3M 8210 Dust and Pollen Mask Customer Reviews

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  Masks for Cleaning
Reviewed by: Joel Facilities Coordinator from Honolulu, Hawaii

The masks I purchased for my gymnastics facilities pit cleaning weekend worked gloriously!! From purchase, to shipping, and then to use the process and the product were great!!
  Pollen Free
Reviewed by: Serious allergy sufferer from Decatur, AL

It has been great. Much better results from outside activities. More time outside much less sneezing inside after being outside for a much longer time.
  Very pleased
Reviewed by: over-pollen-exposed from Sonoma Ca

I'm a long term asthma and allergy sufferer. I spend a great deal of time indoors to avoid pollen. I have used the dust masks found in hardware stores but they are less than effective. The 3M 8210 Mask fits much tighter to my face and seems to be much more effective in that I can endure being outdoors for longer periods of time with much less allergy discomfort. Thank you for a great product.
  one good mask
Reviewed by: champion cougher from sumner, tx

i bought this mask because my husband used them on the flightline at work. they are excellent for using in dust, mold , and pollen. i didn't intend to try it on smoke and ash but happened to be visiting my son during the los alamos fire and evacuation: couldn't smell the smoke. comfortable even with glasses.
  affordable mask
Reviewed by: Dustaphobic from lexington, Ky

This is a good mask for those with moderate allergy problems. It is much sturdier than other dust masks that I've worn.
  Perfect for Gardeners
Reviewed by: gardener with allergies from Seattle

I love working in the yard, but my allergies only allow me to work for 10-15 minutes before I'm reduced to a pile of snotty goo. I was surprised by how well these masks work the first time I used one, I worked outside for a good hour or so. My eyes were still itchy, but I wasn't sneezing afterwards at all. Remarkable! I recommend them to anyone who regrets not being outside due to pollen.
  great mask
Reviewed by:  from 

These protective masks are a mainstay for me because of my allergies. They allow me to breathe while raking, dusting and vacuuming, and lawn mowing. I even wear this mask at school. Girls think it's sexy! They all want a mask that I've worn. I actually enjoy wearing this mask, because it is so comfortable.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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