Allergy Armor Classic Pillow Covers Customer Reviews

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  allergy armor classic pillow cover
Reviewed by:  from chicago

very high quality fabric feels great!
  fits well
Reviewed by: Newbie to Allergies from Tampa, FL

With pillows being so many different sizes, I was concerned the cover would not fit. It fits fine and has helped alleviate nighttime sniffles already.
  Sleeping better already!
Reviewed by: Jenny, an allergy and asthma suffer. from Lake Tahoe

These pillow covers are wonderful. I washed and dried old pillows, then put the Allergy Armor cases on and I'm sleeping better already.
  No longer throwing out pillows
Reviewed by: family of allergy suffererers from Sagamore Hills Ohio

Just want to say thanks! Our 4 year old has allergies accompanied with many nose bleeds. We haven't thrown out any more pillows since putting the allergy armor pillow case. we have also noticed a huge cut in the number of nose bleeds. So thanks again,
  good night rest
Reviewed by: darlene roe from maine

I had a very good nights sleep using the pillow covers. I had 2 before and when I bought another pillow, I ordered another cover.
  Great Quality & Price
Reviewed by: Daughter with allergies & asthma from Thomaston, CT

My daughter was recently diagnosed with severe allergies. We purchased this product, in addition to others, and we're all ready noticing a positive difference. Price is right & it exceeded my expectations. Soft comfortable feel makes it a great value for the price. My daughter is all ready breathing easier. Great product.
Reviewed by: CSchlegel from Raleigh, NC

I think these are great and they aren't noisy at all. My husband has no issues with them and he's a hot sleeper. All pillows on our bed have covers to help with dust mites and it's working.
  sleept better with pillow protectors!
Reviewed by: Happy Mom with pillow protector from Chagrin Falls, Oh

Who doesn't want to be protected from the stuff that is inside their pillows?! These will do the trick and are affordable.
  useful product
Reviewed by: annie from buffalo,n.y.

These covers are exactly what I expected and wanted.
  Pillow Cover Great for Wheelchairs!
Reviewed by:  from St. Louis

We have gotten the Allergy Armor Classic Pillow Cover for several years now. My husband uses it as a cushion cover for his wheelchair pad. The cover is waterproof and zippered, but still comfortable, and it has saved us several accidents. It does not retain smells and is washable. A good product.
  it works
Reviewed by:  from Miami, FL

As an alergy sufferer my whole life I need all the help I can get and I believe the pillow case works...I will add all other bed linens soon - thanks!
  pillow encasings
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Delray Beach, Florida

They fit my large pillows, easy to get on and help a lot with my allergies.
  CleanAir Pillow Encasing
Reviewed by: Alisha Oltermann from Norman, Oklahoma

I love this product. my son has very bad allergies and has been sick most of his life. (hes two) I put this new bedding on his bed and with in a week he changed in so many ways......Thank You Achooallergy
  Good night's sleep
Reviewed by: Thankful Mother from Flower Mound, Texas

I purchased the pillow cover for my 2 1/2 year old son who has allergies. I am doing everything I can to help the little guy out. I know that he will sleep better with the CleanAir Pillow cover and so do I. Thank you for making a great product that I trust enough for my baby.
  works well
Reviewed by: a sensitive nose from Chicago, IL

I bought these to prevent the strange smell coming from some special pillows that I had purchased and they worked perfectly.
  Great Cover
Reviewed by: bad allergy  from new york

WEll, yes I'm happy the cover is keeping the dust mites away...but its a little stiffer than I expected. I wish I had gone with the softer cover.
  Pillow Casings
Reviewed by:  from Aston, Pennsylvania

this is wonderful!! my son has suffered with allergies so much this year, the pollen count is too high for him! since I ordered the pillow casings, his asthma is now under control (no more asthma attacks or heavy congestive breathing at night)& he is a much more happier child sleeping peacefully! Thank you Achoo!!
  Better night's rest
Reviewed by: ahhh Zzzzzz.... from Dublin, Georgia

I noticed an improvement in breathing after my first night's sleep using these pillow casings.
Reviewed by: Isty from Anchorage, AK

The membrane works as it should but the feel is harder then I expected.
  dustmite shield
Reviewed by: allergy central from hawaii

i think that this pillow encasings were worth every penny. my only complaint is that they are not yet with me.


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