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  Good unofficial measurement tool
Reviewed by: Danderphobe from NC

When I bought this tool I had taken myself off my steroid inhalers without consulting my dr. I felt like I was breathing okay and I was tired of the side effects of my inhaler. I went ahead and bought this tool just to be sure I was making a wise decision. When I received it, I had already been off my maintenance inhaler for 3 weeks. I was surprised that I was not breathing like I should and I opted to go back on the inhaler. Each time I go to the dr. I have to pay 80.00 to do a similar test with a much more sophisticated machine. This helped me make wise decisions concerning my health. It would be great if it could be electronic but the price was very reasonable.
Reviewed by: Asthmatic from Whitehorse, Yukon

I bought this and when I got it I loved the fact that it has its own case so it can be kept clean! I also loved the price, its good quality with an even better price.
  Helpful product
Reviewed by: D. Borof from Alameda, California

My peak flow meter came quickly in the mail-- I was surprised at how quickly I received it. I'm impressed with the product. It's a simple design, easy to use, the instructions and information was easy to use, and I now know what time of day I am most likely to need to use my inhaler. It's probably something everyone who suffers from asthma should have.
  Best one around!
Reviewed by: asthmatic from Vermont

I have been using a Personal Best peak flow meter for several years now. I like that it has a cover and is compact. The numbers are easy to read. This is the second time I have purchased one from Achoo Allergy and they are great.
  Peak flow Meter
Reviewed by:  from Cranberry Twp , PA

I like that it is compact I can put it in my purse when traveling and it doesn't take up much space at home in my medicine cabinet. Easy to read numbers
  Perfect for travel/office
Reviewed by: A new asthma patient from Houston, TX

This PFM is portable & easy to use. It fits easily in my briefcase & carry-on bag. It eliminates excuses not to use it, too. On my last trip to my mother's, a long-time asthma sufferer, I showed it to her. She'd never used one. She was delighted that it would fit in her purse and give her a way to monitor her expiratory rate. I highly recommend this device to anyone with respiratory issues!
  It takes the guessing out!
Reviewed by: Katie G. from Elizabethtown, KY

Recently, and surprisingly diagnosed with asthma, I found it difficult to know when I was to use my rescue inhaler. The Peak Flow Meter has taken the guessing out of when I need it! Small, light and compact, this handy device is a gem!
  It takes the guessing out!
Reviewed by: Katie G. from Elizabethtown, KY

Recently, and surprisingly diagnosed with asthma, I found it difficult to know when I was to use my rescue inhaler. The Peak Flow Meter has taken the guessing out of when I need it! Small, light and compact, this handy device is a gem!
  Proactive Asthma Care
Reviewed by: Asthma Suffer from Lake Ozark, Missouri

This is the best peak flow meter I have used. All asthma suffers should use a peak flow meter so that they can identify when their asthma is beginning to flare up and therefore be able to treat it before it becomes sever.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Mary from Youngstown, OH

I love the personal peak flow meter! The best thing about is how easily it folds up in my purse - so I can have it with me all the time. Before using the Peak Flow Meter I would guess when I should use my rescue inhaler. Now I can test myself anytime no matter where I am. Actually just recently in came in handy when I was at work I used at and seen that I needed to use my inhaler. I would suggest this for anyone with asthma problems to help things in check!!
  Great value, easy to use
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Virginia

Best price I found on the web. It's very easy to use and travels very well wherever you go. If you happen to travel a lot and need to keep track of your Peak Flow, this is the right one for you.
  Just Trying To Breath!
Reviewed by: Doris S - allergy/sinus sufferer from Matthews,N.C.

I recently bought the Personal Best Peak Flow Meter and chose it because of the convenient size of it and it seemed like it was going to be pretty easy to use and understand. It turns out I was right. I suffered for two days hardly being able to breath because of alergies and sinus problems, which really scared me. Once I even went to the emergency room not knowing what was going on and the doctor mentioned if I had been using a peak flow meter. After the last two day scare I looked up on the internet and purchased one. Your company shipped it out quickly which was a huge relief to me.While I am still not at the mark I need to be - I feel a tremendous sense of security using this meter daily as a guide. It is all it claims to be and more - you can say personal "peace of mind" about the product. I have no regrets about buying it nor ordering from your company. Thank you and Bless you for helping me!
  excellent and reliable
Reviewed by: judy from brooklyn, new york

this is a very reliable peak flow meter - the most accurate one i've used. it's simple, the cap keeps it clean, and its flat design makes it easy to take with you or pack.
  Personal Best Peak Flow Meter
Reviewed by: Brooke's mom from Indiana

The best one I have tried. Easy for my seven year old.
  Best Peak Flow Meter I've used!
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Wash DC

I recieved this one in hospital & it is by far the best one I have used. I like that there are 3 zones on the meter, easy to read & easy for me to see how my asthma is doing
  Peak Flow Meter
Reviewed by: S from California

Very simple, compact, easy to use and clean. A good value.
  Works well
Reviewed by: Johnathon M. from Philadelphia, pa

Works well as a peak flow meter.
  Peak Flow Meter
Reviewed by: New diagnosis: Asthma from Iowa

Easy to use. Comes with a mini asthma action plan card that is wallet size, so you can carry your plan with you easily. Size fits in purse or briefcase well. As good as hospital PFM in my opinion. Cost is reasonable, and with prescription, covered by many insurances, if not most.
  very easy to use
Reviewed by:  from Tennessee

Very easy to use. Results are easy to read. Excellent design for easy storage and travel.
  Personal best is THE best!
Reviewed by: Cynthia, an asthmatic from India

Compact and easy to use, say goodbye to those awful cylinders that stretch your mouth to the cramp level. Personal best is made to fit even a kids mouth perfect. What I really love about is that it comes in it's own cover and can be carried in my purse.
  Easy to use!
Reviewed by: Mother of a 4 year old Asthmatic from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Personal Best Peak Flow Meter is so easy to use and comprehend. The best feature is the way it folds and stores! Portable, convenient and accurate. I highly recommend this product.
  Easy to Use
Reviewed by: Personal Best Peak Flow Meter from California

Great Product. I bought one for my 3year old and one for me. Even my 3 year old can use it with ease.
  I like this one the best!
Reviewed by: a long time asthmatic from Bennington, Vermont

It's compact,and has it's own cover.
  Handy Check
Reviewed by: Life Long Asthma Sufferer from Houston, Tx

For managing asthma, this Peak flow meter allows you to set your green, yellow and red zones. These don't move, so it reminds you where you are with your lung function. Also folds up small and doesn't take a whole drawer to store. It is even small enough to carry in a pocket or bag. Very discreet.

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