection takes some adjustment but the bottom line is is this thing works! It was cheaper than I expected and it got here quicker than I expected. An all-around great experience.
  I wore it 22 hours a day!
Reviewed by: Lori P. from Phoenix, Arizona

I am extremely allergic to grasses and dander, because of this I had not visited my daughter and 4 grandchildren in the grassy state of Idaho for 4 years. I purchased two of these hepa masks, wore them 22 of 24 hours a day and had an extraordinary visit! I could not have done it without these hepa mask respirators!
  Breathing Easy in the Compost Pile.
Reviewed by: Okionada from The Ozarks

My new mask makes the yard work pleasant. True. No more coughing and choking. I should have bought one years ago.
  I survived doing yardwork
Reviewed by: Lawn work survivor from Indianapolis, IN

I have extremely bad allergies when it comes to freshly cut grass, among other things, but freshly cut grass makes it very difficult to breath and later on I have to sleep for 24 hours to get over the allergic effects I have from it. I wasn't expecting much from the mask, but it was easy to breath through and I could not smell any cut grass or outside smells and it was not affecting me at all. It has been a long time since I could safely work out in the yard while someone was cutting grass and now I can.
  Pollen and dust
Reviewed by: Dust and pollen sufferer from Zachary, La.

I suffered from sinus allergies each time I mowed my yard, due to the dusty conditions and the oak tree pollen. The 3M 6291 mask keeps both dust and pollen out. I also use it to cut lumber on my table saw to keep out sawdust. It works wonders, I couldn't even smell the cedar I was sawing.
  Great Mask!!!
Reviewed by: severe allergy sufferer from Fort Worth, Texas

My doctor told me that I would never be able to mow the lawn again because of how bad my allergies are so I followed his instructions for quite a few years. Then I was offered a job mowing 4-5 days a week that I couldn't pass up so I purchased this mask and I haven't had any problems with my allergies except when the dust gets in my eyes. It works great and I am able to mow 4-5 days a week and 8-9 hours each day without any problems! I definitely recommend this mask to anyone with allergies and who still needs to do lawn work.
  Review of Mask
Reviewed by: Ellen from Southern Coast of Oregon

I recently purchased a mask to use outside while I garden as I have allergies to mold and dust. This mask fits well, was easy to adjust to fit and did not slip around while using it. I had no adverse reactions like I would have experienced had I gardened without the mask. I haven't tried using it in warm temperatures so cannot evaluate whether it would be comfortable in the heat.
  good respirator
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Bloomington, IN

I purchased this respirator to work on an older home that had to be cleared out that was really activating my mold/mildew allergies. It works well exactly as described and is as comfortable as the paper dust mask I was wearing. My only problem is that I needed a small size and it is not available in small. I get a small amount of air leakage at the bridge of my nose. The product itself is great, though.
  Good product
Reviewed by: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Sufferer from Georgia

This mask works pretty well. I can now go into my home and do a few things. I have MCS and am not able to live in my home right now. This mask allows me to go in for 15 to 20 minutes at a time now. I do notice that I can still smell some of the smells that are bothering me but not as heavily. As far as comfort goes, I have a small frame and this mask tends to hurt my face if I leave it on for more than 5 minutes.
  It really works
Reviewed by: Revis Smith from Murphy, Texas

Our yard is in the Dallas, Texas area where the average temperature in the summer is 100+ yet this mask is still tolerable. This mask does not get wet from perspiration which means it continues to work in very warm temperatures. I recommend this product to anyone that works in dusty or warm conditions.
  No Stuffed Sinus
Reviewed by: Bill T. an allergy sufferer from Shingle Springs, CA

I use this respirator, while weed eating tall grasses on a dusty parcel. I no longer get stuffed sinuses or run the risk of infection. No problem breathing during use and no more fogging of eye goggles.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Teenager suffers from allergies from North Carolina

I ordered this mask for my 14-year old grandson, who suffers each time he mows their lawn. After using it one time, he commented that it was GREAT! He said, "I didn't even sneeze once!" Now he can continue his summer job without suffering.
  products available
Reviewed by: product availability from redding, ca

I was very very impressed with the quality and quantity of products available for the allergy sufferer such as myself. I will continue to order from your site.
  Respirator Makes Breathing Easy
Reviewed by: MMG from Los Angeles, CA

I live in Los Angeles. Whenever I drive through particular freeway sections, I would consistently get this tightness in my chest and often start wheezing. This mask has stopped this issue completely. While it's occassionally a bit uncomfortable, the level of relief makes me give it a five star rating. It's also great in the garage, and when I'm in the garden.
Reviewed by: Allergic-2-the-outdoors from Toney, Alabama

To start off, the only downside of this product is the giant pink filters. other than that, I love it! Even when sweating heavilly mowing or weed whacking, it holds the seal against my face, and the upper head strap fits comfortably even when wearing a hat.
  No bronchitis!
Reviewed by: Allergy agony!  from Arkansas

Every spring pollen season I develop bad allergy induced bronchitis [from the tree pollen], if I go outside for any length of time. I love working in my garden in the spring, planting flowers and tidying things up for summer. I had stopped for the last three years, as I was becoming too sick. I purchased the HEPA mask and guess what? I am outside again, having so much fun and NO allergy symptoms at all! I even use this mask while spraying my dogs [with cedar oil spray] to keep pesky bugs away from them. And since it works so well, I use it indoors, while using bath/kitchen cleaners! This has restored my spring freedom! Not to mention protecting me while cleaning! Great product!
Reviewed by: Caughing Craig from Dusty NEW YORK

I had to do some work in an old basement filled with dust and who knows what ever else, I kept getting sick as I would vacuum the dust with a wet vac. I mean like I would be out for 2 days because I could not breathe, and my immune system would slow down to the point I was getting me a fever/other symptoms...The doc told me I had a dust allergy He told me to "GET A MASK TO COVER YOUR FACE" So that's what I did and I now can actually breathe + I don't get sick and can work all day and night in what would of been horrible conditions. Thanks 3M, and Thanks ACHOO your prices can't be beat!
  It works that all I could ask for.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Little Rock, Arkansas

Well I have really bad allergies. I needed something to ease my suffering. This really helped. I thought I was going to die before it got here but that was me not slow mail. I put it on except in my safe areas of my house and my sneezing and sniffs is all but gone. I still have times when it can't be helped but they are not as often. If you suffer from allergies this is a must have. I still don't like wearing it in front of other people sometimes but it beats suffering. I mostly wear it at home. I clean mine often and take care of it best I can.
Reviewed by:  from PA

This Summer I experienced zero allergies by wearing this mask while cutting my lawn..Relief!
  Good Mask
Reviewed by: Dust Mite allergy sufferer from Mississippi

Good Mask, works well. However, a little uncomfortable around top of nose and you should be aware it significantly muffles conversation. But definitely works. I'm pleased with it.
  Completely eliminates
Reviewed by: Senior with allergies from Boiling Springs SC

At the height of the summer mowing season here in South Carolina, Mother Nature hurls some punishing temperatures and high humidity at you. I am walking proof that a properly fitted 3M HEPA Respirator Mask adds “zero” handicap to your mowing experience. I have a long face, require a large mask and I adjust it for a snug, comfortable fit prior to beginning my yard work. After 2+ hours of mowing, some in very dusty conditions, I get off my mower and am not sneezing, coughing my head off or blowing my nose. What’s remarkable about that is I suffer from mild emphysema from being a former smoker for 40+ years and a myriad of pollen/dust related allergies. I’ve tried many masks over the years and finally hit pay dirt with this one. Attention allergy sufferers – this mask is for you. I have even asked my dealer who sold me my mowing equipment to consider stocking these for homeowners like myself and the many landscapers he serves as well. Who knows what kind of problems they are in for down the road for wearing no protection at all? What is really nice is having my adjacent neighbors both younger men comment on how well I am breathing by using this mask. They have seen me in much worse condition after having used others. This is without question a 5 star product!
  The Right Mask
Reviewed by: Charlotte from Shreveport, LA

If you have to wear a mask for any reason this is the one to wear. I have asthma so I have worn serveral different masks through the years but I like this one because it is not too heavy and the filters are not expensive to replace.
  mask disaster
Reviewed by: Mom of an allergy sufferer from Dallas, Texas

I bought this mask for my daughter, who has a dust allergy. But every time she puts it on she can't get enough air through it and ends up having to use her inhaler. It also gives her a migraine. I tried the mask on, and also had a hard time breathing, so it isn't just her. It was a waste of money, because of course, masks can't be returned.
  Cat-choooo !
Reviewed by: Mary Lou Sprowle from Pagosa Springs Colorado

Since Childhood I have been severely allergic to cat hair and cat dander. I am 72 years old now, and more allergic than ever. Recently my sister passed away, making me the head of her estate, which included two in- house cats ! Allergy pills did not work. I went online, found your wonderful web-site, picked a mask at random and ZAP!! I can work in the house, which is filled with pet dander, with no side affects ! I bought the packet of spare filters, to use when the other set of filters is being washed and dried. Thank you 200% for saving my life !!!!!!!
  I am Hep on HEPA Mask!
Reviewed by: Mary Lou  from Colorado

I am 72 years old and have suffered all my life from a cat dander allergy. Just to be in the same room with a cat causes sneezing and gasping for breath. Prior to this time, I stayed away from cats to stop the problem. My elderly sister has two cats. I could not visit her for any length of time, without getting asthma. Now I must care for her home, and her cats,while she is in a nursing home. I searched the internet for a solution, and found your website. At first I thought how silly for an old lady to wear a "Star Wars' type mask. Then, I realized who cares, it works! I can go into the home, and be around them all day with my 3M6271 Hepa Mask! The filters can be removed and washed, and I bought spare filters to replace them while the old ones were drying. This mask is the answer to a life long problem, that once was costly with having to take prescription medicine to releive my asthma. 1,000 stars to my Star Wars mask!
  A useful tool
Reviewed by: M.H. from Olympia, WA

My allergies don't completely go away when I wear this mask to work outside, as evidenced by an occasional swift removal of the mask to allow me to sneeze. But my allergic reactions are much dampened since using this outside. The weird pink color is overruled by it's effectiveness.
  Great product and allergy free
Reviewed by: Andy S. from Augusta, Ga

I was always trying to find the right product to prevent may allergies from flaring up while cutting the grass. This product has been a tremendous help. I had used other masks, but this one is worth the additional cost, because of the relief I had after finishing the yard. The yard looks great and I feel great now!
  I LOVE my mask!
Reviewed by: Barb  from Northeast Texas

I suffer from severe allergies but have to perform a lot of farm chores. Spring is miserable for me. After wearing this mask I didn't have ANY allergic reactions. I will never do farm chores w/o it again.
  Unbelievable resutlts
Reviewed by: Doug Brown Jr. from Shelby, NC

Very simple. I cut my yard with the 3M mask for the first time and did not even sneeze one time!!! That's never happened before. Have recommended and showed the mask to my brother-in-law who also suffers from grass allergies. Very comfortable as well!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Limestone County, Alabama

My allergies seem almost non-existent since I started using the mask. I mow almost an acre with a drainage ditch that grows all kinds of weeds and vegetation, and I show no signs of allergies.
  3M HEPA Mask
Reviewed by: severe allergy sufferer from Wisconsin

I am 52 years old and I have had problems with allergies all of my life. I enjoy being outdoors and cutting and maintaining a very large lawn with a riding tractor. Whenever I mowed I always had congestion, sneezing, runny nose and all that goes along with it. I recently purchased the 3M Mask and I have spent several hours mowing in all conditions and I have had no problems. The mask fits well and is comfortable to wear and the filters are easily replaceable. I wish I would have had this years ago. I'll never mow without it again.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer #1 from Sacramento, CA

I have had horrible allergies for at least 12 years now. I have had immunotherapy injections for 5 years and still suffer from seasonal allergies. Since 2 years I started using pills/local honey and the a allergy mask and together they were of great help. The mask however was the kind that doctors use except that it had hepa filteration, it was not very good on the really bad windy days. This 3M mask is a 100 times better than that mask, the filteration is great and the seal it creates aroud the surface that it covers gives excellent protection even on very windy days. It is a godsend for me. The only reason I have not given it perfect 5 is because the seal does pinch the top of my nose a little, any enhancements to the design there would be helpful.
Reviewed by: Richard from Texas

This filter really works. I work in a Refinery and use this filter on heavy Pollen days when working outside. Even when allergies are at their worst, it stops them within a few minutes.
  Breathing Again!
Reviewed by: Tracy Kruse from Dawsonville, GA

Okay, so I put it on at work and everyone thought I looked a bit kooky...but now I can go outside and garden, rake leaves, and next summer, mow the grass. I even wear it to clean the basement!
  HEPA filter
Reviewed by: histoplasmosis victim from Pittsburgh

I had searched for the right mask. Many were too heavy. Most are intended for industrial vapors and are not HEPA. This one is comfortable and lets me get outside on the farm again. It would be better if they had some indicator when the filter is dirty or 'full'. Otherwise, good mask, good value.
Reviewed by: Brent Gentry from Carterville IL 62918

I am 46 yr old and I have not mowed in 20 yrs until recently. I have been taking allergy shots for 20 yrs. I bought a 3M 6291 and then went out and bought a Toro Zero Turn. I have not had one problem since I bought this mask and I am glad to be mowing again.
  Breath of Fresh Air
Reviewed by: W.D. Sherman Olson from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

This mask is much lighter and more comfortable than the spray-painter''s mask I bought. It''s great for bad allery days or when cleaning the dusty areas of my house. I''m very happy I bought it.
  Filters great, though a bit hard to breathe
Reviewed by: Asthma Newbie from Chicago, Illinois

This mask does exactly what it says it does-- filters out the particles that make it hard to breathe. There is one drawback, however, it makes it a bit hard to breathe after awhile. I bought this mask because I ended up in the emergency room after cleaning one night and the cheap dollar store paper masks I was using didn't help. This mask does filter out the dust and junk that gets kicked up into the air when I clean, however, with no "air out" valve, I do have to stop every 10-20 minutes to leave the room, take the mask off and breathe. It gets so warm around the edges of the mask as well that your face is going to sweat. This is little price to pay not to end up in the emergency room, but I just do wish that there was a valve to let the air out. I feel like I have to breathe harder to move any air. Overall, I am glad I bought the mask, but would really encourage 3M to consider adding that valve.
  My wife likes it too....
Reviewed by: Leaf Mold Suffferer from Morgan Hill, California

I have a heart condition and I have always suffered from allergies. They have gotten worse over the years. I have a $150,000 garden with two water falls and over four hundred plants with Oak and Pine Trees. I have been so sick with winter leaf mold I can't go outside and have gotten sick enough with the heart condition for 911 consideration. I purchased the 3M 6291 Mask a few weeks ago and have been able to work outside for a few hours at a time. I went to an allergy specialist yesterday and brought the mask. I asked the Doctor if the mask was adequate and should I upgrade. He said it is exactly what he would have recommended. I look strange wearing it when people come around but I look strange anyway. It is hard to talk through but that has made my wife happy.
  Does the job after it out-gases
Reviewed by: Environmental allergy sufferer from Portland, OR

This mask is lightweight and very affectively against noxious fumes from paint and new carpet and cars and trucks. I like the color too. It looks OK in public. I need it when driving in some Mexican cities. The only thing I don't like is the odor of the plastic when I first put it on.
  3M 6291 HEPA Mask
Reviewed by: A allergy-asthma sufferer from Maud, Oklahoma

I am a 76 year young female who has recently been diagnosed with Bronchial Asthma. I love yard work and several times when I mowed I became ill. I had been using the litle paper masks, but they didn't help much. So I went on the internet and found this mask. I have been using it for a month, and have not even had an increase in my coughing or breathing. I am very pleased with this mask, as I'm convinced it will keep me out of the hospital and away from the Dr.'s office. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has an allergy and/or asthma problem.
  Mask that works
Reviewed by: Eva from Dallas, TX

Although my dogs were afraid of me when I was wearing this mask, it allowed me to clean up all their hair that collects on my wooden floors without my usual pet dander allergy symptoms. What a relief!
  Best in breed
Reviewed by: Allergy and Sarcoidosis Sufferer from Ridgeland, Mississippi

The mask is the best of its kind that I have found. The only improvements possible would be air conditioned cooling and supplemental oxygen for those of us with oxygen deficiencies.
  Breathing again in the Achoo season
Reviewed by: Clayburn Brent Hines from Florence, Alabama

A family member reported the great results that a coworkers neighbor had with this mask and filter--that should speak for itself. Its light weight. Someone commented online about the girly pink filter but I'm able to do the man's work around the house now...so there! You may want to buy a straw hat to filter some of the sun you'll be getting outside or you'll burn--I did!
  HEPA MASK Works!
Reviewed by: Syroun from Silicon Valley

This mask does work and fits well because of the elastic bands that are adjustible but I would suggest manufacturing it out of a non-plastic or a material that does not off-gas benzenes. For people with chemical sensitivities, that plastic smell is not healthy.
  Great mask!
Reviewed by: Melinda from Memphis, Tennessee

I collect fashion magazines new and old, and frequently have to deal with parts of my collection that are moldy, dusty, or are rife with perfume. Since I have chemical sensitivities to perfume and allergies to dust mites, I bought a HEPA respirator. I searched online for a few different types, and after fitting about five, I found this mask to be the most comfortable for my sensitive face, and also really petite! It fits in a purse and is lightweight. I love it for anyone who gets queasy at the smell of "eau du magazine" perfume samples, or airborne dust, or whatever - this mask is a lovely accessory for personal health and safety!
Reviewed by: Jason Mayer from Boise, Idaho

I don't know how I cut my lawn and used my weed eater without this for so long. I cut tall grass for four hours without so much as a sneeze, wow!!!
  HEPA mask for allergy suffers
Reviewed by: Pollen, allergy sufferer from Cuthbert, Georgia

The HEPA mask works well, except the sweating around the face, it needs some type of terry cloth around the edge to keep this from happening. Also, I believe a different color than pink for the filters would work.
  decent mask for $
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Philadelphia suburbs

It definitely helps filter out pollen and allergens and everything else but it is hard to wear with glasses and its a little hard for those to breathe through that already have sinus troubles. it also gets your face very sweaty. I recommend it but there may be others out there that are better. For the price im sure its one of the better ones though
  Doesn't squish your nose.
Reviewed by: Grass cutter John from Dinwiddie, VA

This mask is the best fitting mask that I have tried. Easy to breathe and doesn't squish my nose!
  Hepa Mask is Wonderful!
Reviewed by: Sara B from Miami, Florida

I think that the Hepa mask is Wonderful. I am pretty much allergic to anything in the air but dust mites especially and I would get severely sick after I would clean my house causing me to miss days of work so I finally decided to buy the Hepa mask and I use it when I clean and I haven't been sick since.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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